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10 Movies That Were Part of History

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Everyone loves to watch movies but no one thought that some movies will make history because of the incidents which happened because of them. Some of the movies stated below are remembered because of the unbelievable things happened because of them. Some gangsters were caught, many faced terrorist attacks and other movies were interrupted by the accident and killed many people.

The following movies have made a huge impact at that time due to one or more reasons that made them quite popular and controversial movies.

Mohammed, Messenger of God (The Message) (1976)

The message originally known as Mohammad, messenger of god is a movie that is based on Islamic drama and gives a brief idea about the life of Islamic prophet Muhammad by explaining about his uncle and adopted son. This movie is directed by Moustapha Akkad. This movie had a huge controversial impact at that time because of the fact that Mohammad is such a great holy figure that showing his face on the screen was not considered right. Thus in the entire movie the camera angles are presented in such a manner that his face is not shown.

The movie was not appreciated by the Hanafi Muslim sect. On March 10, 1977 some Hanafi Muslim gunmen invaded the local city hall of Washington DC. The killed one man and kept more than 100 people hostage for two days before surrendering. This was the reason that the movie made a huge impact at that time.

The Deer (1974)

Image Credit: Film Affinity

The deer was a Iranian drama film that came in 1974 and was produced by Mehdi and directed by Masud Kimia. This movie was one of the most popular and beautiful movies of the Persian era. The movie is based on the renewal of two people that are friends. One of them is a drug addict and the other one was shot by the police. On august 19 at evening about 700 people who were present there to watch the movie faced the most terrible terrorist attack. This was because the movie was against many the economic despair of many Iranians. Many protests were also made in Iran taking thousands of people to streets.

Grand Illusion (1937)

This was a French based war film directed by Jean Renoir. The movie is one of the greatest pieces of French cinema of that time. The movie was basically made to make people learn the human relationships and social classes that existed. This was a burning topic during that time because if it wasn’t solved it would lead to the goodbye of the world.

Since the movie was anti-war classic, Nazi soldiers invaded the Theaters in Vienna and confiscated this anti-war World War I movie in mid-reel.

Manhattan Melodrama (1934)

Image Credit: Moviefit

This movie was released on May 4 1934 starring William Powell and Myrna Loy in theatres. The interesting thing that happened was that a notorious criminal named John Dillinger came to watch this movie with a woman. Someone tipped off this information to the police and when he was leaving the theater federal agents shot him dead. Myrna Loy expressed his mind of exploiting the event for the financial benefit of the film. Thus this movie had a huge controversial impact.

War is Hell (1961)

War is hell is a American based 1961 war film that was written and produced by the same Burt Topper. The movie had the most twisted story behind it. During the movie the police had stepped from behind the curtain because of a report that there was a man that was acting weird and suspicious. The movie’s optical track was all destroyed and damaged so that the voice of the actor was slowed down and would be in a distorted voice.

This was the day when Lee Harvey Oswald was captured after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Thus this movie made a huge impact at that time.

Foxfire (1955)

This 1955 movie starring Jane Russell and Jeff Chandler made history because of the accident which happened in the cinema of Andrea Doria. In 1956 the movie was playing in the cinema of Andrea Doria on a foggy night when the liner collided with the Stockholm. More than 50 people lost their live on that day.

Can – Can (1960)

This is a 1960 American based movie that was produced by jack Cummings and directed by Walter Lang. This movie made a huge impact internationally. Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev visited the fox studios and termed the American culture pornographic due to its nudity content in it which made it controversial.

The Great Dictator (1940)

The film is a comedy satire of Adolf Hitler. The movie was Charlie chaplains biggest hit of that time and earned about dollar five at that time and so it also made some controversies at that time. Thus the movie was also banned by Hitler in Germany as it was a satire of him but he was curious to know what was shown in the movie. So he bought one print for himself and watched it twice in full privacy.

I am Curious Yellow (1967)

This movie is one of the most controversial films of that time. The movie is considered as both obscene and revolutionary. The movie is a mix of drama and documentary techniques. It depicts the story of a women that was young bold and courageous and was in search of her own personality. Thus the movie attacked capitalist injustices that made this movie highly controversial.

The movie also became historic when Jackie Onassis gave a judo chop to a news photographer because he took her photos while leaving the theater.

Rock Around the Clock (1956)

This is based on 1956 musical film that featured Bill Haley and his comets along with tony Martinez and his band. This movie had caused many riots overseas. Also Teddy Boys began dancing in their costumes tearing out seats. Thus all the riots that were caused during this movie made it very controversial.

The above mentioned movies made a huge impact in history due to one or more reasons. Though these movies were beautifully made but because of their controversies they became viral.


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