Surprising Real Life Cases of Mind Control

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Modern technologists are focusing on the development of communication devices for improving communication by breaking language barriers and for better reach of the audience for an individual. Starting from telegraph to the internet, the main objective of these greatest innovations is to make communication faster, easier and wider to reach. But communication is still limited to words and symbols. The another technology which scientists are focusing on is mind control.

The vast information and knowledge stored in our brain cannot be transmitted to others without using words and symbols or visuals, thus making this knowledge less useful or useful for only an individual. For example, a trained person who is expert in motor handling cannot transmit his brain signals to someone else instantly. If this information can be transmitted successfully to another brain then an untrained person can instantly handle a motor with the same efficiency. The idea of the brain to brain communication can be achieved by using Brain-to-Brain Interface (BBI).   

How would it be if direct signals can be sent from a brain and received and understood by another brain?  As the human has evolved and with the development of technology, there is no need to shock upon brain control devices and actions in the near future. Scientists and technologists are eagerly working in the direction of mind control. 

An experiment of BBI transmission has been done in the University of Washington on a pair of persons where two persons are placed in different buildings and the only communication medium was brain to brain. One person (the sender of signals) made to watch a game without providing him cannon to play the game and another person (signal’s receiver) in another building was provided with cannon but cannot see the game screen. By sending and receiving signals with the help of modern devices, the sender made to move the hand of the receiver in the desired direction and fire the cannon. 

There are several examples of wonderful things that our brain can do. Some of these may include:

Composing Music

real life mind control cases

Undoubtedly, music composition took place in brain nerves and then played on the instruments. But how would it be if there is no need for instruments and the music can be recorded directly on the computers by sending brainwaves signals to the computers?  Isn’t it interesting?  The EEG (electroencephalography) headset records the electric signals of the brain of the wearer and sends it directly to the computer through a wireless medium. By wearing this headset the user can directly create music with his thoughts.    

Operating a wheelchair or driving a car

mind control wheel chair

Isn’t it a boon to the differently able/disabled persons to use the brain waves for operating their wheelchair?  Scientists have worked hard in the direction and in 2009, Japanese scientists at Brain Science Institute in collaboration with the Toyota R&D Lab announced the first brain-controlled wheelchair. This wheelchair uses brain thoughts or signals and makes the wheelchair move by using electric signals of the brain. This procedure takes only 125 milliseconds and 95% signals are executed correctly. This wheelchair is quite helpful to those who have lost control over their body but still possesses a sharp mind. 

Later, scientists at Federal Institute of Technology in Switzerland added shared control to the brain control wheelchair concept. It helps the wheelchair’s software to analyze the surrounding’s clutter and thus helps in avoiding collision of the wheelchair. Only the person who is using this wheelchair needs to wear EEG (electroencephalography) headset to control the software of the wheelchair with his brain signals.

The technology was also tested on a driverless car but the application is not yet roadworthy. But in future, this type of Human Machine Interface (HMI) may give fruitful results.

Telepresence Robots to Restore Movement

mind control technology

New technology of brain signals transmission is enabling new world applications and restoring movement. This technology can help people whose healthy active minds sometimes trap into motionless bodies due to sudden strokes or some other reasons. The scientists have designed a telepresence robot to help those persons who have become motionless. This robot connects to the brain of the person with the help of EEG and according to the given signal by his brain the robot moves around the house and thus the person can participate in the house activities.     

Robotic Exoskeleton Suit

mind control robot technology

Japanese Robotics and Technology Company Cyberdyne has designed a full-body robotic suit called ‘HAL (Hybrid Assistive Limb)’, world’s first cyborg-type robot which is helping the disabled people to move again by wearing it. By wearing this suit, a great fusion of human, information and machine is established that supports, improves, and enhances wearer’s physical functioning. HAL system is also considered to be accelerating the motor learning of cerebral nerves. 

To perform any action the wearer has to think first about the action that he wants to execute for example if a person wants to walk, he must think ‘I want to walk’. The HAL will take the signals from the brain and transmit it to the muscles that are responsible for waling and thus the person will be able to walk.            


mind control cases

Besides headsets and helmets for brain waves, scientists are also working on direct insertion of a microchip into the human brain. Carney Institute of Brain Science in the United States has done tremendous work by successful insertion of a microchip into a monkey’s brain. This chip can send signals to a computer about the thoughts. But still, the subject needs to be plugged into the computer using wired cables since this technology has still not achieved the milestone of being wireless.

After successful trials on monkeys, the scientists are moving towards humans. If the human trials of this groundbreaking research become successful, then it will really be a boon to mankind given by the modern technologists and researchers.  Also, if wireless technology is developed for operating these chips, the human can communicate with a computer just by thinking something. The outcome will help the people who have a locked-in syndrome or spine injuries and are not able to move. By inserting this chip they will be able to walk again by thinking of moving their limbs.

Long story short, we are in the era of modern machines and robots hence we can see new inventions of the mind or brain control devices every now and then. The days are gone when if a person got disabled he became dependent on others for each task. These devices can be very helpful for disabled people to move and accomplish their daily tasks. Furthermore, the brain control devices can be used for the betterment of mankind though there is also a threat of misuse of these devices. 


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