2020 UCI Track Cycling World Championships: Facts, Stats, and Predictions

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2020 UCI Track Cycling World Championship is about to held and preparations are going on a full swing in Berlin to make this event mesmerizing.  Registration for participation in the championship is already completed.  The UCI cycling championship is a key event holds an unforgettable place in the Track Cycling Calendar.  Only the Olympic Games and the world championships have higher ranking points in the world ranking.

UCI stands for Union Cycliste Internationale which organises the UCI Track Cycling World Championships for the bicycle lovers.  It is a multi-race tournament.  The event takes place during the track cycling season between October and February.  Each tournament is divided into several rounds and each tournament held in a different country.  The 2019 UCI Track Cycling World Championships took place from 27 February to 3 March 2019 in Pruszkow, Poland.

History of UCI Track Cycling World Championship

The UCI Track Cycling World Championship was formerly known as the UCI Track Cycling World Cup Classics. The present name of the tournament was adopted in the 2011-2012 series of the UCI Track Cycling World Cup.  The tournament was inaugurated in June 1993 at Copenhagen, Denmark.  The cycling championship was initially organised between February and June every year, however, the schedule of the event changed to October to February each year. This change was adopted in the 2004-2005 season.  The number of rounds varied each year within each series but in general remains between 3 and 6 rounds in every tournament.

2020 UCI Track Cycling World Championship

2020 uci track cycling world championship

When and where is the 2020 UCI Track Cycling World Championship scheduled? The event is going to start from 26 February 2020 and will last on 1 March 2020 at Berlin in Germany.  Germany has been awarded the contract by Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) for the upcoming World Cycling Championships.  Velodrome in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg has been selected as the venue for the forthcoming thrilling event presented by Tissot.  The event will glamorize with 46 teams consisting of 397 riders including numerous Olympic and world champions who have already registered and qualified for the event.   

The Manchester Velodrome, Berlin is going to host the championship for the second time, first was in 1999.  The five days of the 2020 UCI Track Cycling World Championship on the 250 Meter wooden track will witness the best athletes in the cycling world who will be fighting for 20 coveted titles and to wear that jersey with rainbow stripes which will increase their pride.  Home heroes Theo Reinhardt and Roger Kluge will be the best part for the viewers of the Berlin.  They already defended the 2019 Madison Title and since the hopes are higher this time.

Rider Eligibility

uci cycling world championship tickets

What is the eligibility for the cyclists to enter the championship?  The answer is quite simple.  The 2020 UCI Track Cycling World Championship is open for all registered trade teams and national teams only the condition is they must have competed other track cycling disciplines.  The classification is fully based on the point system.  The team that has the largest number of points in each discipline denotes as the leader and wears a white jersey in that discipline. 

The UCI Cycling World Cup trophy is awarded to that nation which has gained the greatest number of points in each discipline that has been calculated during the final round at the end of the series.

Following are the conditions that are taken care for the selection of the participants for 2020 UCI Track Cycling World Championships this time

  • For All Events: A rider will be eligible for the championship if he/she has participated in at least one Cycling World Cup.
  • For Individual and Madison Events: At least 250 UCI Points should be there in a riders account based on the 2019-2020 UCI Elite Track Ranking issued on 27.01.2020 of the specific event.  Time Trial and Individual Pursuit don’t count in it.
  • For Team Events: It is a plus point for teams as there is no minimum points criteria for the team events.
  • Age of the Competitors: The qualification system also counts the age of the participants.  The competitors who are born at the latest in 2002 irrespective of their gender.

If a rider does not comply with these conditions, he/she will not be allowed to take part in the event.  Furthermore, only one position for reserve rider in each event is kept.  An individual will be allowed as a reserve rider subject to the above-mentioned conditions.  Also, the riders must have to register in advance and should get confirmation as the substitute for the specific race.

More attractions in Berlin

Berlin is the capital city of Germany and is counted in the list of the most appealing cities in the world. The holds a rich culture with the latest developments of science, politics, and major tourist destinations and of course the city is reinventing itself every single day.  Berlin is well known for its world-famous universities, contemporary arts, museums, festivals, nightlife, orchestras, and diverse architectures, of course.  This special mixture of arts and life gives the city a special elegance. The city is considered one of the most favourite holiday destinations and Europe’s rich cultural center of the world.

The most important thing to mention here is individual must obtain visas for their visit if coming from other countries to visit Berlin, Germany.  For more information such as the exact location of the event, packages offered by the organisers or partners, the procedure of ticket booking for the 2020 cycling championship, the individual must visit the official website.  Few highlights of the schedule are as under:

Key Dates:                   Wednesday, 26 February – Sunday, 1 March 2020
Venue:                        Paul-Heyse-Strasse 26, 10407 Berlin – Germany
Track Dimension:       250 Meter Length and 7 Meter width indoor track made of Siberian Wooden
Official website: www.velodrom.de/en
  Average Temperature:   -5 to +3 Degree Centigrade

Since the weather is too cold, it is advised to make proper arrangements for your comfort and enjoy the thrilling game in chilling weather at Berlin, Germany.

For track information visit here.


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