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19 Famous Historic Sailors and their Ships

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During the ancient time ship was the only mode of transport from one country to another. They would travel from one place to another on ships. The sailors would take the ship from one country to another. They played a pivotal role. They used to be efficient and amazing.

Now let us discuss some historic sailors and their ships. It would be interesting to know about sailors and their ships.

Roald Amundsen – Fram

Image Credit: Britannica & Fram Museum

He was the first person to explore and navigate the North West passage. He was the first person to reach the South Pole. His ship was called Fram, through which he travelled the Arctic and Antarctic regions. The ship was much stronger than any other ships. The ship had a windmill that was used to generate electric power inside the ship.  The ship is now preserved in a Fram Museum in Oslo, Norway.

Thor Heyerdahl – Kon Tiki Raft

Image Credit: NBC News

Kon Tiki raft expedition was done in the year 1947 by the sailor Thor Heyerdahl. The ship was named as Kon Tiki raft after the god Inca named as Viracocha. The Kon Tiki expedition was funded by private loans and with the donations of United States Army. The ship had six crew members. The expedition was made to Polynesian Island.

Ellen MacArthur – Kingfisher

Image Credit: Yachtsandyachting

Mac was one of the reputed English sailors who made a historic expedition. She began her attempt to break the solo record for sailing non-stop around the world in November 2004. She was a successful sailor who made a solo expedition. The name of the ship during his solo expedition was Kingfisher.

Horatio Nelson – HMS Victory

Portsmouth, Hampshire, England, United Kingdom, Europe

Horatio Nelson was also known by the name of Admiral Nelson. HMS victory is famous in the whole world because of her role in the Battle of Trafalgar. The structure of the ship is about 246 years old. It is now carefully preserved at Portsmouth.

Christopher Columbus – Santa Maria

Image Credit: PBS

Christopher Columbus started his first voyage across the Atlantic Ocean in the year 1942. The vessel was very bulky weighing about 110 ton and measuring around 70 feet in length. The Santa Maria was a larger, heavier cargo ship. He discovered some amazing routes across the Atlantic Ocean but the journey was not smooth.

Captain James Cook – Endeavour

Image Credit: ARS Technica

Captain James Cook was the naval captain who in the year 1770 explored New Zealand and the Great Barrier Reef of Australia through his ship named as Endeavour, a British-built coal ship.  The ship was launched in the year 1764.

Blackbeard – Queen’s Anne’s Revenge

Blackbeard was captured by the pirates on 28th November 1717.  Soon after selling the ship of cargos at Martinique, Blackbeard made a vessel into his flagship and renamed it as Queen’s Anne’ Revenge. Blackbeard was an English pirate who travelled around West Indies.

Charles Darwin – HMS Beagle

Image Credit: Thought Co

Charles Darwin received an invitation to join as a ship naturalist in HMS Beagle. This ship was meant to do a world trip. He travelled in this ship for about 5 years. The HMS stands for his/her majesty’s ship, and the Beagle means a type of dog. The Beagle that Darwin sailed weighed 235 tons. It was designed in 1807 and was a kind of ship in the Cherokee class.

Ferdinand Magellan – Victoria

Victoria was a carrack and the part of a Spanish expedition commanded by the Spanish explorer Ferdinand Magellan with 17 crew members. After his death during the voyage the ship was commanded by Juan Sebastián Elcano. The expedition began on 10 August 1519. The ship took 38 days to sail through the passage and finally landed in Panama.

Henry Morgan – Oxford

Image Credit: Model Ship Master

Henry Morgan was a Welsh privateer who was famous for making adventurous voyages. He made several voyages with his ship name Oxford during the 17th century. This ship was given to the Governor of Jamaica, Thomas Modyford.  This ship was a 54 gun fourth rate ship that was launched in 1674. The vessel broke up in the year 1758.

Francis Drake – Golden Hind

Image Credit: The Times

Francis Drake was the captain of Golden Hind, the galleon. The ship had its original name as Pelican but it was renamed by the captain as Golden Hind. It was built in the year 1577. The ship sailed from Plymouth. Presently, the ship is found in the South Banks of Thames River.

Henry VIII – Mary Rose

Image Credit: The Guardian

Marry Rose was a Carrack warship. It was built for the Royal Navy. The name of the ship was inspired by Henry VIII’s favorite sister, Mary Tudor, and the rose as the emblem of the Tudors. The ship was mainly constructed for Henry VIII. She served for 33 years in several wars. She sank in the Solent, the straits north of the Isle of Wight.

Jason and the Argonauts – Argo

Argo was the only ship on which Jason and Argonauts from locos to Colchis. It sailed to retrieve the Golden Fleece. It was a famous ship. This ship was also used to transport Argo and Argonauts in Greek Mythology.

William Kidd – Adventure Gallery

This ship was also known as Adventure. It was sailed by William Kidd. It was a type of hybrid ship. The ship was also called ass Adventure Gallery. It sailed from Madagascar. Adventure was a special sailing vessel that could sail easily during the storms and heavy weather.

Edward Heath – Morning Cloud

Image Credit: Mirror

The name of the ship was given by a British politician Edward Heath. It was a 45 feet ocean vessel that sailed over the South coast of England. During this period two of his members lost their lives.

Walter Raleigh – Ark

Image Credit: Pixels

Ark Royal was an English Galleon. It was ordered for Walter Raleigh. He also served as the sailor in the English colonization in North America. He also established a colony near Roanoke Island. This place is presently known as North Carolina. It is also known from various sources that Walter Raleigh was a pioneer in English colonization of North America.

Robert Falcon Scott – Discovery

Image Credit: Medium

He discovered the famous Antarctic Plateau with the ship named “Discovery”. He was a great naval officer and an explorer who explored the South Pole.

Ernest Shackleton – Nimrod

Image Credit: Cool Antarctica

The Nimrod expedition is also known by the name of British Antarctic Expedition. The main objective of this expedition was to explore South Pole. Ernest Shackleton is also known for the polar expedition. He was a man of strong personality and determination.

Popeye – Olive

Image Credit: We are the Mighty

Popeye was a sailor who sailed with a ship named as Olive. The ship sailed in many countries and explored several places. Popeye was very keen to explore the places. Rather he was passionate about his travelling and exploring new places.


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