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10 Surprising Facts about Japanese Sex Culture

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Japan is a highly developed country of Asia Continent. In terms of technology, it gives a tough challenge to many developed countries of different continents. Apart from this, sexuality has also developed in Japan as decreased sex drive is termed as the main reason for the low birth rate in Japan causing a decline in the growth of the population of the country.

Unlike the mainland Asia which follows the Confucian view of marriage (according to this view, the marriage is a medium to bound two families of different clans. It is an important thing for both the families & the society and chastity highly matters in this system), the Japanese think the marriage monogamy less important.

Here we are going to throw some light on some jaw-dropping Japanese sex facts that include:

1. PDA (Public Display of Affection)

Image Credit: laszlo-photo

PDA is quite common in this modern era in almost every country. If we take a closer look at Japanese culture, traditional couples in Japan avoid displaying love and affection in public. Even kissing is considered as a part of foreplay and is thought to be done in private. But in the 21st century, this sentiment is being changed by the youths in Japan.

The country is being open and accepting the changes. You can see young couples in Japan sneaking a kiss in many public places. So next time when you visit this beautiful country, don’t hesitate to kiss your partner, it is legal here.

2. Sex is a Natural Urge

Image Credit: Jorge Láscar

Unlike other countries of the rest of the world, Japan does not consider sex as a taboo. Discussing sex or having sex is not a matter of guilt or shame. Japanese think it is a natural urge of a living being to have sex and nothing wrong in it.

Premarital sex is also not a sin in this culture and even sex outside one’s marriage is somewhat normal here. It is also common to go to love-shops/love-hotels and soaplands. Hangs up and hook ups are normal there.

It is also normal to see men reading a porn at public place.

3. Least Sexually Active Country

Despite being so open about sex, Japan was the least sexually active country according to a sex survey conducted by Durex Condoms Brand in 2012. 

When we hear that the Japanese are cool in sex culture, we think that they must be having much sex and having a healthier sexual life but the facts are far from this prediction.

Sex drive is decreasing in Japan for years and this is resulting in the lower birth rate in the country. There are many reasons for the lack of sex life that might include a lack of private space, work stress, and so on. 

4. Kanamara Festival

Image Credit: Saya M.

During the cherry blossoms, Japan holds the Kanamara festival in Kawasaki Daishi in April every year. The festival is held at Kanayama Shrine in Kawasaki. 

The festival features phallic images of almost everything including hundreds of huge penis statues, penis-shaped candies, penis candles, and many more items of decoration as well as the festival food.

Furthermore, portable shrine parade named Mikoshi Parade is conducted which carries numerous giant Phalli.

The main motive of this parade is to spread awareness about HIV and other STDs. The profits raised from this parade is used for the HIV research.

5. Eroticism in Japanese Cinema

After the end of the World War II, Japanese cinema gradually gave space to erotic contents in movies. A national sensation was born with the release of a film having a kissing scene.

Though the kissing was half-hidden with an umbrella but it made a way to foreign films containing women nudity to sell in the Japanese market without any hindrance.

The mainstream cinema of Japan did not get permission for nudity until the late 1960s.

6. Pornography in Japan

The pornography arrived in Japan with the advent of Pink Film which was a theatrical film containing soft-core at the beginning and later reached the nudity and sex scenes.

Pornography officially entered Japanese cinema with Satoru Kobayashi’s film Flesh Market (Nikutai no Ichiba, 1962) that hit the industry with a bang. 

Hentai, the erotic anime was also invented in Japan. Moreover, Pornography or prostitution in Japan has a long history.

7. The Withdrawal Method is the Favorite One

According to some sayings, Japanese men do not want to use condoms as they believe in the withdrawal method of contraception which include withdrawal from intercourse just before the ejaculation. 

There are many Love Shops or Love Hotels who clearly instructs their sex workers to keep on check about the use of condoms while having intercourse. 

To know whether this is a fact or not, one must fly to Japan. 

8. Oral Contraceptives not permitted

As we have already discussed about what Japanese men prefer for contraception, use of condom is a big issue. 

Since the world first become aware of HIV or AIDS, unlike other countries as Africa and Southeast Asian Nations, Japan has witnessed a very less number of deaths due to AIDS. 

The reason behind might be the refusal of permission of oral contraceptives by Japanese lawmakers. This leads to the use of condoms thus helps in preventing the spread of HIV and other STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases).  

9. Homosexuality is still a Taboo in Society

Image Credit: Needpix

During the Meiji Period, Homosexuality was largely viewed by the Japanese Government as well as by the common folks. 

Though new trends are set for tolerance for homosexuals or bisexuals, many gay men and lesbian women still hide their sexuality despite many open scenes in cosmopolitan cities. They marry the opposite gender and make life vulnerable. 

Moreover, there are no laws preventing homosexual activities. Though the Japanese Government does not recognize same-sex marriage, some rights prevent discrimination in employment based on sexual identity.

10. Japanese Sex Dolls

Japan trumps that its sex dolls/ sex robots are the most technically sophisticated. These dolls are made of high-quality silicon that gives high elasticity to the dolls. Also, the lifelike eyes and skin similar to humans make these dolls alluring. Most of the dolls are customizable according to the customer’s choice.

These sex dolls which are made by the Dutch Wives company are getting popularity all over Japan. Experts suggest that this popularity can be a cause for low natural sex drive and lower birth rate in Japan.

Japanese could fight the battle of extinction. These dolls are even getting popular outside Japan too.

Here you read out some bizarre but interesting facts about Japanese sex culture. For more information about some other facts keep on reading reliable sources and please share your thoughts in the comment box. 


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