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Top 15 Best Selling Video Game Franchises List 2020

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The modern era can be termed as the era of video gaming where video games have become an inseparable part of human life.  What do you think? If we ask the children and youth, their eyes will surely sparkle with the elation and excitement.  Keeping in view this scenario, the gaming companies are also focusing on the better versions of video games; new features are being added every day.  Here we are going to discuss the top 15 best selling video game franchises list.  Let’s take a look.


Mario with the remarkable sale of 675.5 million copies worldwide in its different series tops the list. First launched in 1981, Mario has reached the highest level of the franchise list of video games.  Some of the most famous series of the game are Super Mario, Mario Kart, Mario Party, Mario Sport, and other launches.  It has even expended in other game genres including puzzles, racing, role playing etc.  It is even still popular among the kids and youth as well.  Super Mario is a well known Japanese video game series created by Shigeru Miyamoto, Japanese gamer.  It is a media franchise featuring their mascot popularly known as Mario. 


Moving to the next game in the list of top 15 game franchises we must talk about Pokémon, children’s most favourite game for a long period.  Published by Satoshi Tajiri in 1996, the game led to the ladder of success in no time by selling approximately 346 million copies across the globe.  The Pokémon franchise consists of an animation series, a trading card game, toys, books, animation movies, and other media.     

Call of Duty

Next comes, the Call of Duty video game created by Activision in 2003.  As it is clear by its name, the game is a first-person shooting video game.  The shooters are called for the duty and that’s how the game starts.  This video game franchise first focused on games that were based on the theme of World War II. With time we have seen games of modern time set in the midst of the cold war, outer space and futuristic world.  The Call of Duty video game is in third place with the selling copies of more than 300 million since its inception. 

Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto came into existence in 1997.  Developed by David Jones and Mike Dailly, it is an open world action adventure game.  It is the most famous video game franchise produced in the United Kingdom and is considered as one of the best selling action-adventure as well as an open world video game series.  With the sale of 290 million copies, the game has gazed the eyes of the top listed franchises list.


The exhilaration of FIFA loaded the brains of the people throughout the earth.  The game came to knowledge in 1993.  With 260 million copies sold worldwide, the game has become very popular in the current era.  This game series is being released yearly by Electronic arts based on the association football game.  It is the first game to have a valid license from the International governing body of association football namely the International Federation of Association Football.


Since its inception in 2006, the Wii video game has created milestones of success to its followers.  It is a physical simulation video game series developed by Shigeru Miyamoto with the name Wii Sports, the first game of the series.  The company got fame by selling around 2.3 million copies of the Wii Physical Simulation video games very quickly.  The game received fame by focusing on children and youth and consistently working on the betterment of the game series. 

The Sims

The Sims Game has joined the queue in top rated and best selling video games franchises list by distributing over 200 million copies of the game worldwide since its existence. It is a series of computer and console video games based on strategic life simulation. This powerful game is created by American game designer Will Wright and is published by Electronic Arts.  These games are generally sandbox games. There is no wonder why the game has a huge bundle of players because the game comprises multiple interesting steps to follow while playing it.


Designed by Swedish developer Markus Persson, Minecraft is a well known sandbox building video game.  The game got a place in the best selling video game franchises list by selling over 176 million copies since its development day.  At the time of creation, it was designed for the home computer but since the mobile users are increasing day by day, the game was also developed for home consoles and mobile devices. It is Sweden’s most successful video game franchise.    


Falling block puzzle video game, Tetris was created by game designer Alexey Pazitnov from Soviet in 1984.  The main task in the game is to match the tiles. The current sale of the game franchise is approximately 170 million.  The franchise’s main publishing is computer games, mobile games, video game consoles, portable media players etc.  Earlier Tetris was sold for home computer platforms but later with the launch of Game Boy, it became one of the best handheld versions of the video game, popular among gamers.             

The Need for Speed  

Racing is all-time favourite game of everyone for decades whether it is bike racing or car racing.  Electronic Arts sensed the opportunity and published a racing video game, The Need for Speed in 1994.  Currently, the series of this video game is developed by Ghost Games and with this name, the series is being published on different platforms.  The most recent version of the game is Need for Speed Heat. The game centers on illicit street racing. Due to its strong sales of about 150 million copies, the franchise has expanded in other media forms such as film adaptation and licensed Hot Wheels Toys which are getting fame with the passes of time.

Final Fantasy

Owned by Square Enix, Final Fantasy is a Science Fantasy Media Franchise of Japan.  It was created by Hironobu Sakaguchi, a Japanese video game designer and was released on a vast spectrum of platforms in 1987.  The series encompasses role-playing video games such as  online role-playing, action role-playing, tactical role-playing,  massively multiplayer, racing, fighting, third-person shooter,  and rhythm.  The franchise also expanded its branch into other media which includes CGI films, manga, anime, and novels.  The franchise achieved success by selling around 149 million copies in the world.

Assassin Creed

An award-winning series of video games came in the name of Assassin’s Creed.  At present, the franchise consists of ten main games; seventeen spin-off games, several trans-media projects and various short films.  Till date over 140 million copies have been sold since its origin in 2007 which is a big deal.  Developed by Ubisoft Montrial and published by Ubisoft, the Assasin’s Creed is a historical fiction action adventure video game series which has blown away people’s mind.        

Madden NFL

Developed by Electronic Arts, Madden NFL is a football video game series franchise based in America.  Franchise sales also include expansion packs.  With the sale of over 130 million copies of the game series, the Madden NFL has led to the ladder of success.

Pro Evolution Soccer

Let’s move to the next renowned name in the world of video gaming.  Where do we reach? Undoubtedly, we reach Pro Evolution Soccer, a series of association football video games launched in 1995 by Konami . With the bumper sale of around 106 million copies of the game, the franchise has secured a place in the list of best selling video game franchises of the time. People enjoy playing it and this is the secret of its success.

Lego Games

Lego video game came into existence in the year 1995 with a bang in the market of video games.  The franchise of Lego games includes different games including Lego racers, Lego Island, Lego Rock Raiders on the one hand and various licensed properties such as Lego Batman: The Video Game; Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 and Lego Indiana Jones: The original adventures. In the end, we can conclude that video gaming is very popular across the globe and its increasing sales shows its craze among the people since from a child to an adult person and old age persons everyone is a fan of video gaming in the current time.

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