10 Famous People with Epilepsy

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You must have heard about Epilepsy. It is a neurological disorder that affects many people. It damages the central nervous system of the body and causes seizures that can range from mild to severe. The best thing about this disease is that it can be cured with certain precautions and measures. It may affect anyone. You will be happy to know that there many great and famous people who have fought, survived and achieved tremendous milestone in life despite being epileptic. So, don’t be disheartened because you can also lead a normal life like any other normal person.

Now, let’s begin the list of some great historians and celebrities who suffered from epilepsy. It will be great to know about them and how they got rid of this disease.

Richard Burton

He was a welsh actor who has done several films. In the year 1950, he established himself as a complete actor in the role of William Shakespeare. In the year 1964, he gave a memorable performance as Hamlet. Later, he was diagnosed with epilepsy. He was an alcoholic and from the time he quit drinking he was noticed with some problems of epilepsy. He died on August 5th, 1985 because of a cerebral hemorrhage. 

Alexander The Great

famous epileptic sufferers
Image Credit: History Extra

He is known as the king of the Greece Kingdom that was known as Macedon. He was a great warrior who fought and won every single war. He was a man of strong personality and human character. He had the habit of drinking and through this; he was introduced to the problem of epilepsy. After a prolonged illness, he lost his life on June 23, 323. He was then 33 years old.

Napoleon Bonaparte

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Image Credit: History Crunch

He was another great warrior who is known by every person in this world. He was a strong French Statesman and led the French Revolution to a great extent. He was Roman by religion. He conquered Europe during the 19th century. In 1879 he became the king of the Bonaparte family. He was diagnosed with neurological disorder, epilepsy. He was a greatest military genius who also fought with psychogenic attacks and epileptic seizures which he received from his wife, Empress Josephine.

Danny Glover

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Image Credit: Emmys

One of the noted American actors, film directors and a famous political activist, Glover became famous for some of his leading roles in films. He was born in San Francisco. He is very active in his political career too. He is also involved with a lot of organizations in various parts of the world. He was suffering from epilepsy and he has to undergo regular treatment.

Alfred Nobel

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Image Credit: Nobel Prize

He was the third son of Immanuel Nobel who was an inventor and an engineer. He was known as an inventor, engineer, and businessman. It is known from various sources that held about 355 different patents. He was affected with epilepsy. He died at the age of 63. He was a Swedish Nationality who had contributed a lot to the country.

Vincent Van Gogh

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Image Credit: Biography

He was a passionate impressionist painter who was a great personality. The painting was a passion for this Dutch painter and artist. He is also said to be a great influential character in the world of western art. He had contributed a lot to the foundations of modern art. The tragic part of his life was that he committed suicide at the age of 37 years. It is said by many that he was affected with epilepsy and that was the main cause of his death.

William Shakespeare

famous people with epilepsy
Image Credit: William Shakespeare

Known as the “Bard of Avon”, William is a renowned personality in the field of art, literature, etc. He was a great poet and dramatist. He was also called England’s National Poet. He had gifted the world with lots of beautiful poems and writings. His work has inspired thousands of new generation writers. He was suffering from epilepsy. However, he died on April 23, 1616.


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Image Credit: Leadership Geeks

He was a great Statesman who was Roman by origin. You must have heard his name in Roman history. He was a noted military commander in world history. He enacted and introduced a lot of financial and economical reforms during ancient times. He was also a victim of epileptic seizures.

Julius Caesar

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Image Credit: Discover Walks

He was a famous and popular Roman general and statesman who played a great role in history. He believed in ruling the world through force. He got affected with epilepsy. He had an unnatural death as he was stabbed with a knife. He died on March 15, 45 BC.

Agatha Christie

famous authors with epilepsy
Image Credit: Smithsonian Magazine

A famous personality and a noted writer, Agatha wrote several books and novels. She wrote about 66 detective novels and 14 short stories. Most of the detective stories written by Agatha were full of thriller and excitement. The readers could not leave even a single line. She also wrote the world’s longest-running play and earned good fame from it. She was suffering from epilepsy. She died a natural death on January 12, 1976.


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