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Top 10 Female Gunslingers of the Wild West

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Gunslinger commonly referred as Gunfighter. As we have all seen in the English movies there are people who are quick to draw a pistol is basically known as gunslinger. In the western world in the 19th and 20th century  female had gained a reputation of being dangerous with a gun and had participated in gunfights and shootouts. Most of the time, we saw in the Hollywood movies male is being depicted as a gruesome and dangerous but things has changed when there are few ladies has this stereotype. They were the female gunslinger from the Wild West. Let me took you to the world of top 10 west wild female gunslinger and their gruesome acts.

Bella Starr

Bella Starr was also known as Myra Maybelle “Belle” Shirley. She was one of the best gunslinger in the Wild West. She was someone who never feared of law as she was caught by the police several times. Bella was ruthless and had a sharp criminal mind. Bella was in the gang of famous outlaws named Frank and Jesse James. She was so influenced, by the civil war which made him to become a gunslinger. She was so closed to the gun as she always carried one or two guns and wore gold earrings and a man’s hat with feathers. She married to Sam Starr who was involved in many illicit activities. Sam was one of the reasons Bella could not live ordinary life. Bella was murdered in 1889; her murder is still a mystery.

Lara Bullion

Image Credit: People Pill

Lara Bullion was an outlaw at the edge of the west United States. She was born Knickerbocker, near Mertzon, in Irion County, Texas. Lara Bullion was very furious member of Butch Cassidy’s Wild Bunch gang. She was romantically involved in the crimes with Ben Kilpatrick. She was caught in the Missouri for a robbery in the northern train and sentenced for 5 years. Beside having a feminine attitude, she always attire like a boy. Laura was a nefarious female gunslinger of the Wild West. After the release from the prison she lived a quiet life and died in 1961. Her grave marker in Memphis engraved as “The Thorny Rose”.

Ana Bassett

Ana Bassett was an American sharpshooter in the Wild West. You cannot talk about the female gunslinger without Ana Bassett. She was one of the best sharpshooters in the buffalo bills Wild West Show. Ana was a fabulous and unmatched sharpshooter and renowned for her dangerous trick shots. Ana could even hit a cigar from a willing participant lips by using a mirror aim. She always supported this female are efficient for combat as male. Ana was the inspiration for any female teenagers. Ana advocated that female handled the guns as naturally as they carried their babies more than a century ahead of her time. She taught more than 10000 ladies shooting in her lifetime. Ladies like Ana always brings the equality in every field by their skills and knowledge.

Rose Dunn

Rose Dunn was born in Ingalls, Oklahoma. She had two elder brothers who were outlaws at the age of 12. Rose learned rope, ride and shoot from her brothers. She was romantically involved with outlaw George Newcomb when she was just 15 years old. Her brothers and lover had influenced her so much that she had become famous outlaw in the Wild West. She came into the gang of her lover (George) who had treasured her good looks and kindnesses. Newcomb fierce love and defense won her unwavering loyalty. She was so in love with Newcomb, she began to accomplice him in the illicit activities. Her fate had changed when her older siblings want to apprehend the Newcomb for a bounty of $15000. Her siblings had killed Newcomb when he dismounted in front of the Dunn house to meet Rose. After the killing of Newcomb she was often accused of having set up.

Pearl Hart

Pearl Hart was a Canadian based outlaw. Her parents were affluent and religious. They provided her best available education that time. Her crimes were primarily because of her gender. She was so influenced with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show that she changed her lifestyle and devolved a fascination with cowboy lifestyle. She eloped with a Youngman when she was in boarding school later she came to know that her husband was way to abusing and left him. Some say that she did not return her home after that, she was operating a tent brothel near the local mine, even employing a second lady for a time. Hart armed her with a .38 and set out with her accomplice “Joe Boot”. She was the female stagecoach robber in Arizona history, is an Old West Cowgirl. She was charged for this crime and sentenced for five years.

Etta Place

Image Credit: Criminal Element

Etta Place was a member of the outlaw gang known as Butch Cassidy’s Wild Bunch with three other American outlaws Robert Leroy Parker, alias Butch Cassidy and Harry Alonzo Longabaugh. Etta was strikingly pretty with a very nice smile. She was so well spoken lady nobody could realize; she was that good with the rifle. Etta was girlfriend of Harry Longabaugh who was also known as Sundance kid. Etta place was so good with the rifle that she could hit an apple on the willing participant head. She was also famous because she was one of the few five women were allowed in Wild bunch gang. She was escorted by Harry Longabaugh.

Sarah Jane Newman

Gunslingers often have known for their skill to handle a gun. But Sarah Jane Newman also known as Sally Skull was a famous gunslinger as well as horse trader. Her attire was like man. Sally was famous for her horse stealing. It was also believed that she was so dangerous with gun that no male ever dares to mess with her. It was also believed she has killed two of her five husbands. Sally was fearless gunslinger off her time. She was having a capacity to fire from both hands. She always carried a whip to punish man who did wrong to her. Sally was very fond of dancing also.

Mary Katherine Haroney

Image Credit: Mental Floss

Mary Katherine Haroney was a Hungarian-born American prostitute. She was also known as ” Big Nose Kate” Because of her profession as prostitute. She was famous for her stubbornness and toughness. She met a person Doc Holliday a well known gunfighter and a dentist. Once when both were on a vacation, Holliday was locked up for killing up a man in self defense. Kate set up the fire old building. The fire was so furious that had power to burn down the entire town, and while the town was busy dealing with that, she killed the guard who was guarding Holliday at gunpoint while she freed her lover. Both lived together until died.

Bella Siddons

Image Credit: Treasure Net

Bella was born in a wealthy St. Louis family. Bella was famous for her gambling tricks. She was very good with cards. Bella became spy during civil and she was very good with guns. She never used it to offense. She was caught and pardoned after 4 months. She later married to a gambler, who had taught her to play cards. After the death of her husband she became “Madame Vestal.” as she owned his own dance hall, bar, and gambling establishment. In her establishment she met a stagecoach robber McLaughlin. She became spy again and used her beauty and skill to support McLaughlin. Siddons became wandering drunker after McLaughlin got caught, tied and hung. Her last record was an arrest in San Francisco in 1881.

Eleanor Dumont

Image Credit: Legends of America

Dumont’s early life is not well known.  She was very good at her card playing skills. She was also known with the nickname” Madame Mustache”. She was so good at gambling that she opened her own gambling house. Dumont met a con man named Jack McKnight and fall in his love. McKnight coned her, looted her money and sold her to a brothel. She was furious with this; she finally found McKnight and killed him eventually. Dumont came back again, became a prostitute and opened her own brothel. Dumont was so into gambling that one night she lost $300 in gambling which made her commit suicide. But throughout her life she had a reputation that she was honest in her dealings in gambling.


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