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20 Famous People who are Subjects of London Statues

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London is one of the most attractive cities in England. There are several statues and museums that are popular tourist attractions which include the British Museum, National History Museum, the ArcelorMittal Orbit, and so on. Many of these are inspired by famous people who changed the history of the country. Below listed are some famous historic people who are subjects of London statues.

The Duke of Wellington

Stecher: Riepenhausen, Ernst Ludwig

The 1st Duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesley has been bestowed with honors such as Knight of the Bath, Master of Trinity House, Duke of Victoria, etc. Several statues and monuments have been dedicated to him at Wellington Monument in London, Wellington Arch on Hyde Park Corner in London, and many more.

Charles II

King of England, Scotland, and Ireland, Charles II, was one of the most beloved kings of Great Britain. He gave people more freedom by modifying the laws made by his predecessor Cromwell. Hence, he was a subject for many monuments all around the United Kingdom –(Statue of Charles II, Soho Square in London).

Horatio Nelson

Admiral Nelson, 1st Viscount Nelson served as the Vice-Admiral of the White. He had several titles to his name – The Most Noble Lord Horatio Nelson, Viscount, and Baron Nelson, Duke of Bronté in the Kingdom of Sicily. Several monuments have been created in his memory (Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square, London, Nelson Monument in Edinburgh).

Richard the Lionheart

King of England, Richard I was a fearless military leader who took charge of his army at the age of 16. He was not just an iconic figure in England but also in France. This made him the subject of various statues in England (Richard Coeur de Lion in London).

Charlie Chaplin

One of the greatest performers in the world, Charlie Chaplin’s silent comedy made him an icon across the globe. He changed the face of cinema with his acts. He has statues in Waterville, Ireland; London, England; Hyderabad, India; Alassio, Italy; Barcelona, Spain; Vevey, Switzerland.

Elizabeth I

Also known as the Virgin Queen, Elizabeth I reigned England and Ireland until her death. Her association with England’s victory over Spain led her to become one of the most celebrated rulers. There is a portrait of her in the Deanery.

Sir Thomas More

Known for his book Utopia, lawyer Thomas More has also served as the Lord Chancellor and the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. He was known for his communism. He has a statue at the Ateneo Law School chapel.

Prince Albert

Image Credit: Geograph

Husband of Queen Victoria, Prince Albert was a supporter of educational reform and the abolition of slavery. Albert did not want any effigies of himself, but several monuments were raised of him (the Royal Albert Hall in London and the Albert Memorial in Hyde Park, London being the most popular ones).


A British folk hero, Queen Boadicea rose to fame after defeating Legio IX Hispana. She plotted to avenge the rapes of her daughters by attacking the Romans. Her tribe killed thousands of them but was defeated. There is a bronze sculptural group in London called Boadicea and her Daughters raised to commemorate her bravery.

Queen Victoria

The longest-ruling Queen of the United Kingdom, Queen Victoria has an era dedicated to her called the Victorian era. Her fame gave way for several monuments to be created in her memory – Victoria Memorial, London; Victoria Memorial, Kolkata; a statue at the Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh, etc.

Henry VIII

He has invested tons in the navy and established the Navy Board. His ruling period has often been described as the most important in English history. Several statues have been created in his memory – King Henry VIII Mound in Richmond Park, London being the most important one.

Michael Faraday

His discoveries of electromagnetic induction, diamagnetism, and electrolysis changed the history of science. The terms “ion”, “anode”, “cathode”, and “electrode” were made popular by him. Several monuments were raised to honor him – The Michael Faraday Memorial in London and the Michael Faraday statue in Embankment being the most important ones.

Winston Churchill

He served as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and the Member of Parliament, representing five constituencies. For his role during the second world war, Churchill is considered a hero and one of the most significant leaders. He has a statue in Parliament Square, London.

William Shakespeare

Known as the “Bard”, William Shakespeare’s works have always made it school textbooks since the 17th century. Author of plays like Julius Caesar, Hamlet, Othello, many movies and stage plays have been inspired by his work worldwide. The most famous Shakespearean monuments are his funerary monument in Stratford-upon-Avon, a statue in Poet’s Corner in Westminster Abbey, and a Statue in New York’s Central Park.

Francis Bacon

Image Credit: Philip Halling

His ideas of the Baconian method, Idola fori, etc. made him an influential figure that led to many monuments being created in his memory – Bacon’s Statue at Grey’s Inn, South Square, London; and the Statue of Bacon in the Library of Congress, Washington, DC being the most notable ones.

Oliver Cromwell

Many historians refer to him as a dictator whereas many call him a hero. He was known for his ability to lead and train his men. One of the most controversial people in the history of England, some admire his bold moves, while others criticized them. Nevertheless, he was honored with many monuments such as the statue of Oliver Cromwell in Westminster, the statue of Cromwell in Manchester, etc.

Captain James Cook

Image Credit: Roger Wong

Explorer James Cook has sailed through uncharted areas of the globe. Known for his cartographic skills, Cook had the ability to guide his men through adverse conditions. He has a life-size statue dedicated to him that stands upon a column in Hyde Park, Sydney. There is a statue at The Mall in London near Admiralty Arch.

Mary, Queen of Scots

Guilty of planning to assassinate Queen Elizabeth, Mary, the Queen of Scotland was beheaded. She ruled Scotland until she was forced to abdicate and had tried to regain the throne. She has been honored with The Mary Queen of Scots statue in London.

John F Kennedy

Recipient of Purple Heart, American Defense Service Medal, and many more honors, JFK has been one of the most prominent figures in the history of America to date. The legacy he left behind and people’s love for him gave him several memorials such as the John F. Kennedy statue in Boston and the John F. Kennedy Memorial bust in London.

Isambard Kingdom Brunel

One of the most respectable civil engineers of all time, he has built the Great Western Railway and various bridges and tunnels. For his contributions to engineering, he has been honored with a bronze statue at Temple in London.


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