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10 Famous People Born on Christmas Day

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You will be astonished to hear about the people who were born on Christmas Day (25th December). It is an auspicious day. This day is celebrated with great pomp and show across the globe. It will be interesting to know about several celebrities who were born on this day.

Sir Isaac Newton (December 25, 1642)

A great scientist who was born on Christmas day. His father expired just three months before his death. It is known from various sources that he was unmarried but once got engaged. He was a bright student right from his childhood. He was a renowned physicist and a mathematician. He died at the age of 83.

Wallace DeWitt (December 25, 1889)

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A famous American publisher, Wallace was the founder of Reader’s Digest. Reader’s Digest is a complete package of knowledge. He was a dedicated person in the world of publishing. Doing research work and publishing various books was his passion. Reader’s Digest is a widely read magazine all over the world. He died of pneumonia in New York.

Humphrey Bogart (December 25, 1899)

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He was a great personality who was known for his extraordinary acting. His father was a cardiopulmonary surgeon and his mother was a social illustrator. He was bad at his studies. He left the school and later joined the Navy. However, he also made several films. He was an outspoken person. He was married four times. He died at the age of 57 due to esophageal cancer.

Anwar Sadat (December 25, 1918)

He was an Egyptian politician. It must be known to all that he was the third President of Egypt. He held the Presidential post from 15th October 1970 till his assassination. He belonged to a poor family with 13 brothers and sisters. He was assassinated on October 6th, 1981.

Noele Gordon (December 25th, 1923)

She was a British stage presenter and television actress. She was one of the famous actresses in Crosswords. She has also played several roles in British soaps and operas. She was a well-known actress. On April 14, 1985, she died in Birmingham due to stomach cancer. She was buried in St. Mary’s Churchyard.

Kenny Everett (December 25th, 1945)

Image Credit: Elisa Rolle

He was a marvelous US disc jockey and a comedian who will always be remembered across the world. He played a vital role in the radio industry. He had always maintained a good list of fan and followers. He was a boy of suburbs. After completing school he stepped into the advertising world. On 4th April 1995, he died due to HIV Aids in London.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah (December 25th, 1876)

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Jinnah was an eminent Barrister, politician and founder of Pakistan. He also served the All India Muslim League from 1913 till 14 August 1947. He became the First Governor General of Pakistan. However, he died in 1948 in Karachi because of Lung cancer.

Sissy Spacek (December 25th, 1949)

Image Credit: Biography

She is a well-known American actress as well as a singer. She has also received a lot of awards and recognitions in her career. Singing is her passion. Her father was a German by origin.  She has earned a lot of fame from her profession. She is a dedicated singer who has sacrificed her life to maintain her passion.

Annie Lennox (December 25th, 1954)

Image Credit: Pitch Fork

She was a bold and beautiful star during the 90s. She is the daughter of Dorothy Farquharson and Thomas Allison Lennox. They have their origin in Scotland. She came started her career in the year 1976.  Even a few years back, she created an album, and that was a big hit. She is a world-famous celebrity.

Justin Trudeau (December 25th, 1971)

Image Credit: NBC News

He is the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada. Before being the Prime Minister, he was associated with politics for a long time. He is a man of strong personality and character. He was just six years old when his parents were divorced. He had to struggle a lot during his early days. He was reared by his father. Being a Prime Minister was a challenge for him. He accepted the challenge and tried his level best to perform a great role in this case.

To this date, he is serving the post with great care and dedication.  The people of Canada are proud to have a Prime Minister like him. He is always loved and praised by the people of Canada.

Thus, the above-mentioned are the list of few celebrities who were born on December 25th. They are famous not only because of their birth dates but also because of their work. Each one of them is successful in their respective fields. It must now be realized that birth dates always play a special significance in a person’s life. They play a pivotal role in their characters as well.


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