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Monaco Grand Prix: History

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The Monaco Grand Prix was started back in the year 1929. It is a formula one racing championship.  The First championship was held on 14th April 1929.  The average race speeds in the previous year’s race have risen from 80 Kilometers (the initial race speed) to almost 142 Kilometers per hour when compared to the 1929 race.  Since its origin, the championship attracts the world’s most prestigious racers and the most glamorous spectators every year. This year, the legendary track racing will take place on Sunday, 24 May 2020. So get ready for Monaco Grand Prix 2020.       

Appealing race facts about Monaco Grand Prix

The Monaco Grand Prix, since its inception, is creating new records every year.  Here we are going to disclose a few facts that might not be known to everyone about the forthcoming race at the Circuit de Monte Carlo.  Let’s go through the most appealing facts of the forthcoming event:

  • The Monaco Grand Prix is one of the Triple Crown of racing, others are the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the Indianapolis 500.
  • Riccardo Patrese, Maurice Trintignant, Juan Manuel Fangio, Patrick Depailler Jack Brabham, and Denny Hulme, these all scored their maiden F1 wins in Monaco Grand Prix.
  • Lotus F1 Team scored its first win in Monaco in 1960 as a constructor.  The team is playing under the name of Renault since it was sold to Renault in 2015.
  • The Monaco Lap record (1m 14.439s set in 2004) lies with Michael Schumacher for Ferrari and it still holds the record for the Fastest F1 Car.
  • Ayrton Senna, the legend leads the list with most wins at Monaco race with 6 wins and this follows by Michael Schumacher & Graham Hill, both have won five times. The records are followed by Alain Prost with four wins, and Stirling Moss and Jackie Stewart both with three wins at Monaco.
  • As a constructor, McLaren has achieved the most victories, 15 in Monaco Grand Prix, while Ferrari has got the most podiums, 48 in numbers.
  • As the Formula 1 racing track, the shortest Grand Prix track is the Monaco circuit, on the calendar. The track is very twisty and also the toughest which will lead to frequent gear change by the drivers at an extraordinary 54 times per lap or it can be said that more than 4,200 gear during the race will need to be changed. 
  • The narrow and gritty streets of Monte Carlo along with the heavy wind become the most challenging circuit for Formula 1 racing.  Quite surprisingly, only two cars crashed to date during the Monaco race.  Paul Hawkins and Alberto Ascari were the two drivers who crashed into the sea and had their backs to the race track.
  • The up-close view of screaming engines of the cars during the F1 race catches the spectators in a huge number and that makes the Monaco Grand Prix a major attraction.
  • What’s special about Monaco streets that make it a race circuit? The street includes 33 Kilometers of safety rails, twenty thousand square meters of wire catch fencing for safety, three thousand six hundred tires for tire barriers, and a huge grandstand for the seating arrangements of spectators.  This makes a city a full-fledged place for racing. 

Monaco Grand Prix 2020: a brief description of the schedule

The fever of Monaco Grand Prix 2020 can be understood quite well as one can expect to witness politicians, gorgeous celebrities and the rich and famous persons of the world during the most awaited event of the year in racing.  Also, the best drivers in the world will be the center of attraction.  The words “Still I rise” tattooed across the shoulders and emblazoned across the back of the helmet of Lewis Hamilton, who will take part in the Monaco Grand Prix, truly define the racer for his mobility and achievements. Similarly, other drivers will be seen at the event. 

When and where is the Monaco Grand Prix 2020? The Monaco Grand Prix is going to take place on Sunday, 24 May this year at a well-known venue Circuit de Monaco in Monte Carlo.  Narrow roads, a tunnel, and very sharp turns make the Monaco Grand Prix probably the best track to have a thrilling view of the F-1 racing.

To date, a Monegasque racer, Louis Chiron was the oldest racer when he raced in 1955 at the age of 55.  This year may bring us new records.  In addition, unlike other Grand Prix, Thursday is the day for practice racing instead of Friday.  As a result, the street can function on Friday its normal routine and also the drivers will get a day to rest and relax.        

How can a person get packages for Monaco Grand Prix?

Though most of the hotels etc are booked in advance, for a king’s ransom, last minutes bookings can be done.  It is good to visit the official website of Monaco Grand Prix for the full weekend schedule.  The schedule will include details of race practice and qualifying sessions, press conferences and any other special event.

You can also find the latest news headlines, broadcast information of the Sunday’s chaotic Monaco Grand Prix, with the details of where and how you can catch the race on TV, circuit-related information and F1 race results.  Traditionally, every year the race starts at noon of local time at the circuit while the televised US coverage on ESPN will start at 8 AM ET.  In Canada, TSN covers all the Formula 1 racing events.  In the UK, Sky Sports will cover the event of 2020.      

Why watch Monaco Grand Prix 2020?

All the racers will try their best to add another jewel to their crown by winning this prestigious race.  This will definitely be eye-catching to enjoy the thrilling sound of engines of racing cars.  Get ready and tighten your belts for the forthcoming thrilling journey on Sunday, 24 May 2020 along with your friends and family.      

Source: F1 Official Website, Wikipedia


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