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15 Virtual Influencers & Digital Models Trending over the Internet

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Everyone likes to share their ideas on social media. Some might get successful and some fails. There are many social media platform where one can become famous but recently Instagram has shown its bright colors with more than one billion users.

People tries different ideas and shares them on their account but some creator thought out of the box and made perfect accounts to approach the influencers, these accounts are called virtual influencers.

Marketing is very important for any company and social media is a perfect place to sell your product. Many marketing experts hire famous social media accounts and use them to market their products.

You believe it or not, but virtual influencers are making a huge impact on marketing techniques.

While they are not as perfect as real human can but people all over the world are appreciating them. Here are 15 most famous virtual influencers who are touching every one hearts.  

Lil Miquela

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Instagram: 2.5m followers

Miquela Sousa, who is better known as Lil Miquela is one of the most famous virtual influencers and Instagram celebrity with approximately 2.5 million followers. She was created by Sara DeCou and Trevor McFedries, cofounder of Brud. In her account she represents herself as half a Spanish and half Brazilian girl who works as a model.

Later, her account was hacked by another virtual girl and started posting her photos on Lil account. She posted that Lil was not a real girl and she will not leave her account until she tells everyone the truth.

Few days later, Lil posted that she was a robot not a real girl. This controversy was the plan of the Brud Company from the start to make Miquela famous.

Now she is marketing tool form many famous brands like Samsung, Calvin Klein and Prada.

She has photos with many celebrities who include Diplo, Molly Soda, Pabllo Vittar and Nile Rogers. She has been interview by some of the best known publications like Buzzfeed, The Guardian and The Cut.

Aside being a virtual influencer and celebrity she is also a singer with more than 200 thousand subscribers on Youtube. Her song “Not Mine” has more than 2 million plays on Spotify.

Shudu Gram

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Instagram: 205k followers

According to The Verdict, Shudu Gram is a world’s first Digital Supermodel, created by the former fashion photographer Cameron James Wilson. In just two years she has been featured in Vogue and even graced her first red carpet at 2019 BAFTA film awards wearing a beautiful gown by Swarovski. This dark brown skin colored C.G.I model was firstly accepted by her followers as a real woman. Even celebrities like Alici Keys, Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell followed her thinking she was real person.

Later in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, it was made clear the Shudu is a artificial person and a virtual influencer made using a program called Daz 3-D in 2017.

She has also promoted the Rihanna’s fashion brand named Fenty Beauty by sharing the photo of her wearing the lipstick of the same brand.

Wilson has made six more digital models like Shudu. All these models together are called ‘The Diigitals’, world’s first all-digital modeling company launched by Wilson.

Koffi Gram

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Instagram: 12k followers

Koffi Gram is another creation of Cameron James Wilson. It is made using the same technology and materials as Shudu was designed. He is mostly known as second half of Shudu and both can be seen together in many photos.

Koffi is one of the newest virtual influencer and is not that active as Shudu was on her Intagram. Even so, he has more than twelve thousand followers on Instagram. Not much information about his marketing collaboration is known yet.


Image Courtesy: Instagram

Instagram: 2,658 followers

Brenn Gram, also created by Cameron James Wilson is a virtual sleek and curvy model with small but promising following. This American Instagram account most depicts body positivity.

She might be having very less followed as compared to other virtual influencers, but she has started to grow business with the company. She has started marketing with a large mobile brand Smart. She has followers from all over the world with many interested fashion brands wanted her to become their partner.


Image Courtesy: Instagram

Instagram: 266k followers

Another member of Brud family is Bermuda. With more than 250 thousand followers on Instagram, she is the one who hacked into Lil Miquela’s account, deleting her photos and posting her own. She is one of the reasons why Brud is so famous today. She likes to dress up in movies character getup’s, as seen in her Instagram photos.

She once revealed in one interview that Blawko was her boyfriend and now they broken up. She also told that Ariana Grande helped emotionally during the phase of her breakup.

Well she is not a real character but because people like her so much they are able to resonate with her story.

Ronnie Blawko

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Instagram: 155k followers

Most of the famous virtual influencers are women but Blawko is an exception. Also one of the creations of Brud, Blawko is an ex-boyfriend of Bermuda. He is well known Youtuber and an activist. With more than 150 thousand subscribers, he has collaboration with same luxury brands like Versace and Burberry.

He was mostly got attraction from people because of body tattoos and keeping his mouth and chin covered all the time.

