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Top 10 Criminals Who Passed Polygraph

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Polygraph or lie detector tests are mostly used by the police to find out whether the criminal is speaking the truth or not. It is the most efficient way of finding out who is the real killer. But, what if the criminals are able to cheat the polygraph test and go free.

In the history of United States there have been numerous cases where criminal have passed the polygraph tests and again gone on the killing spree.

There were some cases where innocent people failed the polygraph test and were convicted for the crime they never ever committed.

So the question is can we trust results from the Polygraph tests.

There have been numerous case when people successfully cheated the lie detector test but here are the top 10 criminals who passed the polygraph.

Charles Cullen “Angel of Death” Passed Two Polygraph Tests

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Charles Edmund Cullen is a well known American serial killer who confessed of killing at least 40 patients while he was working as a nurse in New Jersey.

Well according to the police, researchers and psychiatrists he was responsible for more than 400 deaths. In an interview with the police Charles Cullen told that he used to have blackouts where he was not able to recall his previous day or week. These blackout continued happening in his life for years and he said that he did not recall killing anyone in that period.

Well everyone know about Charles Cullen killing but very few know that before killing so many people he was captured as a suspect by the police. Police requested his to take a polygraph test which he passed successfully.

After his first victim police captured him and asked to take a polygraph test. He passed the polygraph test and went on killing more 39 people.

According to Charles Graeber, the only journalist to interview Cullen in the prison, “I know that he did beat a polygraph test. He beat two polygraph tests. And in both cases, he was lying. He also was, you know – again the best I can do with this sort of journalism when you can’t see everything, you can’t see behind every wall, and not everyone says everything you need that – in order to put the story together fully.

But I can just put the facts next to each other, and the facts next to each other are that here’s a guy that worked on cardiac wards administering drugs that regulated heart rhythm and stress levels, and everything else, and also very possibly didn’t genuinely feel the sorts of wild winging emotions that you and I might feel thinking back on murder.

And put those things together, and you end up with a guy who doesn’t register on a polygraph.”

Source: Wbur

Aldrich Ames – Soviet Spy Passed Polygraph

Photo Credit: The Famous People

Aldrich Ames was the CIA officer who became a spy for Soviet Union and Russia for money. In 1994 he was convicted of espionage and given a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

 During the time Ames was double agent he compromised highly classified CIA assets to the Soviet Union and Russia.

CIA and FBI figured it out that there is a mole in their community when more than 100 of their CIA and FBI agents were killed in Soviet Union and Russia. According to the reports Ames received more that $4.6 million from Soviet Union for providing sensitive information.

He was suspected when his co-workers started noticing change in his personal appearance. His attire changed suddenly from normal clothes to tailor-made suits which his superiors count not even affords.

He bought a new $50,000 jaguar and a new house for $540,000 which he paid in cash.

When he was suspected he was asked to take polygraph test which he passed with ease. In between 1986 and 1991 he passed two polygraph test while also spying for Soviet Union.

Later he was caught when FBI put him under electronic surveillance for 24 hours. They installed bugs in his home and car to track his movement. When in 1994 he was scheduled to attend a conference in Moscow, FBI caught him.

In an interview taken at the prison he told the reported,” There’s no special magic” in passing lie detector tests, he shrugged. ”Confidence is what does it. Confidence and a friendly relationship with the examiner… rapport, where you smile and you make him think that you like him.”

Source: Daily Press

Larry Wu-Tai Chin

Photo Credit:

Larry Wu-Tai-Chin was the Chinese language translator working for CIA. When he was a Chinese translator in the US army during Korean War, he first came in contact with the Chinese Intelligence. From that time on he was selling classified documents to the People’s Republic of China.

It is believed that Mr. Chin received more than $1 million for the documents he sold to China.

During his service as a translator with CIA Mr. Chin was suspected numerous times. He was also subjected to the polygraph tests but did not answer anything that would suspect his as a spy.

According to the article by New York Times, during the hearing the prosecutors submitted a memorandum in which Mr. Chin previous statement was written. According to the statement in memorandum,” Mr. Chin told agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation that the polygrapher’s questions were ”vague” and not in Chinese. Had the inquiries been pointed, or in his native Chinese, Mr. Chin told the agents, he would have had more difficulty passing”.

Source: New York Times

Ana Belen Montes

Photo Credit: Youtube

Ana Belen Montes was the spy who passed the polygraph tests actually with flying colors. Ana was the senior analyst at the Defense Intelligence Agency in United States. She was arrested by the FBI after September 11th attacks and was sentence with 25 years in prison.

Not many know that she passed the polygraph test to join the Intelligence service in United States.

According to the report by Anti Polygraph, “Montes beat the polygraph is confirmed by retired DIA counterintelligence investigator Scott W. Carmichael, who writes “She had successfully completed DIA’s counterintelligence scope polygraph examination in March 1994, seemingly with flying colors.”

According to the report by Washington Post, Montes and his friend Marta Rita Valazques, who was also a spy received special training to pass the polygraph test in Cuba before she started working for DIA in 1985.

