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2020 Wimbledon Championships: Interesting Facts for Tennis Fans

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The Wimbledon Championship is the oldest tournament in the tennis world. Commonly known as Wimbledon, the tournament is regarded as the most prestigious event of tennis by many in the world.  The event was started back in 1877 and was being played at the All England Club in Wimbledon of London City.  This court was an outdoor grass court.  But later the event was held on a retractable roof over centre court in 2009.  This helps to lessen the playtime during rain. Some other improvements were also made in the same year when cushioned seating and a table system were added. Now we are all set for 2020 Wimbledon Championships.

The Wimbledon Championship is one of the four Grand Slam tournaments of tennis.  The French Open, the Australian Open, and the US Open are the three other majors of Grand Slam.  The grass-court is believed to be the classic tennis court. Since the Australian Open in 1988 shifted to hard-court, the Wimbledon is the only remaining tournament of Grand Slam still being played on grass court.

Wimbledon Championship: Facts, figures, and records

The Wimbledon traditionally goes on for over two weeks starting from the late June and ends upto early July. The tournament culminates with the Ladies’ and Gentlemen’s singles finals held at the end of the event.  Including additional junior and invitational competitions total of five major events are taking place every year in the tennis world.  Out of which the Wimbledon is, without any doubt, considered one of the most thrilling tennis events of the year. It is also the most-watched tournament in tennis.

The gripping entertainment of the grass-court continues for two full weeks during the height of British Summer Time but the rain is the most talked part of the tournament.  The event faces lots of rain but nothing can cut short the charisma of the tournament. The ardent tennis fans make sure to gather in London during this jubilant time of year. During the whole event, the spectator focuses on rallies, cross-court volleys and more.

There are numerous fun facts, anecdotal rules, and snippets of the most famous event of tennis.  Here we are going to discuss these facts and rules in question and answer format.  Let’s have a look.

1. When and where the first Wimbledon event took place?

The premier professional tennis tournament first time held in 1877 at the All England Lawn Tennis Club, Church Road, Wimbledon, London.    It is an impeccable feat for the tournament as it is now into its 143rd year.  It is the only tournament still being played on the grass-court.  The natural turf is trimmed up to about a 1/4 inch (or exactly 8mm) to keep the gaming action fast.

The interesting fact about Wimbledon is, it was started with only 22 players and all were men players that’s why it is initially called the “Gentlemen’s Championship”.  The gentlemen’s doubles and women’s championship were introduced at the tournament.  Equal prize money is awarded to female winners from 2007 onwards.

2. Who was the first winner of the tournament?

Since the first win at every tournament is always special so the first champion of Wimbledon will always stay in the sport’s history.  Spencer Gore, the first winner of the Wimbledon will be remembered forever.  In the first tournament, he defeated William Marshall in straight sets. 

Moreover, when it comes to the first female winner of the Wimbledon, Maud Watson holds the place as the first women’s singles winner by defeating L. Watson in straight sets. 

3. What is the dress code for the players of Wimbledon?

The rule “predominately in white” was introduced in 1963 relating to the dress code of the players.  Later “almost entirely in white rule” was come into force in 1995. Accessories (such as wristband and headband) in dress code were included in 2014 but of white colour only (not off white or any similar colour).

The competitors and royal patronage must be dressed in suitable attire when they enter the court.  There is some clear leniency with the design and style of the dressing.  The clothing rules also to be following during practice sessions.

4. Does the Wimbledon ever get suspended?

In Wimbledon Championship’s history, the event has been terminated only twice and both due to the World Wars.   During the World War I from 1915-18 and during World War II from 1940-45, the tournament was cancelled. Also, during World War II, a bomb hit the tennis court and damaged 1200 seats in the court area.

