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18 Female Winners of ‘Rear of the Year’ Award (20th Century)

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Rear award is an award that is given or presented to the British celebrities for rear winning rear assets. Tony Edwards a publicity consultant introduced this award. This award is given to both male and female candidates. It is a matter of great prestige to get this award. It will be great to know that the first award was given to Barbara Windsor in the year 1976. This award is named after a real admiral Samuel Eliot Morison. He was a military historian.

It is very easy to vote in this award. If you are trying to vote your favorite personality you can simply place your vote by following some simple steps.

  • Go to the site and open the page.
  • You will find that a form appears asking for your mail id, name and your vote.
  • Just fill up those points and submit the same by clicking on the submit part.

The award is given purely on the number of votes that are given to the candidates. Everything seems to be partial and loyal.

Let us discuss the names of some celebrities who have won this award. It will be great to know about them. In this category, you will only get the names of the female winners. It is seen that male receives the award. But this time, you will get the name of some famous female celebrities who are equally doing well in their respective fields. So, let us try to get the names of the famous female celebrities.

Jane Danson

She is a famous actress who has earned a lot of fame in this industry. She is well-known for her portrayal of Leanne Battersby. She started her career right from 12 years of age. It will be nice to know that Jane Danson and Graham Norton won the Rear of the Year award in the year 2000.  It is a very prestigious award that has been granted to her.

Claire Sweeney

A famous English actress, singer and television personality Claire has won the Rear of the Year award in 2001.She entered and stepped into Celebrity Big Brother house. This was something great for her. She is also engaged in presenting a lot of TV programs uniquely.

Charlotte Church

Image Credit: Keven Law

She is well-known welsh singer and song writer. She is also known as politicalactivist. She started her career as a child singer from 2005. This 34 year old singer is a world famous personality. Charlotte Church and Scott Wright won the Rear of the Year award in the year 2002. It will be nice to know that she was sweet sixteen at that time. It is a prestigious matter to get such a great award at this age.

Natasha Hamilton

Image Credit: Martin.o ( en:pl:Wikipedysta:Martin.o )

A dancer, song writer and TV personality is famous among the people. Till now she has released 19 singles and three studio albums. She is also an active member of girl group Atomic Kitten. This group is a popular one. Natasha Hamilton and Ronan Keating received the Rear of the Year award in the year 2003. She received this award when her son was just one year old.

Neil McAndrew

Image Credit: Irish News

Neil McAndrew has an oldest sister and two young brothers. Soon after leaving the school she started to work in a bank. She is a lady with multiple talents. She is also a good athletic. However, Neil McAndrew and Will Young together received the Rear of the Year award in the year 2005. She is an attractive and beautiful lady who comes with multiple talents.

Javine Hylton

Often known as Javine she is a famous singer and songwriter at the same time. She is popular for representing UK in the Eurovision Song contest in Kiev. Her song “Touch My Fire” became a renowned one. In 2006 Javine Hylton and In Wright won the Rear of the Year Award. She has also sang other songs and most of them are much hit.

Sian Lloyd

She is a reputed welsh television presenter and a meteorologist. Apart from being a singer she is serving as a weather forecaster for a long period. She has an experience of 24 years in this field. She was honored with the Rear of the Year award in the year 2007. This 49-year-old lady is passionate about her profession.

Jennifer Ellison

Image Credit: Inter Talent Group

A glamorous model, TV personality and English actress are a hard working lady. She is also well-known for playing the role of Emily Shadwick in TV soaps. She was born on 30th May, 1983. Besides this she has played numerous roles in many soaps and channels. She was awarded with “Rear of the Year Award” in 2008 September. Since then she is also playing roles in various channels.

Rachel Stevens

Image Credit: Digital Spy

She is an English singer, television personality, actress and also businesswomen. From 1999 to 2003 she was a member of pop group S Club. In 2009 she won the Rear of the Year Award. She became much famous soon after winning this award. She has founded a lot of business that is running successfully.

