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What are characteristics of Grit, and how to develop Grit in You?

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Every time, professors, teachers, and others who are in the field of teaching profession informs us that IQ is not the only thing that makes a student bright or dull. Additionally, psychologists are also finding that besides the factors like social intelligence, physical health and IQ, the most significant predictor of achieving success is “Grit”. It can be termed as living life like a marathon and not like a sprint which simply means that one must stick to one’s goals day in, day out, for the years and work hard to achieve them. Some famous autodidacts have also talked about grit and how they manage to achieve their goals.   

Grit is having the stamina to continue to keep on trying without accepting defeat. In the context of behavior, grit is defined as the firmness of character, passion, perseverance and indomitable spirit. Grit can be stronger sometimes and weaker at another time but the constancy of your firmness is based on the pace by which you can access, illuminate and control it. Here we are going to have a glance on the salient characteristics of grit to see how you measure up yourself. 

Salient Characteristics of Grit

  1. Courage to overcome fears: Courage is not only associated with the physical bravery, but there are numerous other forms of it. Courage to follow your vision, standing up for right no matter what it takes, overcoming fear of failure (Atychiphobia). Courage is directly proportional to the grit. Gritty people are not afraid of failure, they take it as a part of the process to success and they learn valuable lessons from defeat. The qualities that courageous people hold include the ability to believe in themselves, taking an unpopular stand, have patient, guts to say “no” if not agree on something. Additionally, they are good at forgiving and moving on quickly but staying at a true point if everyone else has left it.
  2. Resilience: In your long journey to greatness, you will be stumbled and you will need to recover quickly from all the difficulties. This strength or the capacity to get back up is regarded as resilience. Resilient people are generally optimistic; they reframe their situations and experiences. They have a strong set of beliefs, they don’t compare themselves to someone else, and they see the obstacles as stepping stones towards the goal.  Resilience can be said a dynamic combination of optimism, confidence and creativity. Resilience is a key component of grit. It draws your head up, keeps you going forward and motivates you to persevere.
  3. Meticulousness: Also known as conscientiousness, meticulousness is described as a personality trait of being careful, thorough and vigilant at the same time.  It implies the desire to do a task in the right manner. It is very closely associated with grit and people, who are meticulous, are efficient and organized. They have great values and moral principles. They tend to be excellent. They are careful, painstaking, try to complete the job in time-bound manner, work tirelessly. Also, they are dedicated to work and believe in single-minded intense efforts. They love orderliness and tidiness since they are good organizers and list maker. 
  4. Excellence: Gritty people are passionate about excellence in each task they decide to do. They don’t seek perfection but they surely strive for excellence. Excellence is forgiving, embracing and allowing failures while going on to the path of improvement. It is the art of prioritizing progress over perfection. Passionate people are selfless and they know their purpose well. They know they are the only driver of their journey of life so they see life as a series of choices. They are result-oriented and they don’t let anything stop them. They accept their flaws and keeps on improving them.
  5. Perseverance: There is a famous saying by Winston Churchill “If you are going through hell, keep going”. Steadiness in doing something despite facing many difficulties and delays in achieving success is called perseverance. People who have grit can go through the pain and suffering without mourning and reaching their goals. Additionally, practice must have a definite purpose; this is the only thing which differentiates someone who succeeds and someone who is wasting his time doing something without knowing the purpose.

How to develop grit in you?

After knowing the characteristics of grit, the first question that arises in everyone’s mind how can I cultivate grit in me? The answer is pretty simple. Grit is like a muscle that needs regular training for growth. We suggest the following points be practiced in your day to day life to build mental toughness:

  1. Find your purpose/Goal: Gritty people decide their purpose or goal at first. Their life centres on their purpose and they don’t bother what others will say or how they will react at their acts. They are highly motivated. When you decide your purpose and start your action, then if at any point you want to quit, stop for a few seconds and ask yourself why I started. Why am I quitting?  You will get motivated to stick to your goals.
  2. Steadiness in Practice: Do you remember your people who started something with you but left midway? Steadiness is the thing that demands patience and not everyone has it. The fastest way you can master anything by doing continuous practice. Keep on practicing and never hesitate to go out of your comfort zone, give chance to new things. Investment in your personal growth is directly proportional to the skilled version of yours. This will surely contribute to achieving your goals and success.
  3. Never Give Up: This “Never Give Up” attitude is the most important thing in achieving a goal. Whenever things get difficult, we start thinking to give up. Gritty people, at this point of time, push themselves forward and try to be stronger by learning something from the odd circumstances. They challenge life and they don’t quit until they win. It’s to fall many times but all that matters is you have a passion to try one more time until you succeed.


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