Top 10 Jobs That Drones Will Take Away in Future

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Drones are one of the greatest achievements of human. They can be very helpful in making the life of human being easy. They are widely used in military, construction, agriculture and many others, which normally was handled by people. The outcome of using drone has been very helpful which have saved many lives and have also increased efficiency.

Everyone talks about advantages of using drones but no one talk about the jobs which once was handled by people have been taken away. People who used to earn money from these jobs have gone jobless. There are some people who have spend their whole life training and becoming expert in one thing and now it is gone just because of drones.

Only rich people have benefited with the invention of drones because they are the only one who can buy drones. Later using drones they have lowered they expenses and earned more money. On the other hand poor people are still facing consequences of this discovery.  

While there are numerous jobs which drones have taken away, below are the top ten jobs that drones will take away in future.

Drones Replaces Soldiers Jobs

drones used in military

In the coming future jobs of many soldiers might disappear because drones have already started to take the jobs of soldiers in the field. In the coming years if the war will happen, it will be done using robots.

Many countries have already started the replacement of robots as their soldiers in fights. For example, take a Predator drone which is a semi automatic weapon which can be used in wars.

Military and police can also use drones to kill drug lords and criminals. The well known fighter drone is Reaper.

China army is also using stealth armed drones like Sharp Sword.

Source: New America  

Drones Replaces Fighter Pilots

UAVs drones

Since the uses of drones in the military have become normal, many countries are researching and developing more drones which can be used for Aerial combat.

Now Air Force has also started to design unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) which have auto pilots.

Countries around the world have already started to use these for air strikes and surveillance in the restricted areas. These drones can fly at a very high range and capture anything on the ground without getting detected. They can also be used for assassination.

United have been spending billions of dollars on the projects which include building auto pilot fighter drones.

According to the Wikipedia United States have build numerous UAVs which includes 7,362 RQ-11 Ravens; 990 AeroVironment Wasp IIIs; 1,137 AeroVironment RQ-20 Pumas; and 306 RQ-16 T-Hawk small UAS systems and 246 MQ-1 Predators and MQ-1C Gray Eagles; 126 MQ-9 Reapers; 491 RQ-7 Shadows; and 33 RQ-4 Global Hawk large systems.

It is obvious that US already have thousands of drones which are ready to operate. These drones surely have taken away the jobs of pilot who have worked their whole life to become pilot.

We are reaching the age just like it was shown in the Terminator, when everything would be done using drones and robots.

Spying Using Drones

spying by drone

There was time when secret agencies used to train agents for years and these agents were used to spy of several people or government agencies. These spies sometime enters in some powerful positions are provide prestigious information’s to other countries.

There are also private investigators that work day and night to spy in people and get some private information out of them.

But after the arrival of drone the spying on people have become an easy task. These drones are so small that they can even enter the houses of people without getting noticed. Even police in United States is using drones for surveillance on suspected criminals.

Well, things have become efficient by using the technology but most important facts is that the unemployment which will occur due to the use of drones. Many police officers will be changed from the positions which they would have been expert into.


Package Delivery Drivers Jobs

package delivery job by drones

Now drones are widely used for package delivery especially by Amazon. Amazon in 2019 introduced it first drone named HitchBOT, which they later used for package delivery in United States.

According to the report by CNBC, United States Postal Service’s Office of the Inspector General issued a report in 2018 which states that, more Americans embrace the idea of robotic delivery than oppose it. Those who support it said robot delivery could offer greater flexibility to package recipients and reduce the risk of injury to delivery personnel. As far as the drawbacks, respondents cited job losses as a primary concern. However, postal delivery workers won’t have to worry about being put out of jobs just yet.

While Amazon have not issued any statement of firing any delivery man because of the introduction of drones but in the coming future and due to Corona virus many have and would lost their jobs. This may be an opportunity for drones to be used more extensively and later Amazon would not even hire for delivery people.

Drone Taxi

drone taxi

Newest in pictures are drone taxi which is newest to the market. This drone taxi which looks more like a small helicopter is named eHang and was first set to take a fly in Dubai but due to safety testing it was delayed.

Now many countries and companies have started to find interest in building drone taxis. Recently Uber and Hyundai have announced that they joining forces to make drone taxis.

According to Drone Life, Hyundai and Uber announced a partnership that could make drone taxis and urban air mobility a reality.

With Uber’s leadership position in ridesharing and urban mobility, and Hyundai’s expertise in vehicle manufacturing, the pair could have what it takes to get the market in urban air mobility moving.

In Agriculture Drones are used for Crop Dusting

drone used in agriculture

Drones can be used in numerous ways but its use in agriculture is well known. There was news of a farmer in Cambodia using drones for crop dusting.

Some thinks that this make farming for farmers easy and efficient but not many have thought of the person who used to receive money for the job of crop dusting. Well crop dusting is very important and tedious task as it includes spraying pesticides and its exposure in high quantity is poisonous.

But there have been people who have been doing crop dusting from ages and have never been infected with any poison.

So, the use of drones in agriculture had it merits and demerits but the question is which one is more affordable.

Photographer or Cameraman Job

wedding image by drones

The most common use which is mostly noticed is capturing photos from different angles. Drones are now very easily available and have been bought by many people for capturing images for posting on social media.

In older times people used to hire photographers and cameramen for weddings, parties, movies and even private photo sessions.

Now, with the discovery of drones these photographers are losing their jobs or no one is hiring them.

Now most of the photographers are buying drones and learning to operate them so that they could stay in business.

Emergency Services

drone medical kit delivery

Drones are also widely used in medical industries because of its efficiency. It is used to transfer medical kits and medicines to the patients.

It might come in handy if it is used in particular when send to places where it where normal medical experts could not reach or when time is an issue and drones will reach their in less time.

It has its advantage but what if in future drones and robots will be used extensively for nursing and medical purposes, as it was shown in the movie ”I Robot”.

If everything will be going the same way it is pretty sure that in future this situation will surely going to arise.

Source: Hindawi

Used for Planting Trees

trees planting jobs

According to the report by the Evening Standard, ten drones operated by two persons can plant 400,000 trees a day.

Well this is very helpful for nature because growing trees is very important for earth. This might also solve the problems of deforestation.

But if drone have not been introduced and the same job was to be done by humans they this same process would have given job to millions of people.

It is a fact that many people in the world have huge amount of extra money and if this money is used to give jobs to millions of people there is no harm.

But this is not how things work on this planet. Everyone is greedy.

If everyone even become 25 percent of human that they are now no one in this world would ever sleep with an empty stomach.

Drones are used in Construction and Painting

drones useful for construction

Drones are also widely used in construction industry. Drones now are widely used for security surveillance, remote monitoring, topographic mapping and many other things. They can also be used for carrying materials to the places where it was difficult for humans to reach.

Drones are also used for painting purposes. They can do the painting work with more efficiency and have brighter outcomes.

Well, there are many benefits but these were actual jobs which were handled by humans but because of the use of drones these people have lost their jobs.

Source: Big Rentz


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