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10 Famous Celebrities who were Born as Twins

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You must have heard the name of many noted celebrities. They are famous for their acting and other activities. You will be surprised to know about most celebrity twins. It may not be known by other people. If you go through articles and other reports, you will come to know about their twin sisters and brothers. Without wasting any more time, let us try to find the names of siblings who are twins by birth. A lot of magazines and newspapers have provided the names of the famous people and celebrity with their twin siblings.

So, lets check out the list of famous celebrities who were actually born as twins.

1. Justin Timberlake and Laura Timberlake(died during birth)

Image Credit: Find a Grave

He is a famous actor, singer, songwriter, and song producer. He first appeared on the screen when he was a child. He has done several television shows. He married Jessica Beil in 2012.  He had a twin sister named Laura, who died at the time of birth. She died due to some complications. The doctors tried their level best, but all in vain.

2. Will Young and Rupert Young

Image Credit: BBC

He is a famous vocalist who is known all over the world. He was also the winner of the 2002 POP Idol Competition.  He had a twin brother named Rupert, who died at the age of 41 years. He was suffering from bad health.  He was a tall and handsome guy who will always be remembered by all. Unfortunately, bad health took his life.

3. Alanis Morissette and Wade Morissette

She is a great singer and composer. The 42 years old singer has a twin brother named Wade Morissette, who is just 12 minutes older than her. Alanis is also a great pop singer. Both of this brother and sister has earned great fame in this industry. Her brother also works as a Yoga instructor.  She had a passion for singing right from his childhood. She was rather very serious about singing. This compelled her to take singing as a profession.

4. Henry Cooper and George Cooper

Image Credit: The Sun

He is a heavyweight champion in Boxing. It will be glad to know that he had an identical brother named George Cooper. They used to stay in London. During World War II, they were evacuated from their place. Life became tough after the war. However, he had to struggle a lot in his career. He married Albina Genepri, who died in 2008. Henry also died in the year 2011. He was also known for his fit and healthy body. This was pride for him.  He had done about 55 fights till his last day. He lost about 14 fights. Boxing was a passion for him. He was serious about it.

5. Kiefer Sutherland and Rachel Sutherland

You must know this person who is a famous and reputed American television manager. He has a sister whose name is Rachel Sutherland. Presently Rachael is single. Both of them have earned good wealth from their profession. They are a great celebrity in this field.  Kiefer is also famous in the whole world.

6. Elvis Presley and Jessie Garon Presley(died during birth)

He was a famous singer of his time. He was born in a two-room house in Mississippi. He started his career as a guitarist. The saddest part of his life was that he had a brother named Jessie Garon Presley who died at the time of birth. Elvis was the elder one. The other baby was 35 minutes younger than him. The next day after the death of the baby, he was buried in a grave in Priceville Cemetery.  It is heard from various sources that he was highly moved by the death of his brother.

7. Jerry Hall and Terry Hall

She is an American model and an actress. She was born in Texas but stayed in Dallas. She studied in a school in Texas. She had a brother whose name was Terry Hall. Terry was associated with photography and similar other works.

8. Linda Hamilton and Leslie Hamilton

Image Credit: ET

She had a twin sister whose name was Leslie Hamilton. Leslie was a professional nurse, but she has played several roles in many cinemas. She was also found in Terminator. Leslie died at the age of 63 years. Both of them were famous sisters.

9. Isabella Rossellini and Isotta Ingrid Rossellini

Image Credit: Pinterest

She is an Italian-American actress and a Philanthropist. She also worked as a model in her early days of life. She has a twin sister who is now working as a Professor in Italian Literature. Her name is Isotta Ingrid Rossellini. Both of them spend their early childhood in Rome and Paris. When she was five years old, she was operated on with appendicitis. Isabella married former model Jon Wiedemann. However, they parted in the year 1986. She has gained a lot of achievements in her professional career.

10. Edward Montgomery Clift and Roberta Clift

Image Credit: Hollywoodland

He is a noted American actor who had received a lot of awards and recognitions. He was the only person who received four times Academy Award nominee. Montgomery was also called by the name of Monty. He had a twin sister named Roberta Clift. He had a handsome look. He was a moody and sensitive person at the same time. He will be remembered for his numerous roles in cinemas. He died at the age of 45 years. His death was a great shock for the film industry as it is still believed that death is unnatural.

Now, it is almost clear that many celebrities are there in the world that has or had twin sisters and brothers. It was a great moment to gather information about each one of them. Most of them have such similar looks that it becomes impossible to identify them specifically. Although you may have received the name of few celebrities still there are numerous on the list. Complete information about them will help you to know about your favorite celebrity and their twin brothers or sisters in a better manner.


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