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Top 10 Crazy Things That Happened This Week (06/23/2020)

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People might be sad and unhappy due to the horrible news they are hearing every day. Some might have lost their job and some are stuck at their homes due to the pandemic. Despite bad things are happening this year’s everyone must find some time to smile. Here are top 10 crazy things happened this week which might bring a small laugh and help to release your stress.

Pair Hired for Man’s Sexual Fantasy Turn up at Wrong Address with Machetes

Every man has sexual fantasies and it is excellent for him if anyone is willing to satisfy it. But what if your fantasy goes wrong or I might say if it reaches someone else house bedroom. For the people who are reading this news might be funny but think how shameful it will be for the man who had this unusual fantasy. LOL, as if I care, I had a good laugh!!!

  The news is from Sydney, Australia. Two men snuck into the bedroom of the house with machetes after being hired by the stranger to fulfill his sexual fantasy of being tied up by a rope and the broom to rub around his underwear. Things got hilarious when they found out that they have entered the wrong house. One of the men, Terrence Leroy, was released from the case of breaking and entering with armed weapon when he explains everything in from of the judge.

Source: Sky News

Pakistan ‘Spy’ Pigeon Captured by Indian Officials

Beware! Because Pakistan now instead of training terrorists are training pigeons to send coded messages to India. Hearing the news you must be thinking of old movies and history books when technology was at its miniature stage and people used pigeons as postman. But hearing this news now is quite unique.

According to the Indian officials, the bird was carrying “coded message” and was caught by the villagers in Manyari, which is a small village separating the Indian and Pakistan controlled parts of Kashmir.

They said that there was a ring attached to one of its leg with some number on it. Some villagers called it a coded message and they have a belief that in Pakistan’s Punjab, people tie number tags on pigeon to claim ownership.

Source: Sky News

Idaho Men Broke World Record for most Hanetsuki Hits

Wow! When will this man stop breaking Guinness World Records? David Rush in lockdown unintentionally broke the Guinness World Record of the Japanese game Hanetsuki with most hits in one minute.

David Rush said that during coronavirus lockdown he and his neighbor started practicing Hanetsuki, which is basically Japanese badminton game without the net. He said that they were stuck at home amid pandemic which gave them time to perfect the game and they were able to break the world record of 89 hits in a minute.

The pair was able to manage 103 hits in a minute.  

Source: United Press International

Young Skateboarder Earns Guinness Record for 1080 Degree Turn

Another Guinness record that made history this week is of a Brazilian skateboarder who made a first 1,080-degree on a vertical ramp tile.

Gui Khury, 11 whose video of the trick went viral in May and on watching this Guinness on June 22 announced the boy with the world record of first skateboard 1080 on a vertical ramp.

This is not the first Guinness record hold by the boy. He also has world record of world’s youngest X Games athelete.

In an interview Khury said “Being a Guinness World Records title holder has always been a dream for me! If I ever get the chance to advise any other kid in the world who wants to break records or pursue their passions, I would say, if you want to do something, believe in it, and you can do it”.

The boy said that lockdown gave him extra time to practice which made him to do the trick. He said his next goal is 1,260-degree turn.

Source: United Press International

Doorbell Camera Captures Funniest Amazon Delivery Ever

This one is amazing and everyone will love what happened here. A Delaware woman ordered a package from Amazon. When the delivery came to his house she was first shocked seeing the footage of the delivery which was recorded from woman’s doorbell camera. But when she find the real truch about the footage she couldn’t stop laughing.

Lynn Staffieri said her 13 year old son, Jacob, ordered the package from Amazon and in the “additional instructions” box he left a message saying ”Knock on the door 3 times and scream abra cadabra as loud as you can and run super fast away”.

The footage of delivery showed that the delivery woman doing exactly as it was written by the boy.

