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French Open 2020: Who will be this Year’s Champion

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Bonjour (Namastey)! French Open 2020 has been postponed again and now it will be played from Sunday, September 21, 2020 to Sunday, October 11, 2020. 

It will be the 124th edition of the tournament. French Open, France’s International Championships of Tennis in full, is an international tournament of tennis, known world-wide. This French Open 2020 championship is one of the four major events of the annual Grand Slam of the tennis world. 

Grand Slam’s other tournaments are the Wimbledon Championship and the Australian Open, and the US Open. French Open is the only Grand Slam tournament that is being played on a clay court. 

French Open: History, Interesting Facts, and records

When and where the French Open took place for the very first time? 

The first French Championship was held back in 1891 in the Stade François. The tournament is generally held between the ends of May–the start of June. It was a men’s interclub competition when played for the first time, later women’s singles matches were also added to the tournament in 1897. 

In 1925, the championship was opened to non-French players in the tennis world. In addition, the Women’s doubles match form of the game also came into existence in the tournament in the same year. 

The French Championship was open to professionals and amateur players in 1968 that made it the most established tournament of tennis.

Clay Courts took place in the tournament in 1928 when it for the first time held in Stade Roland-Garros. Since then the tournament is continually being played on that clay courts.

There are many questions come to your mind or in your children’s mind about the French Open. So, we have collected some fun facts that may increase the excitement of the tournament.

  • The French Open is also also known as the Roland Garros tournament. Roland Garros was a French Pilot and a tennis fan.  He was known for his contribution to the World War I when he flew over the Mediterranean Sea in 1913 for the first time a pilot ever flew that giant sea.
  • The French Open is the only tournament played on the Clay courts that produces higher bounces and slows down the ball.
  • The record of most men’s singles wins lies with the Spaniard Rafael Nadal with 12 no. of wins and similarly, the most women’s singles win record holds American legend Chris Evert with 7 wins.
  • Till 1924 the tournament was limited to the members of the French Club, it was opened to all tennis players from 1925 onwards. It was the first Grand Slam which became an open tournament of its kind in 1968.
  • Due to World War II, the tournament was canceled during 1940-1945.
  • Zsuzsi Kormoczy was the oldest woman to win the singles at the age of 33 years in 1958 and the oldest man to win the singles title was Andres Gimeno at the age of around 34 years in 1972.
  • When it comes to youngest winners of the title, Michael Chang holds the record of singles wins by a man in 1989 at the age of around 17 years and Monica Seles as a women’s singles winner in 1990 at the age of 16 and a half year.
  • The French Open provides an equal prize money to the men and women in singles matches from 2006 onwards. The disparities in other forms still exist. It is the last of the four Grand Slam events that implemented equal prize money system in the tournament.
  • Althea Gibson became the first African-American Tennis player to win the women’s singles in 1956. The first Chinese to win a Grand Slam was Li Na who won the title in 2011
  • The latest record is created by Rafael Nadal in 2019 who has become the first male to win 22 Men’s singles title in the open era at the same major tournament.
  • Roy Stanley Emerson, an Australian former champion holds the record of most wins at doubles title including tennis men’s doubles, 16 and mixed doubles 2. Also, he is one of only eight men of the world who had won all four majors in his career.

The Trophy

The trophies are made of pure silver with finely engraved decorations on their side. The trophies are designed and made by Mellerio Dits Metter. Winner’s name is to be engraved his or her name on the base of the trophy is in practice. Each singles winner receives custom-made pure silver replicas of the original trophies.

French Open 2020 Postponed to September: Dates, Venue, News and packages

If you wonder what is the schedule of the upcoming French Open 2020 tournament?

Hold with us and we will explore all the information about the most awaited event in the tennis world. All eyes of tennis fans are stuck to the French City of Paris at the end of September 2020 where the best tennis players of the world will be competing for Grand Slam Glory on the one hand. On the other hand, new players will make all their efforts to make their name shine in the world of a respected game. 

Actually it was earlier scheduled to be played in the month of May but due to Coronavirus pandemic it has been rescheduled and now will be played in the month of September.

There is one more change in the format of the game. There will be only 96 male and female players participating in the tournament which was earlier 128. Mixed double will not be played this years and for those who was looking forward for the doubles they will be extremely unhappy.

The French Open 2019 took place at Roland Garros Stadium France’s Paris from May 26 to June 9, 2019. If we look at the last year’s results,  Rafael Nadal has created a record of being the first male to win 22 singles titles in any major by defeating Dominic Thiem in 6-3 5-7 6-1 6-1 sets and earn his twelfth French Open title. Apart from this, Ashleigh Barty has won her first Grand Slam title by defeating Marketa Vondrousova by 6-1 6-3 and with this, she has become the first Australian player to win the French Open, in clay court since Margaret Court in 1973. 

Some big players might not be playing this tournament like Nick Kyrgios made an statement that he might not be participating in the French Open 2020 amid Covid-19 concerns.

It is also not known yet whether crowd will be allowed to watch the games live because of an increment in coronavirus case in the city of Paris. The tournament authority is trying their best to convince the French government to allow the viewers with some restrictions but nothing can be decided yet.

But coronavirus is not stopping fans from buying tickets because thousands of tickets have already been sold in the previous month. It looks like the French government can allow visitors but I think only half of what that was before.

So if you want to see your favorite tennis players live book tickets now. I hope you get the chance.

It will be quite appealing to see that how many new records are going to be established and old records will be broken at the clay-court this year. For more information on how to buy tickets? What is the ticket price of the French Open 2020? And many more questions and their answers, please visit the official website

If anyone have any updated news about the tournament please do share in the comment box.

Key Dates:     Sunday, September 20, 2020 – Sunday, October 4, 2020 

Location:        Clay Courts of Stade Roland-Garros, Paris, France


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