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2020 Ryder Cup Fascinating Facts – Players, Teams, Captains and Predictions

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2020 Ryder Cup is all set to thrill the spectators from the end of September to start of October 2020.  This will be the 43rd edition of the Ryder Cup and will be held in the United States in due course at Whistling Straits, Wisconsin.  The event takes place on every even-numbered year.  The last match was held in 2018 in which Team Europe defeated Team USA.  With the last match’s win with 17½–10½ over Team USA at Le Golf National, Team Europe has become the reigning cup holder.  The match is played between 12 member teams from Europe and The United States each.  The tournament comprises five match-play sessions that last for over three days.  

Format of the 2020 Ryder Cup Tournament

The tournament is a match play event and follows the format as under:

  • Day 1: Total 8 matches including 4 foursome matches and 4 fourball matches
  • Day 2: The second day also allows 8 matches in total same as day 1.
  • Day 3: 12 Singles Matches will be played.

The initial two days include 4 foursome matches and 4 fourball matches.  The captain of the team chooses which matches will be played in the morning and which in the afternoon session.  On the final day, 12 single matches are decided to be played.  Each match gives one point to the winner team and ½ to each team in case of a match draw. Including all the matches, there are 28 points available (1 point for each match).  Out of which, 14.5 points are required to gain by a team to win the Ryder Cup.  If the tournament ends in a 14-14 draw, the team currently holding the Ryder Cup will retain it for another two years (until the next tournament).  All matches in Ryder Cup are played to a maximum of 18 holes and winner team is announced at the conclusion of the 18th point of each match.         

History or Ryder Cup: 1927- Present

Started back in 1927 by Samuel Ryder, Ryder Cup has become one of the greatest golf events of the world.  24 of the best players from the United States and Europe fights competition every two years (even-numbered year).  Incredible golf moments, sportsmanship, tensions, drama, and camaraderie are the things to be witnessed during the event.  The tournament attracts the audience from all over the world.  It is the event that surpasses sport, yet keeps the spirit of its founder. 

Ryder Cup Fascinating Facts

The Ryder Cup 2020 will take place in no time to thrill the Golf lovers.  Everything appears to be settling down only the team selection by both the captains of their players choice is the main thing to be done.  Here is a surprise in the form of the interesting facts about Ryder Cup.

  • The first tournament of the Ryder Cup was introduced to the world in 1927 when British Ryder Cup team travelled from England towards the USA for the very first Ryder Cup Game.  The Ryder cup tournament was started to spread harmony between these two nations.
  • Europe is the current holder of the Ryder Cup and has won it at Le Golf National in France in 2018.
  • Europe has won total 9 Ryder Cup since dating back to 1995 and four out of last five tournaments.
  • The USA’s last three victories can be counted as in 1999, 2008 and 2016 at Brookline, Valhalla, and Heseltine respectively.  All last three victories by the US team have achieved on American soil. 
  • It is surprising to know that though Europeans have won the tournament three times in the United States, namely the first in 1995 at Oak Hill, second in 2004 at Oakland Hills, and the third in 2012 at Medina but on the flip side, the United States could not win on European land after 1993.
  • During a gap of 50 years from 1935 to 1985, Europe has gained the Ryder Cup only once in the year 1957.  Although the tournament was suspended for 10 years because of World War I and II, in these 50 years.
  • A new system of selection for the players was introduced in 1979 called ‘Captain’s Pick’.  The 12 squads’ team for both the sides will be determined automatically through point accumulation and rest with Captain’s Pick method.  The number of players chosen through Captain’s Picks varies from year to year.
  • In case a player gets injured on either side, then the captain of the same side will send his name and the captain of the other side will sent a player’s name to be withdrawn in a sealed cover.  Each team will be awarded ½ points.
  • Another interesting fact about Ryder Cup is Europe has introduced three sets of brothers who were playing in the same tournament.  These sets include Ernest and Reg Whitcombein played in 1935, Bernard and Geoffrey Hunt participated in 1963, and Edoardo and Francesco Molinari played in 2010 tournament

About the Trophy

Samuel Ryder, an avid golfer and who was also a renowned businessman donated money for the trophy in 1926.  Since then the prize is given to the winning team of the Ryder Cup.  The Ryder Cup Trophy’s dimensions (handle to handle) are 17 inches in height and 9 inches in width.  There is a figure of a British Golfer Abe Mitchell, golf instructor and friend of Samuel Ryder.  The trophy weighs four pounds.  Abe Mitchell himself participated in 3 Ryder Cup competitions. 

2020 RYDER CUP: Whistling Straits, Wisconsin

Golf fans are quite familiar with the venue of Ryder Cup this time and that is Whistling Straits, Kohler (US state of Wisconsin).  The venue has already hosted three major PGA Championships in 2004, 2010 and 2015.  The Ryder Cup 2020 will be held on the Straights Course, designed by a famous golf course architect naming Pete Dye.  It is a classic British-style links course in whistling Straits, USA.  The spectacular Whistling Straits is spread over a three-kilometer area on the banks of Lake Michigan is all set to host Ryder Cup in 2020.  The links course has eight holes along the water.   

BMW is the worldwide partner of the Ryder Cup. With most wins in the tournament, the Europeans have set a benchmark that they are quite capable of winning the prestigious competition. The team of United States will try to take revenge for the last tournament’s defeat in 2018 suffered in Paris though it will not be so easy. Next Ryder Cup in 2022 is scheduled to be played in Rome, in 2024 in New York and in 2028 in Minnesota.  The venue for 2026 has yet to be decided.  Get ready to witness the most thrilling Golf tournament of this year in September.  For more information about the dates, procedure for tickets booking, packages and any other details about the tournament, visit the official website.    


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