Staffieri wrote a Thank you message in a Facebook post saying “Thank you to this great Amazon delivery woman! Apparently, my youngest son, had put some ‘additional instructions’ for delivery and she went along with it. It made us smile even though my son should not have done that so I apologize for that. I do appreciate that the driver looked closely enough at the instructions though because I know a lot of people wouldn’t.”

I would also going to try something unusual on my next delivery.

Source: United Press International

Man Rides a Stationary Exercise Bike for 297 Hours to Break Guinness World Record

Ben Miles, owner of the Son Amar Restaurant in Bunyola, on the island of Mallorca wanted to celebrate the International Environment day by attempting to break the Guinness World Record for the longest marathon on a static bike.

Ben started on June 5 by keeping the speed of at least 12 mph ad rode for total 12 days and nine hours. He was allowed to take a 20 minute break every five hours to change his clothes and take a quick nap.

 Guinness adjudicators were on the hands to check whether he is following the protocols.

Miles broke the record by riding 297 hours, getting down on one knee and proposing to his girlfriend, Beatriz, who accepted.

Well, who will not accept a man who just broke a world record.

Source: United Press International

Politician Childish Explanation About Touching other People’s Balls

When Tennis courts were allowed to reopen in New York after the lockdown, this politician unintentionally used double meaning speech while telling the rules and guidance of using tennis balls.

Lurra Curran, a New York country executive, gave an advice ahead of opening tennis courts in the most hilarious way possible.

She said: Every player, unless they’re from the same household, has to bring their own tennis balls so that you don’t touch other people’s tennis balls with your hands. You can kick their balls but you can’t touch them.

She then paused for second smiling and realizing what she is saying, and continued: ‘I’m going to blush, sorry. Of course if you’re playing with someone in your household you can touch those tennis balls. To avoid confusion between whose balls are whose you can use a marker like a Sharpie to mark out an x or put someone’s initials on them.

Her colleagues found it equally funny and could be heard tittering in the background while she was delivering the press conference.

Well, I think she fell in the trap to the conspiracy by her colleagues because who will write such a speech to speak in public and it looks way to childish. Or she intentionally wanted to make the moment funny.

Source: Metro

Idaho Country Election Determined by a Coin Toss

One of the best and easiest ways to decide a election winner is “a coin toss”. Can you imagine how much money will be saved if a election winner is determined by a coin toss.

This is what happened in Idaho country election when Republican contenders Carol R. Davey and Brock Frazier each received 36 votes for the position in Ada County’s Precinct 1915.

According to the law made in 1970, the winner was decided by a coin toss. Davey called for heads but Frazier win the toss as the flip came up tails.

Source: Fox News

South Carolina Police Searching for Couple who Stole 2-litre of Pepsi from Pizza Hut

Police in Richland Country, South Carolina, are asking the help of the public to identify the man and women who were caught by the camera stealing a 2-litre bottle of Pepsi from a local Pizza Hut at gunpoint.

The Pizza Hut manager said that the unidentified man and a woman confronted him claiming that their delivery person did not include the soda bottle as ordered and the man pulled out the gun while lady steal the soda bottle.

The police department posted the stills of the suspects on their Twiiter account.  

Source: Fox News

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Five Year Old Stopped by Police on U.S highway, said Wanted to Buy Lamborghini

Have you ever heard a five year boy driving a car on a highway! Whether you believe it or not a 5 year old young boy was stopped on a US highway this week.

After seeing a vehicle slowing down and weaving in the left lane of Interstate 15 freeway, the trooper turned on the siren, and the driver pulled over to the side of the road neatly.

The conversation between the driver and the trooper was captured on the camera and the video has gone viral on YouTube.

The trooper was shocked knowing that the boy was only 5 years old.

He asked the boy where he learned to drive a car and what he doing here.

The boy told that he left the home in his parents vehicle after fighting with his mother, who told him that she will not buy him a Lamborghini.

“Wow!” This boy is impressive. He could be a next Lewis Hamilton if trained well.

Source: Reuters


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