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Spanish Grand Prix 2020: Interesting Facts and Race Information

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If we talk about Spanish Grand Prix 2020 facts, we should start from its origin. Originated over a century ago, the Spanish Grand Prix Formula 1 is one of the oldest motor vehicle races of the globe. 

The first motor race was held in 1913 under the name of the Spanish Grand Prix. 

The Spanish Grand Prix was frequently held throughout the early years of the 20th century and was hosted at the Circuito Lasarte several times before the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War in the year 1936. 

The Formula 1 race again returned to the calendar in the 1950s at a new circuit called Pedralbes. 

A non-championship race was held in Jarama in 1967 after a long gap. 

Since 1967, the Formula 1 race has retained a place on the calendar at different venues including Jerez and Jarama. 

The race was held alternatively at Jarama and Montjuic street circuit in Barcelona starting from 1969 to 1975. 

The race was again withheld due to the death of five spectators during the race in 1975 for four years. 

After that, a new place, Jerez Circuit was chosen for the Spanish Grand Prix for five consecutive years from 1986 to 1990. 

In these years, Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost touched the victory twice each. 

A new F1 racing track was constructed on the outskirts of Barcelona in 1991, and since then the race is being held on Circuit de Catalunya at the outskirts of Barcelona. 

The circuit also served as the start or finish line for the trial of cycling event.  Nigel Mansell won the initial two races at Circuit de Catalunya in 1991 and 1992. 

Also, in 2013 the circuit was renamed as Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya after signing of a sponsorship contract with Barcelona City Council. 

Since then the circuit has been in the unvarying presence on the Formula 1 racing schedule for a long period. 

Due to its generally fine weather and favorable layout of the track, the circuit has claimed the top position of the most favorite places for the races. 

A second round of the Formula 1 World Championship took place in Spain from 2008 to 2012 and the Valencia Street Circuit hosted the championship. 

The championship was known as European Grand Prix.  The race took place at the public roads in the harbor of Valencia city. 

Initially, it got popularity but due to economic slowdown in Spain, the race got an adverse effect. 

Fernando Alonso, an F1 racer from the city, won the title in 2012, the last race at the circuit.

Interesting facts about Spanish Grand Prix F1 Race

1. Most Successful racer or Notable winners

The Spanish Grand Prix F1 event is favourite of Michael Schumacher as he holds the top position at the list of the maximum number of wins of the Spanish Grand Prix F1 race by winning record six wins in history and all at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. 

If we look at the teams, the most successful team in the event is Ferrari with twelve wins. 

Other multiple winners can be counted as Lewis Hamilton with four wins and Mika Hakkinen, Alain Prost, Nigel Mansell, Jackey Stewart & Louis Chiron with three wins each. 

2. The only female winner

The only female racer who has won a top 6 finish in a world championship of F1 is Lella Lombardi. In Spanish Grand Prix 1975, she recorded half a point for sixth place on the untrustworthy Montjuïc circuit in Barcelona.

3. Youngest winner of Spanish Grand Prix

To date, the youngest winner of the championship is Max Verstappen at the age of around 18 years in 2016 Spanish Grand Prix.  He broke the record of Sebastian Vettel who was the youngest winner of the Italian Grand Prix at the age of 21 years.

Spanish Grand Prix 2020: Time, Venue, Tickets

The Spanish Grand Prix is one of the oldest races in the world which is still contested, had celebrated its centenary in 2013. 

The next Spanish Grand Prix 2020 F1 race is going to be held on the dates 8th to 10th May 2020 at the Circuit de Catalunya, located on the outskirts of the city of Barcelona, a seaside and vibrant venue perfect for the event. 

The track is also used for winter testing which gives drivers full knowledge of the track that will assist the drivers during the race. 

If interested to know more about the location of the 2020 F1 race, key dates and tickets, just bear with us since we are going to discuss the full details about the upcoming Spanish Grand Prix 2020. 

  • The Venue of the Race          :           Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain
  • Circuit Type                            :           Permanent
  • Practice 1                                :           8th May 2020
  • Practice 2                                :           8th May 2020
  • Practice 3                                :           9th May 2020
  • Qualifier                                  :           9th May 2020
  • Final Race                               :           10th May 2020

Earlier, it was decided to alternate the Spanish Grand Prix between two venues namely the Valencia Street Circuit and the Catalunya Barcelona circuit every year from 2013. 

However, due to the financial crisis, Valencia withdrew from the tournament and Catalunya Circuit, Barcelona has become the sole host of the Spanish Grand Prix 2020. 

Since then Barcelona has efficiently organized the event every time.  It is going to be a thrilling journey to witness the Spanish Grand Prix event in May this year. 

For more information about tickets and packages of the event, it is a good practice to visit the official website of the Spanish Grand Prix.

So, gear up yourself to spectacle the 2020 Spanish Grand Prix, going to rein the 66 laps of 4.655 Kilometre Circuit De Barcelona-Catalunya on 10th May 2020. 

Keep in touch with us as well as with the official website of the Spanish Grand Prix for information about where and how you can observe the race on TV. 

Get ready to enjoy the most thrilling event of the year, the Spanish Grand Prix F1 race 2020.      


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