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The Olympic Games since its origin in 1896 in the city of Athens, Greece, have become very popular all over the world.  Since its starting, the games are being organized at its scheduled time except in the year 1916 due to First World War and in 1940 & 1944 due to World War II. At the time of its inception, the games were named as Summer Olympic games but later the game was also being organized in winter for snow and ice sports, Paralympics Games for physically disabled sports person, youth Olympic for the age of 14-18.  The games are getting organized at the interval of every four years.  2020 is going to be an Olympic Games year and this time Tokyo, the capital of a developed country of the Asian continent, Japan is going to host the show.   

What is the procedure for the selection of Olympic Games Cities?

There is a specific procedure of the selection of an Olympic Games Country.  The selection is made by the IOC membership, generally seven years before the Olympic Games Year.  The selection procedure takes approximately two years as it consists of various steps.  Firstly, the willing cities of the world submit the application to become a host. After ten months of analysis, the Executive Board of the IOC decides about the candidature of the cities and based on the recommendation of a working group it reviews the application of the candidate cities. Secondly, an Evaluation Commission thoroughly investigates the candidate cities.  Finally, by votes of IOC members in the general meeting named as IOC session, the host city is chosen.  

For decades the games have left a tremendous impact on creating harmony among the countries by adopting various games in the competition and given a message of Unity in Diversity which is the utmost need of the time when the countries are competing with each other at different platforms.  Olympic Games are recognized as the Summer Olympics and the Winter Olympics.  Apart from this Paralympics Games, Youth Olympic Games also take place in different Olympic Games Countries at a regular interval.  Here, we are going to discuss three upcoming Summer Olympic Games namely 2020, 2024, and 2028.  Let’s have a glance over it.

Olympic Games 2020: Tokyo, Japan

olympic games 2020 tokyo

Tokyo, the capital of Japan had hosted Olympic Games in 1964 and that had changed the country’s reputation across the globe in a very positive manner subsequently the people of the country got knowledge of the outside world, developed good relations and earned goodwill that had transformed the country. Now the country has again got the chance to host the mesmerizing games in 2020 and with this, the country has become the first in Asia to host the games twice.  This is the 32nd Summer Olympic Games scheduled in the current year.  Also, the preparations have already been started for making the event a grand success as the games are going to start from 24th July 2020 and will last to 9th August 2020. 

The motto of the Olympic Games 2020 contains the idea of capturing the essence of the vision that Tokyo, the Olympic Games Venue, wants to share with the rest of the world during these games.  In addition to this, the Olympic Games will include new and additional games this year including 3×3 Basketball, Madison Cycling as well as some other interesting events.

A notification regarding the purchase of tickets is issued by the host city for the 2020 Olympics and it reads Please note that only residents of Japan are eligible to purchase tickets from the Tokyo 2020 Official Ticket Website. Overseas residents are kindly requested to purchase tickets from their country’s designated Authorized Ticket Resellers (ATR)”.  It is advisable to visit the official website for the details of the upcoming event before booking tickets for any game to avoid any inconvenience.   

Olympic Games 2024: Paris, France

olympic games 2024 paris

France could be the next Olympic Games country in the year 2024.  The games will take place in Paris, the capital city of the well known European country.  Previously in the year 1900 and 1924, Paris had successfully organized the games and had won the people’s hearts.  Subsequently, the country will repeat its success without a doubt.  This is the 33rd Summer Olympic Games going to be held from 26th July 2024 to 11th August 2024 as scheduled.  IOC had already added Wrestling as an additional sport for 2020 and 2024 games.                    

Olympic Games 2028: Los Angeles, United States of America

olympic games 2028 los angeles

Olympic Games 2028 is supposed to be held in Los Angeles, a renowned city in United States of America.  The city has third time got the privilege to be named as the Olympic Games City.  Previously, in the year 1932, the 10th Summer Olympic and 1984, the 23rd Summer Olympic was hosted by the city with a bang.  This time also the country will organize the show in a very efficient manner.  This will be the 34th Summer Olympic Games scheduled to be held from 21st July 2028 to 6th August 2028.  Although there is ample time to prepare for the event, the excitement can’t afford to wait for it. 

For further details regarding terms and conditions and ticketing system, the official website will assist the viewers but undoubtedly this is going to be a great event which will leave a remarkable impact in the world.                            

In conclusion, Olympics are the games for which everyone waits eagerly or we can say by holding their breath whether it is an athlete or a sports fan, a child or youth and even person of every age, sex, religion, and country.  We can say that the Olympic Games teach us Unity in Diversity.  Witnessing Olympic Games 2020 is going to be great fun.  So get ready for a roller coaster ride of Olympic Games cities in the upcoming years.  Have you already started preparing your plans? If yes, then it’s going to be an unforgettable adventure.  Only you need to do is to keep on visiting the official website. 

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