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Top 10 Most Bizarre Rainmaking Rituals

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A weather modification ritual which is known as Rainmaking ritual has been followed by many tribal people to invoke rain in every parts of the world. People in older times who were not familiar with science believe that every natural phenomenon is created by the Gods who live above us in the sky. So they used to worship strangely to keep these Gods happy.

One of the most important natural phenomenons on earth is rain. Rain is a source of living and non living for every organism in the world. Rain is very important for agriculture society and economy for every country and people. Since we have not yet evolved to measure and predict rain, there are numerous beliefs and old traditions which might come in handy.

People in their worst times often do such bizarre practices which makes no sense, but people sometimes thinks what is wrong in doing this what if it worked.

There are many communities who are not educated or might be living in rural places or even in jungles.

Below are top 10 most bizarre rituals which are followed by people to bring rain. Some might be superstitious of might sound so, but some of them represents a complex web of meaning and values. There are some which are extremely hilarious.

Rain Dance

Rain dance is the most common rainmaking ritual performed in different parts of the world to bring rain. North American rain dances is a well known dance which is performed by many Native American tribes, mostly in the Southwestern parts of United States.

The rain dance is also performed in many tribal parts of the worlds like India, Africa and China. According to the performers, they believe that their dance will impress rain Gods and he will summon rain so that their crops could nourish. Crops or food is a main source of living on this planet and they don’t want their gods to get angry.

Varuna Yajna

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This ritual is performed in some parts India to impress Varuna who is a lord of water according to Hindu mythology. In this ritual the priest fully immersed himself in a barrel full of cold water and chants the name of Lord Varuna 1,000 times. They believe that Lord will hear the call of his devotee and will bring rain in return. Sometimes they carry the same rainmaking ritual inside a fire circle.

Covering in Cow Dung and Mud

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Another weird ritual for the invocation of rain is what is followed by the Muria tribe of Narayanpur region of Bastar, Chhattisgarh (India). In this ritual they cover a special person (whose family ancestors are believed to have godly powers) in cow dung and mud, with the idea that this will cause suffocation. They believe that in order to relieve himself from this misery he will call rain to wash away that mud and dung.

Same rituals in seen in the Nari Bari village of Allahabad Uttar Pradesh (India) where young boys lye in mud naked and fold their hands asking gods for mercy and bring rain.

Water Vessel Oracle

In some tribal areas of Jharkhand, India men collects water in pots and travel bare foot towards the Shiva Temple, this procession is known as Kailash Yatra. After reaching the temple these water filled pots are buried in the temple compound overnight.

The next day priests dig out the vessels and water level is analyzed. If the water level is same as before, it indicates good rainfall and productivity while if there is a dip in the level of water it means a dry season with no rain. Now to appease the gods people have to perform rituals.

This rainmaking ritual is mostly performed by the men of lower castes called Dalits. These men roll over the thorns asking for forgiveness for any crime they might have committed and requesting the gods to not punish them by taking the rain away.

Hook Swinging Rainmaking Ritual

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Hook swinging is another deadly and bizarre ritual performed by tribes of Madurai. John S. Chandler an American socialist saw this whole ritual with his own eyes in the 1891 visit to India. The article regarding this was published in the Missionary Herald and later covered by the Livemint.

In this ritual the hook is inserted to the back of a man and then he is swung in air with the help of a crane.

According to Chandler, “Hook swinging is thought to be a means of propitiating (a demoness), so as to influence her to send rain in abundance”.

Before inserting in hook to the back of the man he is given an alcoholic drink to dull his senses while other man pull, pinch and smack his back to numb it. Now to sharp hooks are inserted on either side of his spine.

He is now lifted with a crane 35ft above ground and swung while clapping his both hands and feet. The ceremony normally lasts for an hour.

The man who performed this rainmaking ritual is respected by everyone in his community and allowed to keep the hooks, cord and knife as a token for his bravery.

Killing Snakes and Hanging on Fences

According to the article submitted by the Conserve Energy Future, it was reported that during the Dust Bowl or severe dust storms which caused Black Sunday in the United States people performed different rituals to call for rain.

Some peoples in the affected areas of drought believed that by killing snakes and hanging them with their stomachs up would end the disaster and bring rain to the plains.

Many people of the same community hunted snakes and hang them to their house fences believing that this would bring rain in that region and end dust storms.

Cat Splashing Rainmaking Ritual

Photo Credit: Nation Thailand

Cat Splashing is a famous and well known rainmaking ritual in Thailand to call for rain. In this ritual a cat is caged in a wooden box and is taken to every house in the area and after reaching the house people of that house splashes water on the cat. It is believed that a cat represents the droughts and splashing makes them wet and bring rain.

Cat doesn’t like water and when they get wet they screams, so splashing the cat will make it scream which in return bring wet.

The idea is silly and makes no sense also it is a case of animal abusing.

Now in some places people started using stuffed toys instead of cats to stop animal abuse. In recent time it was reported that Doraemon toy was used instead of real cat in this cat-splashing ritual.  

Clay Menage A Trois Model

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In one Thai village people adopted some sort of bizarre ritual to bring rain. The locals made a clay model of two men and women having sex on the streets and hope that this would bring them much needed rain.

The locals think that rain Gods will be disgusted by scene and will open up the sky to wash the filth away.

This is the reason why education is very important.

Frog Marriage

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This ritual is seen in many parts of India like Madhya Pradesh and Assam. Some tribal areas in these states catch two frogs and marry them. They believe that marrying frog will bring rain. There is also a scientific idea behind this marriage.

According to the facts amphibians come out of water and croaks to call their partner to mate. Monsoon season is mating season for many animals like ants. So according to Indian religion marrying is a social stamp for mating. This is why these tribal communities marry frogs which will initiate their mating and respectively weather will initiate raining.

Wow this is a nice way to bring things to conclusions. It is bizarre how the mind of these tribal’s works.

Ploughing The Field Naked

This one is the most extreme one which tribal people of Uttar Pradesh follows for rainmaking ritual. When nothing else works then this is what the people of some regions of Uttar Pradesh follows.

Women of the villages go to plough the fields at night naked. It is believed by the villagers that the Gods will fancy the women and will make it rain in return.

No men will peep during this ceremony because it is believed that the spell will not work if the women are seen by any men.

Since rain is a main source of living for everyone, these are some bizarre and drastic rituals people followed all around the world. If you have come across any other ritual or have any opinion regarding these ten fell free to write in the comment box.


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