5. Who holds the record of most wins in the Wimbledon Championship?

Most Wimbledon men’s titles record lies with the legend Roger Federer with 11 wins to date. Retired female legend of tennis world Martina Navratilova holds the most wins with 12 of the title of Wimbledon women’s singles.  She is often termed as ‘The Queen of Wimbledon’ since she has set a near-impossible record.  Her record is untouched to date as she has created a legacy with her fearsome power, determined attitude, true sportsmanship, and aggression.  The court of Wimbledon was a hunting ground for her where she played to the best of her potential.     

6. Who is the youngest and oldest winner of the tournament?

If we look at Men’s Singles title, the youngest winner is Boris Becker.  He had won the Wimbledon Men’s Singles at the age of 17 years, 228 days in 1985.  While on the other hand, there was a girl who had successfully clinched the Wimbledon title at the age of just 15 years 282 days.  She is none another than Martina Hingis who has become the youngest player to win the women’s doubles title.  To date, her record is intact.

Let’s move to the oldest winners of the tournament.  Roger Federer has become the oldest winner of the Men’s Singles Title at the age of 35 years 342 days in the 2017 tournament.  Furthermore, Navratilova is the oldest female winner of the mixed doubles at the age of 46 years 261 days in 2003. 

7. Is there sponsor advertising allowed in Wimbledon grass court?

You cannot see any sponsor advertisement banners or any other kind of posters, LED displays etc., except the Rolex.  Rolex is the official partner that provides time-keeping service during the tournament.   

8. Which was the longest tennis match ever played?

The 2010 tournament holds the record of the longest tennis match to date.  The match took place for over 3 days.  The match lasted 11 hours and five minutes.  In this historical tournament, John Isner defeated Nicolas Mahut.     

Interesting facts about 2019 Wimbledon Championship

2019 Wimbledon Championship holds many interesting facts.  Few of them are:

  • Overall spectators were 500,397 during the 2019 tournament and it was the second-highest in the history of the Wimbledon event. 
  • Around 250 ball boys and ball girls come through a tough training routine.  Slazenger, since 1902, has been the official supplier of the tennis balls to the Wimbledon tournament and the 2019 event also received the balls from the same supplier.  In 1986, the yellow balls were used for the first time in this game.  To date around 53000 balls have been used. 
  • Used balls are sold daily and the revenue goes to Wimbledon Foundation for charity purposes and reselling of tickets is done for the same good deed.  During 2019, a total of £384,093 funds had been donated to the Wimbledon Foundation generated through reselling of tickets.  This fund is used for military and emergency services.
  • The ground can place 42000 spectators at a time.
  • It is the largest annual sporting catering operation being carried out in Europe.
  • The court grass of Wimbledon play-space composed of 100% ryegrass.  Every year, over 50,000 plants are used for the decorations of the stadium and so are with the 2019 tournament. 
  • Novak Djokovic of Serbia wins his fifth Wimbledon title by defeating Roger Federer in the men’s final.
  • Simona Halep of Romania wins her first Wimbledon title by defeating Serena Williams in the women’s final and with this has become the first Romanian to win the Wimbledon tournament.

2020 Wimbledon Championship

The legends of the tennis world will again gather in London as they are all set to showcase their talent at the annual tennis battle commonly known as Wimbledon championships going to take place at the end of June 2020.  The London city comes alive with enthusiasm as the tennis lovers’ flock to see the world’s best tennis players competing in the only major grand slam tournament still held on the grass court.

If you are still confused about where and how to buy tickets of Wimbledon Championship visit the official website for ticket price and information, packages, and accommodations.  Also, you will get complete information about the charismatic tournament with the latest photos, play’s headlines along with Wimbledon history and records, videos, museum info, directions for getting there to the event, etc.

2020 Wimbledon is broadcasted by BBC in the UK.  Australia will watch the tournament on FOX while the USA will be witnessing the event on ESPN and ESPN2.

Key dates

The event will continue from June 29, 2020 to July 12, 2020.


Ladies’ Singles – Ladies’ Singles Plate (since 1886)

Gentlemen’s Singles – Challenge Cup (since 1887)

Source: Wimbledon Official Website


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