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10 Famous Diabetics in History

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Diabetes is also termed as a killer disease. Modern people are suffering from diabetes. The rate of diabetic patients is constantly increasing day by day. It is a serious matter. If the problem is not dealt with sincerely it may take a huge toll on lives.

Now you will gather good information about the best diabetics in the world. A short description about these famous diabetics will help you to know them in a better way.

Mary Tyler Moore

Image Credit: CBS Television

A famous actress, Mary was well known for her good roles in several shows. However, at the age of 33, she has diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. She was a talented actress. Despite being a top actress she used to keep good care of her health. She used to keep a syringe of insulin in her pocket. In 2011 she underwent brain surgery. Soon after this, her health started to deteriorate. She died in November 2020.

Harry Secombe

Image Credit: Discogs

He was a renowned comedian singer and actor. He was also an active member of the British Radio Comedy program. He earned a lot of fame because of his talent. But this did not go well for a long period. Soon he was diagnosed with diabetes. He was not well for a long period. On April 11, 2001, he lost his life due to prostate cancer.

Lionel Bart

Image Credit: All Famous

A very famous and noted British writer and a composer, Lionel’s famous creation was “Rock with the Caveman”. This made him a world-famous identity. In the late 1970s, he was diagnosed with diabetes because of immense drinking. His liver was damaged as a result of drinking. On 3rd April 1999, he lost his life. 

Paul Eddington

Image Credit: RADA

He was a very famous English actor who was known to everyone. He had a handsome look for which he was admired by everyone. He also played a supporting role in numerous series. However, he was diagnosed with diabetes and skin cancer. He left this world on 4th November 1995.

Billie Jean King

She is known as a famous and professional tennis player who represented the United States several times in the Federation cup. She has won 39 titles in both singles and doubles. She and her husband were a vital part of the world Tennis Team for a long period. In 2009 she was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. She was diagnosed with diabetes. However, soon after this, she has controlled her life to a great extent.

Luther Vandross

He was a world-famous producer, singer, and composer. His father was also a singer and a upholster. His mother was a nurse. He has composed some beautiful songs that will be remembered by the people all through their life. He was under the treatment for diabetes for a long time. On July 1, 2005, he lost his life because of complications from a stroke.

Mae West

Image Credit: KPBS

She is known as a sexpot actress. The whole world was crazy for her because of her postures and sexual symbols. Soon she became famous and earned a lot of fame. She spends about seven decades in the spotlight. She started her professional career at the age of 14. She was diagnosed with diabetes due to her hectic life. On 22nd November 1980, she left the world as a result of a stroke.

Jane Wyman

Image Credit: Find a Grave

She was a popular singer, actress, dancer, and philanthropist. She was noted and observed in this industry for a long tenure. She was also awarded a lot of prizes and recognitions. This was because of her performance in several shows. She had a distinguished career in the television industry. She was diagnosed with diabetes during her career. However, on 10th September 2007, she expired because of complications from diabetes and arthritis. 

Halle Berry

Image Credit: Jenn Deering Davis

She is an American actress who started her career as a model. She participated in several beauty contests and earned a lot of awards. She is an attractive lady who still comes with a lucrative look. She won the title of Miss USA pageant in the year 1986. She is the daughter of the African –American doctor and a nurse who used to stay at Liverpool. During her career, she was found with the issue of diabetes. Till now she has maintained a routine and is trying to keep the body fit.

Johnny Cash

Image Credit: Dillan Stradlin

An American songwriter and a singer, he had a love for music right from the early days of his life. He recorded a lot of melodious songs for his fan and followers. His songs are one of the bestselling songs among the people. He is known as a country music icon. Apart from this, he was also famous for his handsome look. He was married to June Carter Cash. He was caught with diabetes during his career. Soon he started to experience various types of complications out of diabetes. On 12th September 2003, he lost his life because of complications from diabetes. 

Diabetes is such a vulnerable disease that it can take a good toll on life. It is important to take prior care and attention right from the first day. If you treat this problem seriously and maintain the proper regulations you can easily get rid of this disease. It is now almost clear to everyone that we have already lost many lives because of diabetes. Let us take the pledge to stop and eradicate diabetes from the whole world. Let us pray for a healthy life. 


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