Karl Koecher

Photo Credit: Alchetron

Karl Koecher was a former CIA agent who was arrested by the FBI when he and his wife were trying to fly to Switzerland. When he was caught in 1984, he was the first foreign agent to have entered the CIA and spied for almost 19 years.

He was very good in English and knows many languages, that is the reason he was assigned a job of translator by the CIA. After his outstanding performance he was promoted and used to handle top secret materials until 1975.

He was suspected and arrested after being observed making frequent contacts with the KGB operatives. He used to sell top US secrets including information of FBI and CIA agents to the Czech Intelligence.

He never went to jail because he was exchanged in Berlin for Soviet dissident Anatoly Shcharansky.

According to the report by the Washington Post, Koecher passed the FBI’s background investigation and, on Oct. 30, 1972, took a CIA lie-detector test. Asked during the test if he had ever been a member of the Communist Party, he said he applied in 1959 to get ahead in his career in Czechoslovakia but had been turned down. Koecher passed the test. Later, during the FBI’s investigation, polygraph experts noticed that the CIA had misread the test results.

Leandro Aragoncillo

Photo Credit: World Bulletin

Leandro Aragoncillo was the FBI agent who became the first case of espionage within the history of White House.

He was assigned under the Vice President Al Gore for approximately 3 years. He also worked under Vice President Dick Cheney for some time during 1999 to 2001.

He was arrested in 2004, when FBI accused him of stealing classified documents which include details about the Philippine President, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. He was also accused of transferring these documents to the opposition leaders of Philippine.

According to the Anti Polygraph, Leandro passed the FBI pre-employment polygraph test which includes these three questions:

  • Do you know anyone who is engaged in espionage or sabotage against the United States?
  • Have you intentionally mishandled any classified information?
  • Have you had any unauthorized foreign contacts?

Woodchipper Killer Richard Crafts Passed Three Polygraph Tests

Photo Credit: Murderpedia

Richard Crafts who killed his Danish wife, Helle Crafts also passed the lie detector test three times.

Mr. Craft was accused of killing her wife with a chainsaw. After killing her he froze her body in a freezer. Later he dismembered the body and put it in a woodchipper.

The police found the chainsaw in the nearby lake and some fragments of the body near Mr. Craft’s house.

According to the Crafts’ credit card detail, he recently bought a new freezer and a chainsaw which was not recovered at his house.

He was found guilty and was sentenced to serve 50 years in prison.

According to the report by The New York Times, Mr. Flanagan who was the State’s Attorney from Danbury said,” Mr. Crafts, who had passed three lie-detector tests given by the authorities before his arrest, was arrested on Jan. 14, 1987. He is one of the most aloof and coolest persons I’ve ever run into”.

Mark Christie Passed the Polygraph Test and Innocent Man Fails

Photo Credit: New York Magazine

Well, this case was very unusual and was declared as the worst failure of the polygraph test when a innocent man was wrongfully convicted of the crime when he failed the polygraph.

In 1988, during the murder investigation of 74-year-old Viola Manville police brought two suspected men for the polygraph test. Frank Sterling who was innocent went on confessing the murder in the polygraph test administered by the New York State Police.

Mark Christie, who also took the polygraph for the same crime passed the test. After several years Christie abducted and murdered four-year-old Kali Ann Poulton.

Christie also confessed for the murder of Voila Manville. Frank Sterling was released from the prison.

If the polygraph test gave the right results earlier Kali Ann Poulton would still be alive and Sterling have not spend 22 years in prison for the crime which he didn’t even commit.


Gary Ridgway, the Green River Killer

Photo Credit: Thought Catalog

Gary Leon Ridgway, well known as Green River Killer because his first five victims were found in the Green River also passed lie detector test after which he killed more three women.

Gary Ridgway was recognized as the most prolific serial killer in United States according to the confirmed killed cases. He used to mostly sex workers by strangling to death. He then dumps the bodies in the forested areas of King Country. He often returned to the bodies to have sexual intercourse with them.

After police found numerous bodies they arrested Ridgway in 1982 and 2001 on charges related to prostitution. According to the report by Washington Post, in 1984 he passed the passed the polygraph test in which he denied killing any women.

He was again arrested in 2001 when the DNA samples which he gave to the police in 1987 matched with DNA found on the four women bodies.

He was given sentence for life in prison.

Ted Bundy also Passed Polygraph

Photo Credit: The New Yorker

Theodore Robert Bundy who was the most notorious serial killer in the history of United States also passed a polygraph test.

Ted Bundy was the serial killer who kidnapped his victim, later raping and murdering them. During 1970’s Bundy confessed of killing 30 young women and girls.

According to the many researchers, Bundy has killed more than 100 of women and girls in his whole lifetime.

Bundy is well known to everyone because after getting arrested in 1976 he escaped two times from the prison. After his second escape he killed three girls in Florida.

There was some controversial statement made which states that Ted Bundy passed the polygraph test.

According to the report by MMA Fighting,”Jon Jones took a polygraph test to prove his innocence,” Cormier said at Wednesday’s open workouts. “And I’m going to say this: Ted Bundy passed a polygraph test … and then killed the f*cking guy that was giving it to him!”

Also in one statement Seattle defense attorney John Henry Browne said he stopped believing in polygraph tests after Bundy, his one-time client, passed one.


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