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20 Famous People who Died in an Air Crash

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Accidents are very common and out of this, air crash is the most severe one. You must have heard that plane accidents have always taken huge toll of life. Many people have lost their lives due to air crashes. Today we will learn about some famous people who lost their lives in an air crash.

Get to know about some famous people who lost their precious life in an air crash.

Duncan Ewards

Image Credit: Independent

Duncan Edwards was a famous football player. The Munich air disaster was one of the terrible one that occurred on 6th February, 1988. The flight crashed with 609 people and Duncan Edwards was one of them.

Yuri Gagarin

Yuri Gagarin was a Soviet Air Forces Pilot. Fifty years ago he lost his life in an air crash along with his companion. There is a mystery about his death because during the flight he lost connections with the radio calls. The crash occurred in the year 1968.

Graham Hill

He was a noted sportsperson. He retired from the sports world in the year 1975. This racing legend lost his life in November 1975 when the plane crashed due to bad weather. He lost his life immediately. He was piloting the plane that crashed.

Amelia Earhart

She was a noted American aviation pioneer. The flight took off from Oakland and it disappeared soon. The plane ran out of fuel and then nobody knew about the plane. Her last words were “running low.”  The plane was crashed into a sea. This incident took place in the year 1939.

Will Rogers

He was a noted film actor and a stage performer. In the year 1935, Will Rogers and his friend, Wiley Post, a famed American aviator, were flying together. The plane crashed just 15 miles outside the Point Barrow, Alaska. Both of them lost their lives.

Charles Rolls

Image Credit: Alchetron

Charles Rolls or Charles Steward Rolls was an aviation pioneer. He was a motorist. He died in a flying accident and lost his life. He was the only person who lost his life in a powdered aircraft accident that was crashed in the year 1910.

Payne Stewart

Professional golfer, Payne Stewart, is suited up for a familiarization flight in an F-14B Tomcat aircraft. Mr. Stewart was a guest of the Fighting Diamondbacks of Fighter Squadron 102 (VF 102) stationed at NAS Oceana, Virginia.

He was an American professional golfer who has won a lot of events and prizes. He was killed in an air crash in a Learjet crash that was flying from his home in Orlando to Texas for a tournament. The plane crashed in a field. The crash occurred in the year 1999.

Otis Redding

He was an American singer, songwriter and a record producer. In the year 1967, a planewhich was carrying Otis Redding and six others plunged into the Lake Monana. They were going for a show. Otis died along with his six members.

Patsy Cline

Image Credit: Good House Keeping

She was a popular American singer. Patsy Cline was killed in a plane crash that took place near Camden, United States.  The crash took place in the year 1963.

Hanse Cronje

Image Credit: Cricbuzz

He was a South-African International cricketer and the captain of South African team.  This 32 years old cricketer lost his life when a light plane crashed on a mountain in the far south of the country.  The crash took place in the year 2003.

John Denver

He was a renowned singer and a songwriter. He died in the year 1997 when the aircraft crashed in the Moneterey Bay near Pacific Grove, California. This incident took his life. He was the sole occupant of the aircraft.

Ritchie Valens

Image Credit: Teach Rock

Richard Steven Valenzuela was also professionally known as Ritchie Valens. He was a famous singer and a songwriter. He was killed in a plane crash near Clear Lake, Lowa. The plane crashed on the 3rd Day of February, 1959.

Buddy Holly

He was an American musician and a song writer. He was a pioneering figure in the mid 50s. He lost his life in a plane crash near Lake Clear, Lowa. His death was a great loss for the music industry. This incident took place in the year 1959. He is along the famous people who died young, before the age of 30.

Carole Lombard

Image Credit: Express

She was a noted actress who was known for her impressive looks. She was a known figure in the Hollywood film industry. She was 33 when the plane crashed en route from Las Vegas to Los Angeles and she lost her life. The year was 1942 when the incident took place.

Rocky Marciano

He was a professional boxer who competed from 1947 to 1955. In the year 1969, he was travelling to his home for his birthday celebration. His aircraft crashed 2 miles south of Newton Airport. It crashed due to heavy rains and cloudy weather.

Glenn Miller

He was an American composer and a bandleader. He earned much fame and reputation. His flight crashed off the Dorset Coast. He along with his other members lost his life instantly after the crash. In 1945 the plane crash took place.

Leslie Howard

Image Credit: LA Times

He was a noted English actor and a film artist. His flight crashed along with other noted passengers into the ocean.  It went down inside the sea and all the passengers died.  The incident took place in the year 1943.

Amy Johnson

Image Credit: Time and Navigation

She was a pioneering pilot who was the first women to fly a solo flight from London to Australia. She died in a plane crash when the flight went out off the fuel into the Thames Estuary. The crash took place in the year1941.

John F. Kennedy Jr.

He was a noted American journalist and an American Lawyer. He died in an air crash when the flight crashed into the Atlantic Ocean. All the passengers went into the ocean and lost their lives. On 16th July, 1999 the crash took place.

Ricky Nelson

Image Credit: Mafia Game Fandom

He was a popular rock star and a performer. At the age of 45 years he lost his life in a plane crash. It was a New Year festive period. The plane crashed on 31st December, 1985. Two pilots of the aircraft also lost their lives.


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