10 Famous People who Lived to the Age of 100

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Very few people can survive up to the age of 100. It is not a joke. However, every one of us should like to get a long life. But life should be good and healthy at the same time. It will not be wrong to say that several people survive in this world up to 100 years of age. So, if someone is living up to hundred years, it should be celebrated in the best possible manner. When you reach this age, you also desire to celebrate your birthday in a better way.

Here are the names of some lucky people who have survived up to 100 years. It will be glad to know the name of these fortunate people. Let us now proceed into the main part of the discussion without wasting any more time.

1. George Burns( 20 January, 1896 – 9 March, 1996)

actors who lived 100 years

He is known as a famous and reputed comedian, actor and writer at the same time. He is counted among the few people who have successfully passed his career in radio, television and other platforms. In many cases, he is found to play a solo role. He has been awarded many awards. He received the Academy Award for best-supporting actor. He died a natural death.

2. The Queen Mother (4 August, 1900 – 30 March, 2002)

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Image Credit: Richard Stone

This is the second person in the list who sustained till 100 years of age. The Queen Mother or Queen Elizabeth belongs to the British Royal family. She was the person who supported the Britishers morally during World War II. She was a lady of strong personality and character. She was also blessed with a long life. She died of pneumonia.

3. Irving Berling (11 May, 1888 – 22 September, 1989)

writers who lived 100 years
Image Credit: Discogs

He was a famous American composer and lyricist. He is also considered as one of the most famous song writers in American history. He is also regarded as a gem in this industry. He gave birth to many songs that are also heard till this date. He sowed the first seed of American music. He is among some famous autodidacts who encouraged numerous youth to enter into music industry and became their idol. Unfortunately, he died on due to heart attack. His death was a real loss to the music industry.

4. Hal Roach (14 January, 1892 – 2 November, 1992)

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Image Credit: Britannica

He is known as the famous and renowned film producer. His original name was Harry Eugene Roach. He was a great producer and Director who directed a lot of hit films. It will not be wrong to say that most of the comedian films during the 1920s and 30s were directed by him. He was also a great actor, but he understood that his talent could be best reflected in direction and production. He died out of pneumonia.

5. Manny Shinwell (18 October, 1884 – 8 May, 1986)

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He was a famous British politician. It will be better to say that he is known as a British labor politician. He left the school at the age of 11 years. Soon he started to work as a trade union organizer. He was also considered one of the most leading figures in this field. He fought for the well-being of the laborer’s. He had a keen interest in politics right from his childhood.  The people of London lost him on May 8, 1986.

6. Lord Alfred Denning (23 January, 1899 – 5 March 1999)

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Image Credit: Prabook

He was one of the best lawyer and judges during that time. In 1923 he was called to the Bar of England and Wales. In 1944 he became a judge. He had a total career span of 37 years, which is not a matter of joke. He also occupied a good position in the English legal system. He gained a degree in Mathematics and Law from the Oxford University.

7. Bob Hope ( 29 May 1903 – 27 July 2003)

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Image Credit: The Press Interprise

He was known a great American entertainer who had multiple talents. He was a man of great caliber who worked endlessly till his last day. He had a long career in which he performed 70 short feature films. Most of his musical comedy films were outstanding. He was also a great singer and dancer.

8. Rose Kennedy (Mother of John F. Kennedy) (22 July, 1890 – 22 January, 1995)

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Image Credit: JFK Library

She is known as the proud mother of President John F. Kennedy. She was a lady of strong personality and attitude. She is also found to be very bold. She also received a good educational background.

9. Grandma Moses (7 September, 1860 – 13 December, 1961)

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Image Credit: GSE Art

Anna Mary Robertson Moses is also known by the nickname of Grandma Moses. She was noted, American folk artist. At the age of 78 years, she started painting and, it became a passion for her. Grandma Moses painted about 2,000 paintings. All of them were simply superb. Most of them were done on the Masonite board.

10. Thomas Sopwith, designer of the Sopwith Camel (January 18 January 1888 – 27 January, 1989)

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Image Credit: London Remembers

He was a famous aviation pioneer. He was also known as a famous business executive and yachtsman. He was the eighth son of Thomas Sopwith. He was also a pioneer in motor racing. He was a highly professional person in his respective field.

It can be easily assumed from the whole-discussion that many people are there who are counted in the list of 100 years of age. Having a good and long life is just like a blessing. It will be nice to know and get the name of some of these fortunate people. Even many people also survive in the present time.


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