A Brief Introduction of World Master Games – Facts & Important Information

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The World Master Games (WMG), held at a regular interval of every four years is a multi-sport athletic competition organized by International Masters Games Association, widely known as IMGA in abbreviated form.  The games are popular among athletes from all over the world into their middle age or after retirement or over the age of 30 years.  The origin of the WMG is Toronto, Canada in 1985.  To date, total of nine tournaments of the games have been successfully organized in different countries including the last tournament held in Auckland, New Zealand, the ninth edition in the year 2017. Now, the World Master Games 2021 is all set for sports fan around the world.

Interesting Facts about the World Master Games 2021 Sports

These auspicious games have the largest number of competitors of its kind.  The interesting fact about WMG 2021 is, the Kansai, the western part of Japan is going to first-time host the games, the 10th edition.  With this, one more feather is going to add to the crown of the Asian continent since the games are the first time being host by any Asian country. It will be a historic period for Japan because the country is also going to host the Olympic Games in 2020 in Tokyo.  Following the Olympic year, World Master Games will rein the country in 2021.  Here, we are going to share all that you need to know about the upcoming event.

The theme and Mascot of the World Master Games 2021

world master games 2021 mascot

Every time the event gets a new recognition by its theme and mascot since the time of its inception.  The first theme for the games in 1985 was “The Year of the Masters” and for the recent games in 2017, it was “For the Love of Sport”.  In addition to this, the theme for the following World Master Games is “The Blooming of Sport for Life” and the Mascot will be “Sufula”, a fairy of sports.  Its design is based on cherry blossoms.  Also, it is PR Ambassador for the Kansai 2021 games.  This sports festival will share the region’s uniqueness, rich tradition of Japanese culture with the rest of the world.  The event will surely develop harmony among the individual sports personalities as well as the countries. 

  • The event will broadcast the rich sports culture of Japan to the rest of the globe from the Kansai region.
  • The event will be a fusion of sport along with sightseeing which will escalate regional revitalization.
  • The tournament will contribute to the wider promotion of sports and health industries.
  • The 2021 WMG through sports will set a trend for a mature and healthier society.

Who can participate?

The World Master Games is open to all sportspersons aging between 25 and 35 years, in connection to different sports.  Some sports allow athletes of younger ages.  That is why the games are very popular among retired sports professionals and former Olympic athletes.  The unique thing about the games is that each participant competes for himself or herself, since there is no involvement of country delegations.  The only qualification criteria for the tournament is the required age limit and the membership of the sport’s governing body, beyond that no other specific requirement to take part in the sports event. 

How to take part in WMG 2021?

The most supportive point about World Master Games 2021 is that the participants are not limited to only one sport or discipline.  A participant can take part in 5 of the total 59 discipline by paying just nominal charges as the basic registration fee to enter the tournament.  Going forward, let’s discuss that if a person wants to participate in multiple games as in Table Tennis, Badminton, Soft Tennis, Bowling and Ground Golf he/she can surely do that without any hassle by just registering to the games.  There may be some additional fees depending on the discipline of sports.  If you wish to see the event there is no fee for the viewers and no registration required for the entry.

Schedule of the WMG 2021

world master games 2021 schedule

If you are keen to know about when is world master games, be with us and get full details of the tournament. If you are still confused about where world master games will take place, once again it is to be noted that the venue of the games is Kansai, Japan and the key dates will include the start of the event on Friday, 14th May 2021 and the end date of the event i.e. Sunday, 30th May 2021.  For the information about how to buy tickets and what are the packages being offered by the WMG 2021 organizers, you need to visit the official website of the World Master Games.  The tournament will offer the views of both indoor and outdoor games.  

Things to keep in mind while thinking about the World Master Games 2021

Registration of the candidates for WMG 2021 Kansai will start on February 1, 2020 at 10 AM while early entry for some sports will starts on January 6, 2020.  The applications for entry will be entertained on the first-come-first-serve basis in every competition.  When the registrations reach the mark of its maximum number of participants per game, the registration window will be closed.  If you are keen to participate in the event, decide early in which game you want to participate and register yourself for the event as soon as possible.  

The point to be noted is that the citizens of the countries Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong-Kong, Malaysia, and Thailand are allowed for visa exemption for a short term stay.  Besides these countries, the citizens of all other countries must get their visas approved before visiting Japan.  For further information and any change in the visa rules, you must contact your nearest Japanese Embassy.  Travel passes will be allotted to the participants but it can only be used after reaching the registration window, the rest of the expenses will be borne by the participants. 

You are suggested to check all the rules of the contest, safety information, and all other important information. Also, the dates and locations may be changed in the future so it is advised to visit the official website of the World Master Games 2021. Definitely, it will be a thrilling journey filled with fun adventures and give you amazing memories of WMG 2021 Kansai.

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