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10 Famous Buddhist Celebrities

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Buddhists are a section of people who follow and practice Buddhism, a philosophy that is purely based on the principles of Gautama Buddha. This religion is largely practiced in many parts of Asia. Buddhism is found in two main forms. One is Mahayana and the other one is Theravada. Many people are strict followers of this religion. They love the thoughts and principles of Buddhism. This makes it unique in many aspects. Many Hollywood celebrities are the follower of Buddhism.

Let’s know about the ten famous Buddhists who are renowned all over the world. They have also earned good fame and reputation based on their thoughts and principles.

Joanna Lumley

Image Credit: Hello Magazine

She is a famous actress and a TV presenter who is a famous personality. According to Lumley Buddhism is meaningful because of the lessons it spreads. Dalai Lama is an idol for her as he always tries to follow the path of Buddhism and its principles.

David Bowie

Image Credit: Los Angeles Times

David Bowie aka David Robert Jones was a very famous singer and songwriter. He accepted and followed Buddhism.For him Buddhism was the purest religion. He had a strong passion for this religion. He always said that Buddhism is the only religion that teaches how to make your body and mind calm through meditation.

Ruby Wax

Image Credit: Speakers Corners

She is a very famous American actress, comedian and a noted mental health campaigner. Ruby Wax strongly believes in the thought that a monk is an expert on the mind. You all should follow Buddhism because of its noble thoughts and principles. Wax embraced Buddhism because of its thoughts.

Jackie Chan

Image Credit: Forbes

Chan Kong Sang aka Jackie Chan is a famous stuntman and a comedian. He is renowned in the cinematic world for his slapstick. He is a follower of Buddhism. Chan is a Chinese Buddhist, but does not talk about his faith, calling into question his level of devotion. Chan did study Shaolin Kung-Fu, which is closely tied to the Buddhist religion. He has also expressed his unhappiness regarding the commercialization of this religious art form.

Tina Turner

Image Credit: Oprah Magazine

Although she was raised in a Baptist thought she was comfortable with the Buddhist thoughts and principles. According to Tina Turner, every religion has a rule for good living. She has always shared her longstanding relationship with Buddhism and always tries to spread the lessons that she has received from the teachings of Buddhism. The inspirational philosophy of Buddhism inspires her.

Patti Smith

Image Credit: Vanity Fair

She is a noted singer, songwriter and a poet. She became active from the year 1967.  She is a strong follower of Buddhism and has a deep love and respect for this religion. According to her, she have interest in Tibetan Buddhism from the age of eleven.

Steven Seagal

Image Credit: Vanity Fair

Steven Seagal is a Buddhist and recognized as a Tulku. Tulku means and symbolizes reincarnated Lama. It was mainly done by the oldest sect of Tibetian Buddhism. Apart from this, he is also a great actor who has earned good fame in his profession. He is famous among the followers and admirers. He also occupies an important position in the entertainment industry.

Richard Gere

Image Credit: Gold Derby

He is a noted and renowned actor and producer who started his career from the year 1969. He has played role in many films as a supporting and lead actor. He is a strong follower of Buddhism. He was raised as a Methodist. His love for Buddhism started from the age of 20 years. He met the 14th Dalai Lama and love for this religion increased to a great extent. He is also an active supporter of Dalai Lama.

Oliver Stone

Oliver Stone, by Daniel Bergeron. Indiewire 2016. No PR/No Release on file.

He is a famous Hollywood director who was raised as an Episcopalian. However, he converted himself into Buddhism because he always had a love for this religion.  Oliver Stone embraced Buddhism in the hope of attaining enlightenment. He is of the opinion that Buddhism is the only religion that can transform or change a country.

Penelope Cruz

Image Credit: Celebrity Net Worth

She was raised as a Catholic but her love for Buddhism started during the early stages of life. She always respects god in her way. She loves and admires Buddhism because it never says that it is the best nor does it say that it is the only religion that is right. All these principles attract her. She is one of the most beautiful actresses in the film industry.  Buddhism is different from other religions and this is the reason why Penelope Cruz loves it.


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