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10 Famous People who Died Young Before the Age of 30

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Nobody can predict death. It is a harsh truth of life. If a person takes birth, he has to die one day. Some people die earlier while others get a good and long life. It mainly varies from person to person. You will find many people who have lost their lives at a tender age. Some may have a natural death, while others may have experienced an unnatural death. Today you will know about some people who lost their lives within 30 years of age. This is not only shocking but depressing at the same time.

Now you will come to know about some of the famous people who died young, some were even teenagers.

Jimi Hendrix

He was a famous singer and songwriter. He was one of the most popular guitarists during the 1960s. He was often called “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” by many people.  Music was his passion. However, just days before his death, he was suffering from poor health. He used to feel fatigued and asleep all the time. On 18th September 1970, he died in London.  He was only 27.

Marc Bolan

Image Credit: Ian Dickson

He was a rock star during that time. He was also known as the frontman of the Tyrannosaurus Rex and T. Rex. His death was a tragic one. He lost his life in a car crash. He died two weeks before his 30th birthday. He met with the accident and lost his life on September 16th,1977.

Joan of Arc

Image Credit: Electric Literature

She was a great martyr, saint, and military leader. She was the only person who supported the French war against the English during the Hundred Years War. She was a young girl of 18 years during this period. On 29th May 1931 she was taken to the market and burnt alive. At the time of her death, she was just 19. Her ashes were finally gathered and thrown in the Seine.

Buddy Holy

Image Credit: On This Day

He was also a great star and a great musician who created a lot of songs. The saddest part of his life is that he lost his life in a plane crash along with other stars like Big Bopper. The date was February 3rd, 1959. This date was termed as “The day The Music Died”.

Lee Harvey Oswald

He was a noted American Marxist and a former U.S Marine. He was a citizen of Dallas. He was accused of the murder of former United States President John F. Kennedy, which he denied. He owned of a local nightclub.  His death was unnatural as he was shot by Jack Ruby, a local night club owner. Oswald was killed in the basement of the Dallas Police Station on November 24, 1963.

Brandon Lee

Image Credit: Biography

He was not an American actor but a martial artist at the same time. Lee is the son of Bruce Lee.  He was about to arrive on the silver screen when he met with an accident on the set of his final film, “The Crow”.  It was an accidental gunshot that killed him. He underwent several surgeries, but the doctor could not save his life. Finally, he died on March 31, 1993. His death was a great loss for the film industry.

Janis Joplin

NEW YORK – JUNE 1970: Blues singer Janis Joplin on the roof garden of the Chelsea Hotel in June 1970 in New York City, New York. (Photo by David Gahr/Getty Images)

She was an American singer who sang a lot of rock songs. Apart from this, she also sang soul and blues music. She was popular for her amazing stage presence. People were addicted to her songs. She died of an accidental heroin overdose at a very tender age. She died on October 4, 1970.

Otis Redding

Image Credit: Find A Grave

He was a popular soul singer during the 1960s. He was the man who wrote and sang songs like “Respect” and “The Dock of the Bay”. He earned good fame after this song. However, when his career was at the peak, he died in a plane crash. He died on December 10, 1967. He was just 26 years.

Anne Frank

She was a German-Dutch diarist of Jewish origin. It is known from several facts that she was rising above Judaism, Holocaust, and girlhood. She used to live in the Netherlands. She was arrested for her writings. Soon after her arrest, she was transported to the concentration camps. She was treated badly in these camps. However, after a few days, she was affected with Typhus and died young. When she died of Typhus in March 1945, she was just 15.

River Phoenix

Image Credit: Irish Times

Phoenix was an American singer and an actor. He was a promising actor who did a lot of films. The saddest part of his life was that he used to take a cocktail of drugs. This compelled him to become a druggist and addict. This also made him seriously ill. His brother admitted him to a hospital where he was properly treated. On 31st October 1993, he died due to drug-induced heart failure.  The doctors could not save his life.

It may be a great shock for people to know about the tragic death of young and talented actors and musicians. They were the future of the world. However, their unnatural death thrilled the whole world. It was not a big loss for any specific country but for the whole country. They had the ability to achieve something. The sky was their limit. Some died of accidents, while others lost their lives due to addiction.


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