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An Insider Guide to UEFA Euro 2020

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Last year’s England’s Men getting to the semi-finals of the Russian World Cup celebration and was not still over then came Women world cup to the list.  Now it’s time for the Euro 2020 to catch your breath.  The UEFA European Football Championship has been demonstrating the top talents of the European continent since its inception in 1960 at an interval of every four years.  It is the 60th birthday of UEFA and this time it will be played under the name of “Euro For Europe” in the summer season of 2020 across the continent.  The tournament will consist of 511 matches going to be held for 31 days in 12 host cities of the continent. This is a great pleasure to witness the tournament as it acts as a bridge between nations.    

Euro cup 2020 Interesting facts

We are all anxious to observe sport and enthusiasm for the competition of some of the best teams not only of Europe but also of the worldIt will be the biggest celebration of Association football in the tournament’s history and we’re honoured to get a chance to witness it. 

UEFA Euro 2020 Cup is an international tournament played every four years amongst member nations of European Football body widely known as UEFA.  If you are keen to know more about Euro Cup 2020, settle in and tighten your belt because we are going to take you through the adventurous ride of all the facts that you need to know about the upcoming UEFA Euro cup.  Upcoming points will purely elaborate on the inspiring facts about the upcoming event.

Origin of UEFA European Football Championship

Henri Delaunay put forward the idea of the Euro Cup competition alongside the World Cup. Unfortunately, it did not turn into reality until his death in 1955.  Later French journalists initiated a campaign and Delaunay’s son Pierre joined it to kick off the European Nations Cup.  The campaign got results and the first Euro Cup Scheduled on 28th September 1958 and was successfully executed in Moscow and Russia won the tournament.  The tournament was officially held in 1960 again to make it followed by the whole world and this year is known as the birth year of the Euro Cup and since then the event is being organized at a regular interval of four years.  To honour the touch bearer of the tournament Henri Delaunay, the trophy was named after his name.       

The Place where the UEFA cup going to make another history

Earlier the match was held either in one country or shared between two countries maximum till date but Euro 2020 matches will be hosted by 12 host cities of the European continent instead picking of choosing one or two countries and this is going to happen for the first time in the history of the tournament. London, Rome, Bucharest, Glasgow, Amsterdam, St Petersburg, Baku, Budapest, Copenhagen, Dublin, Munich, and Bilbao are the names of the cities which have been honoured with the title of the host cities for the thrilling sports event.  The Semi-finals and the final both will be played at Wembley Stadium in London. 

The final day of the tournament will be observed on Sunday 12 July 2020.  Innovative promotional campaigns have already been started and inspiring music will motivate the players as well as the fans.  Also, each of the 12 host cities will showcase their festive environment and will lure the viewers.  Although, different stage games will be played across the continent, the craze of the final match will reach the utmost level of excitement at Wembley Stadium, London on 12th July 2020.  It means that London will welcome hundreds of thousands of Euro fans on the final match of the tournament.

The Unique procedure for the Selection of the teams

A major change in the selection procedure has been noticed that no team will automatically qualify, which means that there is no security for any hosting countries this year.  An interesting fact is that Kosovo is participating in the qualifiers for the first time.  All 55 UEFA member associations are battling for the qualifying matches to get to the finals since there is no automatic qualification.  The qualifier matches for the Euro Cup has already been started back in March 2019 and will be continued till the end of March 2020. 

The competition will last until July 2020 with the top two teams will chase the trophy in the final.  There are 10 groups in the tournament, 5 groups consisting 6 teams each and another 5 groups consisting of 5 teams in each group are all set for the biggest battle in football.  The Top 2 contestant from every team will participate in the series of matches of Euro Cup 2020.

Following are the groups and teams for the qualifying stage. Of Course, the list of participating countries will be slender to 20 after the results of the qualifiers:

Group A: England, Kosovo, Czech Republic, Montenegro, Bulgaria.

Group B: Ukraine, Portugal, Lithuania, Serbia, Luxembourg.

Group C: Germany, Northern Ireland, Netherlands, Belarus, Estonia.

Group D: Denmark, Republic of Ireland, Switzerland, Georgia, Gibraltar.

Group E: Slovakia, Croatia, Azerbaijan, Wales, Hungary.

Group F: Norway, Sweden, Spain, Malta, Romania, Faroe Islands.

Group G: Israel, Poland, Slovenia Macedonia, Austria, Latvia,.

Group H: Turkey, France, Albania, Iceland, Andorra, Moldova.

Group I: Russia, Belgium, Cyprus, Scotland, San Marino, Kazakhstan.

Group J: Greece, Italy, Finland, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Armenia, Liechtenstein.

Predictions of the winning team

Euro 2020 will bring a thrill for every football fan. We’ll witness the best national teams battling for the No.1 place in Europe. Many young players for the very first time are set to shine their names at the scoreboard of the tournament, while previous winners and other experienced ones are ready to showcase their knowledge and superiority.  The tournament will display the best out of every team as well as of every player. 

Competitions have never been higher and the number of outstanding players has never been bigger.  The qualified teams will participate in the group stage.  This group stage is the original start of the main tournament.  The first match will kick off on 12th June 2020 at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome.  If we talk about the winning predictions or the supposed teams to winning the final, we will have to go through the previous wins of the tournament.  With the most won matches, Germany stands at the top, having won three finals and three times runner up.  England and Wales have not crossed the path more than semi-finals.  Furthermore, Northern Ireland and Scotland did not go forward after the stage matches.

Online bookies are all set to step up with the list of most likely teams who can win the tournament. France is being considered the topmost team to claim the Euro 2020 trophy and England comes in second place in predictions by seeing their enthusiasm to win the title.  It will definitely be eye-catching to see the world’s best players in the Dutch squad.

Spain and Germany has shared the top status and already won 3 UEFA European Championship trophies. Spain has lifted the title in 1964, 2008, and 2012 while Germany, in 1972, 1980, and 1996, on the other hand, won the trophy. The two of these trophies had been won under the name West Germany. 

The European championship was won by France twice in the history of the tournament and the country is placed at the second place. France has won the final in 1984 and 2000. On analysis of their current players and the predictions from the bookies, the country is all set to win the title for the third time to level out the top countries Germany and Spain. Other teams including Greece, Italy, Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Denmark, and Russia have won the European title once since its inception.  The recent winner was Portugal.

Who is the Mascot?

Skillzy is the mascot of the Euro 2020.  A larger than life character will promote free-styling, Panna and street culture by being a mascot of the show.

Key dates of the Euro 2020 Cup

12/06/2020: Opening Game will be held in Olympico in Rome between Italy and Turkey.

12/07/2020: Final will be held at Wembley Stadium in London.

How can I watch it? 

The details about how to buy tickets and the amount you need to buy are all available UEFA website.  Except this, the tournament will be telecasted on TV on BBC and ITV so you can enjoy the thrilling month by sitting on the settee in your home.  Be ready for the most awaited tournament of the football, one thing is only advisable to keep an eye on the official website of the UEFA Euro 2020.

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