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Top 10 Most Devastating Dust Storms Occurrences

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Dust Storms are very common in the areas near to the desert region. Well, it is common to have dust storm but sometimes these dust storms are so huge that they reach nearby cities and causes mass destruction.

Often termed as sandstorm, dust storms are small and medium dust particles flowing with the air at a speed of approximately 97 km/hr. These storms can be deadly if you cannot find a place to hide. These storms sometimes form dark mud clouds above earth surface which denies light to reach down to the surface.

Dust storms bring destruction to both environment and economic life. After the dust storm mud settle on the agriculture lands destroying corps. Important organic matter from the soil blows with the wind which leads to soil erosion and drought in many regions. If these small dust particles gets into the eyes and if not treated might result in permanent blindness.

According to the recent news a 4,000 mile long dust storm from the Sahara Desert is heading towards the United States. People are saying if this dust storm hit with the same frequency than this could be a worst dust storm in the history of United States. This could be the worst dust storm ever experienced by the United States.

Though there are dust storms now and then but some of them were very devastating. Listed below are the top 10 worst dust storms which have ever occurred and the destruction they have caused to life:

Dust Storms 1881-1900

The dust storms faced in the 19th century were reported to be the worst ever faced by US at that time. These dust storms took place in some regions of Texas and Kansas. These dust storms affected the weather conditions drastically. There was no rain in many regions which resulted in droughts. According to the reports the winter was extended with falling snow all the time. These 10 years were like curse to the farmers whose crops were destroyed now and then because of no rain or untimed rain.

Source: Kansas Historical Society

Black Sunday – 1935

Black Sunday was the part of Dust Bowl which was the series of severe dust storms in 1930s. Black Sunday is called for the specific dust storm which appeared on April 14, 1935. It is versed as Black Sunday because the sky turned black during the day because of the dust clouds.

This was the worst dust storm reported in the US history with multiple deaths and approximately 300 million tons of topsoil displaced. This affected the weather condition and the country faced numerous droughts for several years. Thousands of People have to leave their properties and relocate to safer parts. Some people performed rainmaking rituals to bring rain and end droughts.

Due to these severe dust storms the government passed the Soil Conversation Act, which established Soil Conversion Service (SCS). Under this services government helped farmer learn to take precautions against soil erosions and dust storms.

Great Bakersfield Dust Storm -1977

Also known as Southern San Joaquin Valley Dust Storm, Great Bakersfield Dust Storm strike in the San Joaquin Valley of California on December 19. This two days storm was very devastating. It destroyed house rooftops, trees, fences and many other things.

The storm resulted in 5 deaths and $40 million in damage. Over 25 million cubic feet of topsoil was displaced from the ground which brought soil erosion and drought for several years.

Melbourne Dust Storm – 1983

Melbourne dust storm was caused due to meteorological phenomenon occurred on 8 february 1983. Red soil, dust clouds and sand along with the high wind was sweeping everything through Victoria.

The consequence of this dust storms was the worst drought ever happened in Australia was in this year. More than 50,000 tonnes of topsoil was displaced from the fertile ground. According to the reports it took 10 years and more than tens of millions to repair the destruction caused by the dust storms.

Interstate 5 Dust Storm – 1991

Photo Credit: Reddit

Interstate 5 Dust Storm was occurred along the Interstate 5(I-5) which is near the city of Coalinga, California on November 29, 1991. This storm is also one of the most noticeable dust storm in the history because it killed nearly 17 people in an accident happened due low visibility.

Due to the lost visibility nearly 104 vehicles collide on the highway in which 17 got killed and more than 50 were injured. Due to crash numerous vehicles caught fire and it was reported that 2 victims were so severely burned that they were not ever recognized.

Australian Dust Storm – 2009

This two days storm was the most severe storms faced by Australia ever. The storm swept across New South Wales and Queensland from 22 to 24 September 2009. More than thousands of tons of dirt and soil were dumped in the Sydney Harbor and Tasman Sea amid this Australian dust storm.

The Weather Channel’s Richard Whitaker said: “This is unprecedented. We are seeing earth, wind and fire together”. It was later referred to as “The mother of all dust storms.”

China drought and dust storms – 2010

In 2010 China was swept by the series of dust storms which brought the most devastating drought in the history of China. Due to this storms and drought living in China was affected terribly.

More than 51 million people faced water shortages and crops like sugarcane, potato, tea, fruits and many others have showed lack in growth. Two people were reported dead because they came in contact with the electric wires.

There was the 2 degree centigrade increase in the temperature due to these storms. The air pollution levels became so high that it was never ever recorded this high ever.

These are the reason the government in China has adopted ways to bring artificial rain techniques but it has its own positives and negatives.

Tehran dust storm – 2014

On June 2, 2014 a massive dust storm took place in Tehran. Due to this storm numerous trees fall down and a total of 65 electric 20KW lines came down to people balconies.

It was reported that 5 people were killed and more than 30 were injured. Approximately $16 million of property was destroyed. Due to the weather changes by the dust storms there was a fierce hurricane in northern parts of the Tehran.

Indian Dust Storms – 2018

India is another country which has to face severe consequences due to dust storms in 2018. These two days storms killed more than 125 people and over 200 were injured.

Due to these storms more than 8000 electricity poles came down and thousands ofr tree fall down.

The Government provided an compensation of $5,600 to the family of every victim in Uttar Pradesh.

Saharan Dust Storm – 2020

According to the pictures spotted from the space by NASA it has been reported that a massive dust storm is travelling from the Sahara desert towards United States. The dust storm clouds are 5,000 miles long in length.

US is already facing terrible conditions because of the Covid-19 and now this dust storm. Air pollution is very harmful for the people who have respiratory illness and ill people catches corona virus faster. So government has requested everyone to stay in home.

According to the reports this dust storms can be the worst dust storms ever experienced by the United States.


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