He can be seen with Lil and Bermuda in numerous photos on Instagram.


Image Courtesy: Instagram

Instagram: 362k followers

Noonoouri is created by German graphic designer Jorg Zuber. She is a 19 year old girl with cartoonish face and figure, who live in Paris according to her Instagram. On her account she shares photos of different destinations, art and culture, and she describes herself as curious and socially active girl. Without even looking like a real person this virtual influencer has more the 350 thousand followers.

She has been associated with huge luxury brands like Gucci, Dior, Saint Laurent and Miu Miu. She also shares and markets these luxury items on her YouTube channel.

She promotes vegan lifestyle and share some useful lessons of life.

Imma Gram

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Instagram: 237k followers

Imma Gram, created by ModelingCafe is world’s first computer generated model. She likes to transform her 3D animated head into a real-life body. Her bio on Instagram states that she is interested in Japenese culture and films and ‘wants to attract human to fashion show’.

It must be her unusual and stylish pink hair which has gained her so much popularity.

Her name is derived from a Japanese word ima which means now.

She has been in collaboration with some big fashion brands like Puma, Dior and Valentino.

Laila Blue

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Instagram: 941 followers

Laila Blue is Middle East’s first virtual influencer. On her Instagram account she describes herself as half French, half Lebanese living in Dubai.

She is an AUD graduate, who has studied Motion Graphics. According to her profile she works as an freelance social media manager for a pop-up art space in Al Quoz.

People might be thinking how is she so popular having very less followers on Instagram, but not many know that she has been featured on the cover of the Grazia Middle East. This is an outstanding achievement for any virtual influencer.


Image Courtesy: Instagram

Instagram: 86.2k followers

One of the newest members in the virtual influencer market is Binxie. She started posting on Instagram in May 2019 and up till now she has more the 85 thousand followers.

According to Virtual Humans, Binxie is created by Neon Productions; the company was founded by Ken Lande. This is a company which has coveted team of writers, photographers, musicians, lighting designers, and wardrobe stylists hailing from la’s top agencies. Their photographers have been published by Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Vogue, Paper Magazine, and more.

She is good friend of another virtual influencer Aliza Rex. They both used the same tag #notahuman, which might mean they belong to the same company.

Jedy Vales

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Instagram: 40.4k followers

Jedy Vales is Youporn’s X-rated digital influencer, brand ambassador and virtual community member.

According to the Papermag, she is 23 year old porn enthusiast which was created so that YouPorn can interact with their members in unexpected way. Jedy Vales is platform’s first ever avatar.  

Instagram Profile: (Only adults are allowed to visit her profile)

She has become very popular in very less time with almost 40 thousand followers on Instagram. She is also been interviewed by many big publications.

Aliza Rex

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Instagram: 24.5k followers

Aliza Rex is also a virtual influencer created by Neon Productions. She has been active on Instagram since June 2019 and within an year she has more than 20 thousand followers.

She is a friend to Binxie and has similar aesthetic and style.

According to information provide on Virtual Humans, “she is an ultimate beauty with mysterious eyes. She might take your breath away, but if you are lucky you might get it back.”

Colonel Sanders (KFC)

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Instagram: 1.6m followers

KFC, biggest fast food giants created a virtual avatar of their founder, Colonel Sanders. They thought of giving a tribute to their founder and made an avatar of his younger days, where he is wearing a white suit with recognizable mustache.

They decided to depict his as a virtual influencer and entrepreneur who travels in private jets and has a super luxurious house. He can also be seen posing with different celebrities and children on KFC Instagram account.

Liam Nikuro

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Instagram: 14.8k followers

Liam Nikuro is a 21 year old musician and Japan’s first male virtual influencer. As of mid of 2020, his Instagram account had more than 14 thousand subscribers. It is Liam dream to work with Grammy-winning music producers.

Besides being a musician he is also an activist who provides people with useful information like weather and politics.

He is not gain much popularity all over the world because most of his followers are Japanese. But as he grows he might become an considerable marketing option in Japan.

Daisy (Yoox)

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Instagram: 467k followers

Daisy is a new member of one of the biggest online retailers Yoox. Her job is to help customers in any way possible. She navigates customers to their website and also provide suggestion on outfits according to their needs.

Besides helping customers she can also be seen on company Instagram account, posing pictures of her with some famous influencers. She is also used by the customers to check how the item will look like by dragging them to her 3D model.


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