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Signs to recognize hypocrites so that you can be attentive when dealing with them

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Before going through the characteristics of hypocrites, we must understand its meaning first. A person who pretends to be of a kind he or she is not, in reality, can be termed as a hypocrite. More specifically, a person who pretends to be virtuous, pious, etc. without being so in reality is called a hypocrite. These kinds of people live one way in public and a different way in private. Hypocrites feel proud in living their lives conning, cheating, betraying, deceiving others. Despite these disgusting habits, they always find a way to point out minor or tiny mistakes of others. For proving themselves right and negating their own sins, they repeatedly point out other’s mistakes.

Hypocrites will make you aware of your own minor to non-existing wrongdoings; while actively dismiss their own wrong deeds. By pointing out you, they will only relocate the blame; the rest of the work is done by your conscience. They are experts in blaming others while your empathetic nature will make you expert in blaming yourself. The more you listen to them, the more you will start doubting yourself. 

The company of these kinds of people will leave you feeling insecure, inferior, and self-conscious and will make you believe that nothing will ever be good enough whatever you do. You will always feel that someone is judging you. As a result, you will be spending more and more time to prove your ethics in front of an unethical person.   

Sometimes people are unaware of their own hypocritical behavior or they feel that it is ok to be a two-faced person. But soon this sometimes becomes every time and it becomes their habit of which they are fully aware and think themselves super smart. They are so dishonest; there is no other suitable word than a professional liar. Their main motive is to manipulate the truth, conceal the facts. Despite being well aware of the truth, the conceal it and mislead the people for avoiding negative consequences on them.   

Signs of hypocrites to recognize them at an instance

There are many ways you can spot a hypocrite. Some of the points are lying under.

  • There is barely any similarity in their words and actions. Their words are quite charming but they do nothing in reality while the sincere persons always try their best to keep their promises.
  • They believe that they are above all the laws including legal and ethical laws. They think that they have all the authority to behave in whatever manner they want to but others must not cross their border lines, they expect.
  • They show different behavior toward powerful and underlings. They only respect those who have power.
  • They set guidelines for others and fail to apply those on themselves.
  • They say one thing in front of someone but the other things on their back.
  • They advocate tolerance but judge others who don’t match their way of thinking.
  • They live differently in public and in private.
  • They pretend to be very wealthy despite having a bare bank account.
  • They lecture other people to have moral behavior but cover up for their folks or friends.
  • Though they preach morality to others but live a shameful life of their own.
  • Hypocrites make rules but never follow these rules themselves.
  • They condemn the doings of others even though they are doing the same things.
  • They only help others when it is in favor of their own benefit while genuine persons selflessly do good deeds.
  • Hypocrites alter their opinion in no time to gain acceptance from the people who have a different opinion on something.
  • They criticize others to look better when compared to them while genuine people admire others and praise their work.
  • They gossip all the time without having a strong opinion while the sincere people express their own opinion with a firm but soft voice.
  • Hypocrites never miss a chance to sing their own praises, on the other side, the sincere persons never boast about their success.
  • Their deeds are always directed to impress others while on the other hand genuine people are liked by others because of their moral actions.
  • Hypocrites always aspire to get attention but sincere people never try to be the center of the universe, they only focus on their work.
  • Hypocrites never accept their fault, it is always someone else’s fault for them. Hypocrites can even bring up the past mistakes of others to make them feel guilty.
  • Hypocrites have always sob-story roots and represent themselves as a perpetual victim.
  • Hypocrites have many excuses for everything. They spend their time excusing their faults than ever actually improving their behavior.

Be true to people especially to yourself

Hypocrisy starts with experiments and becomes an addiction. Hypocrite dupe people once and if get success, you start thinking that you can get away with it every time. Although they think that they are fooling the world but actually they are only betraying themselves. If you are a hypocrite, how can you be a credible role model, trusted friend, respected parent or an effective leader? A liar cannot become any of them actually. 

Authentic people are sincere and genuine. They are true to themselves and to others as well. They put forward their own views and don’t fear of being rejected. You must be the real you.  You should listen to your conscience. Live your life with honor and with your own views. You must do your work with commitment, authenticity, hard efforts and integrity.  After all, you have to live with yourself whole life so you must be true to yourself first and at the end, you will feel proud of who you are and what you do.

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