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Scary and Spine Chilling facts about the Universe

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The Universe is amazing as well as surprising at the same time. It is full of phenomena of quite mysterious and terrifying things to humans, little meaty sacks. 

For example, we are sitting on a rotating ball of slowly crystallizing minerals and which is revolving around a nuclear firewall. The stars that look so beautiful and calm at night, are going to die one day and these stars might explode one day in a massive blast. 

The black hole concept is the most frightening phenomena of the universe. Here, we are going through some spine chilling phenomenon of the universe:          

The Heat Death of the Universe

This might be considered as the scariest fact about the universe. Heat death doesn’t mean the earth or the universe will explode into the fire but the heat itself will die. According to a theory, it is said that one day there will be uniform heat at every particle of the universe. This will cease the transfer of heat phenomenon. 

According to thermodynamics law of “Transfer of Heat”, the heat transfers from higher temperature objects to lower temperature objects. This gives birth to various reactions in the universe. If there will be an equilibrium of heat in the universe, there will be no reaction. As a result, the universe will freeze at a certain situation. It will be called the heat death of the universe. This can also be said as the big freeze

Dead silence in Space

The sound needs a medium to travel but space is a vacuum. It doesn’t suck anything instead it spreads everything that comes closer to it. There is no air so there is no medium for sound transmission. If someone screams in the space, no one can hear him even if there are many persons just beside the person who is screaming. Hence, there is dead silence in space. Even a massive blast of a supernova can go completely unnoticed if you did not look at it. This dead silence along with the darkness and isolation is quite terrifying if a person is left alone in space. 

Supernova Explosion

Professor Larry Molnar, Physicist and Astronomer predicted a supernova explosion that will be visible even with the naked eyes from the earth. According to predictions the incident will take place in the year 2022. “It’s a one-in-a-million chance that you can predict an explosion,” Molnar said of his bold prognostication. “It’s never been done before.” Stated Professor Molnar.

According to him, a binary star which is a pair of two stars orbiting one another will merge and explode in 2022. This supernova explosion will eject massive energy into space. The explosion will be so massive that it will eclipse the light from the majority of the stars. Professor has been monitoring this binary star since 2015. If the professor’s theory is correct then research should be done in this direction so that by observing these explosions, the final explosion of the universe can be predicted. 

Black Hole

Black hole’s gravitational force is so powerful that absolutely nothing can escape it including light and not even time can cope with it. If something comes in its horizon, there is no chance that the particular one can escape after coming across its super-massive gravitational force. If something comes too close to a black hole, it can easily be torn apart by the powerful gravitational force. 

It is believed that every galaxy has a black hole in its center which helps in forming that galaxy by pulling everything towards its center including planets, stars, satellite and many more. This concludes that even our solar system is around 30,000 light-years away from the center of the Milky Way galaxy but still the gravitational force of black hole applies to the solar system. The mass of the black hole is million times greater than the sun but in the same diameter. 

Halloween in Space

Halloween night is observed to be celebrated in many countries of the world on October 31 every year to remember the dead, including saints (hallows), martyr soldiers, and all the faithful who have been departed. Anyway, there is no link between this celebration and the Halloween in space except the shape of Halloween that is used during the celebration of this night.  TB145 is nicknamed as Halloween asteroid and was first observed in 2015 when it passes through the closest approach to the earth and was captured by earth-based giant radio telescopes trio. This asteroid resembles the human skull of 2000 foot wide rock, is actually a remnant of a dead comet.         

Hand of God

Ghosts, Witches, and ghouls not only haunt the Earth on Halloween night (31 October as believed) but also these spooky figures exist all over the universe. If you search the Hand of God on the internet you will find glowing, green zombie-like hand which seems to be reaching through the depths of space towards the bright-red cloud of light. This is a pulsar wind nebula called the “Hand of God” by NASA. It is actually produced by the dense remnant of a star that is believed to be exploded in a supernova explosion.   

Human Brain

None of the above-mentioned things can compete with the scariest thing of the world, the human brain. Yes, you heard it right, the human brain. The human brain is an incredibly complex structure of 86 billion neurons which has assembled from cosmic evolution of thirteen billion years. The formation of the brain started with an undeveloped matter which can be termed as structureless. 

Eventually, that matter evolved new versions of itself in different chemical elements that can generate complete novel structures.  Some four billion years ago, our ancestral human started a journey of self-development on the planet earth, says Caleb A. Scharf, director of astrobiology at Columbia University.

Yes, we are the ultimate creature and the scariest thing in the universe. We are the result of a cosmic swamp. Our exquisitely active, sensitive and conspiring brain is borne from the deepest laws of nature that is asserting tremendous influence on the world.                 

The bottom line is the universe is full of amazing kinds of stuff that sometimes surprise us and sometimes haunt us. For more information, keep on reading and enhancing the knowledge about the incredible world.


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