Fiona Bruce

Image Credit: Press Gazzette

All of us must be well aware about the name of Fiona Bruce. She is one of the most famous Journalist and television presenter and a news reader. In 1989 she joined BBC. From then she earned a good fame in this industry. She was awarded with the title of Rear of the Year Award in the year 2010. This 47 year old TV journalist is a feminist by nature. She also belongs from a good educational background. She has also done and achieved good degrees.

Carol Voderman

Image Credit: 21stCenturyGreenstuff

She is a reputed television and media personality. She became famous at the time of hosting the game show. People got addicted with her presentation and way of speaking. She is not smart but a good lady. She also hosted the annual pride of Britain award. She was also given the Rear of the Year Award. This increased her popularity to a great extent. She also holds a good degree and educational qualifications. She has a great list of fan followers. It is clearly found from various social media platforms. This is a great quality. She is the only woman who have received two rear of the year awards, first in 2011 and other in 2014.

Shobna Guleti

Image Credit: Boffy b

She is well known for being an actress n TV presenter. Guleti became famous for her role as Anita in Dinneradies. Most people started liking her from her role in this show. In 2012 Shobna Guleti and John Barrowman received the Rear of the Year Award jointly.  She was much delighted to receive this award. It was something special for her.

Flavia Cacace

Image Credit: Ibsan73

She is a British by origin. She is a professional dancer. She has performed in a numerous shows. She has a professional dance partner named Vincent Simone. Both of them have been dancing for about 10 years. Together they are known as Vincent and Flavia. They have done several shows together. In 2013 Flavia Cacace and Vincent Simone received the Rear of the Year Award. This award increased their popularity to a great extent.  They are performing in several shows and gaining good confidence.

Kym Marsh

She is an English writer, actress and a great TV presenter. She became famous after winning a good place in the band named as “HearSay”. Since then she is performing beautifully. She also maintains a good list of admirers and fans. She won the title of Rear of the Year Awards in 2015. She is often found in smart attire.  She is famous among the young generation people. Her smart look and wonderful attitude is loved by a good number of people.

Jennifer Metcalfe

Image Credit: Art – travel pics

A very famous English actress is also known for her role in Mercedes McQueen. This was the first attempt to gain popularity and she succeeded in this attempt. She became right after performing this role. She was first seen in the year 2006. She received the Rear of the year Award for which she thanks her parents. Soon after this she started performing in various shows. Getting such an award is a matter of prestige and honor for her. She respects this award and recognition.

Rachel Rily

Image Credit: Prima

This great British Television presenter was born on 11th January, 1986. She presents a very interesting puzzle show that made her famous. She is a mathematic graduate who started her career right from 22 years of age. In the year 2017 he was awarded the Rear of the Year Award. It was an exciting moment for her.

Michelle Keegan

She is also a well-known actress who is famous for her roles in Tina Mclntyre. She also earned a good fame for her role in Coronation Street. This 31 year old actress received the Rear of the Year Award in 2018. It was a special and memorable moment or her. She received this award for her role in “Our Girl” in which she plays a role of an army girl. She played this role with full sincerity. She looked exactly like an army girl. According to many this role was perfect for her.

Amanda Holden

Image Credit: Hello Magazine

She is working as a TV personality and presenter since 2007. She was also appointed as a Judge in numerous talent show competitions. She was highly praised in these shows. She is a great woman because she manages both her professional and personal life in a balanced manner. In 2019 she was awarded with the Rear of the Year Award. She is a bold lady who has multiple talents.


So, from the above-discussion it is very clear that ample female personalities are there in our world. They are working hard and gaining fame and reputation. Rear of the year award is one of the best ways to get such recognitions. It is one of the best platforms through which you can know about the personalities who are best in their world. They can be from any field or trade. But it is just an attempt to appreciate their work and effort. Most of the female in this category are successful mothers. It will be nice to know that how they are perfectly balancing between these two things.

Gone are the traditional days when a lady had to do household works. The world is changing and so is changing the outlook of the people. Women are no more confined within the four walls of a house. They are stepping out and making a good position in the society. They are having and developing their own identity. This is a great thing that needs to be appreciated. Through this award ceremony you will know about each of them in a better way. It is a great initiative by the organizers.


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