2020 PGA Championship: Everything you Need to Know

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When we think of any sport or championship, too many questions come to our mind such as when and where was the first competition or tournament held? Who was the first winner and who has won the tournament maximum number of times? What is the name of the trophy and the cut rules or format of the playoff, etc?  The same questions are floating in our minds since the 2020 PGA Championship is about to hit the calendar in May 2020. 

History of PGA Championship

Before going into the details of the forthcoming championship, we must go through the historical facts of the tournament. The U.S. PGA Championship, widely known as PGA Championship is a golf tournament held every year by the Professional Golfers’ Association of America. The Professional Golfers Association (PGA) of America was formed on 10th April 1916. 

The U.S. PGA is one of the four world-famous major tournaments in professional golf.  Winning all four Golf majors in one year is termed as the Grand Slam. Besides PGA Championship, these Grand Slam golf tournaments include the Masters, British Open and the US Open.   

The first PGA Championship was organized at the Siwanoy Country Club in Bronxville, New York from 10th to 14th October 1916. The inaugural PGA championship had been won by Jim Barnes. The tournament was suspended twice, firstly in 1917 to 1918 due to outbreak of the World War I and in 1943 due to World War II.

The Trophy

2020 pga championship trophy

The winner of the PGA Championship is awarded the Silver Wanamaker Trophy.  The Wanamaker is considered one of the heaviest trophies of the world in golf, weighing at 27 Pounds.  The dimension of the trophy is described as 28 inches high and 27 inches across at its widest points. 

The trophy is named after a departmental store entrepreneur named Rodman Wanamaker.  He was a keen golfer and partially he is said to be responsible for founding the PGA Championship.   

The Original Wanamaker Trophy is preserved at the PGA Historical Center in Port Lucie, Florida and its replica is given every year during PGA Tournament Final. 

Facts of Winners

Let’s go through the winning statistics of the championship.  Last Year’s 101st PGA Championship 2019 was won by Brooks Koepka of the United States of America.  The tournament was held at Bethpage State Park in Farmingdale, New York.  Most of the PGA Championships have been won by American Golfers if counted, 77 numbers. 

If we talk about the most successful players in the tournament, Jack Nicklaus and Walter Hagen hold the maximum number of titles i.e. five times.  Tiger Woods follows him having won four PGA championships.

Another interesting fact about PGA Championship is that it is popular among all age groups players. Julius Boros at the age of around 48 years has become the oldest player who has won the PGA Championship in 1968, on the other hand, Gene Sarazen at the age of around 20 years has won the championship and become the youngest winner in 1922.

Before the Masters was founded in the tournament, Bobby Jones was the only golfer to won the Grand Slam, all four major tournament in golf.  At that time the Grand Slam included the US Open, the British Open, the British Amateur, and the US Amateur Championships.

Famous golfers Tiger Woods, Gary Player, Sarazen, Ben Hogan, and Nicklaus have won all four current majors of Grand Slam, but in different years.  The first Asian player who has won the major PGA championship is Y.E. Yang, South Korea in 2009.

tiger woods pga 2020

2020 PGA Championship

The forthcoming 2020 PGA Championship will be counted as 102nd Championship.  It will take place in May 2020 starting from 14th May and end on 17th May 2020. TPC Harding Park in San Francisco, California is the location where the upcoming tournament will take place. The city is for the first time going to host the event in 2020 since the commencement of the tournament.

It is a public golf course and a part of the PGA’s TPC network of golf courses.  Located at San Francisco, the golf course was originally opened in 1925.  Though the city is hosting the 2020 PGA Championship for the first time but this golf course has witnessed many big events in previous years. The 2009 Presidents Cup, WGC Cadillac Match Play and Charles Schwab Cup hold the list of these events of previous years.

Qualifying Criteria for 2020 PGA Championship

Multiple ways are there to enter in the PGA Championship.  Following are the points that are considered as the eligibility for the championship (the criteria subjected to change prior to 2020 tournament:

  • The total number of competitors must not exceed 156 for the tournament.
  • All former US PGA Champions.
  • Previous Five Grand Slam Winners
  • Previous five U.S. Opens or Masters or British Opens winners
  • The Low 15 finishers of the PGA Championships of previous years
  • The low 20 finishers in the PGA Championship in the current year
  • All members of the previous year’s European and US Ryder Cup Teams provided they must be within the list of top 100 of the current year’s World Golf Rankings.
  • All winners of tournaments which are co-sponsored or approved by the PGA Tour from the  PGA Championships of the previous year and the current year
  • In addition to this, the U. S. PGA reserves all rights to invite additional players which are not included in the above-mentioned categories.

TV schedule of 2020 PGA Championship

Though Thousands of golf fans pre-book the tickets for the hottest sport event of the year i.e. professional golf, the craze of watching the PGA Championship on TV by sitting on the couch of one’s home hits the heads of the golf lovers.  If you are among the second category, just be with us and go through the complete schedule of the PGA calendar.  

BBC Sport will telecast the classic coverage of the biggest tournament with the live updates, standings, top-notch video and audio reports, news features, schedule, and player profiles, etc. 

This year ESPN will broadcast the 2020 PGA championship for more than 20 hours of airtime. 

The championship will start on 14th May 2020 and end on 17th May 2020.  Undoubtedly, the championship will bring great joy and thrilling moments to the viewers as well as to the players. 

We must prepare ourselves for the adventures journey of the forthcoming tournament and let us see whether the United States of America will again win for the consecutively fifth time or any other country will make its name shine on the scoreboard with the Wanamaker trophy in hand.


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