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Top 10 Historic Deaths in Quest of Immortality

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Well not even a single human being wants to become old and die. But death is an ultimate truth and anything that is born will eventually die. Some people does such great things that they live forever, not in reality but in the brains and hearts of other people as memory. But some people don’t understand this ultimate truth.

But when we check out history we will find out that there a numerous people who have performed different rituals to cheat death and some claimed to have become god. Some of them have claimed to gain immortality by drinking elixir other have claimed that they have found the philosopher stone. There are also the one who died claiming that they have become God. Let’s take a look to the top historic deaths in quest of immortality, but truth is well known that they fail eventually.

Empedocles of Akragas

Empedocles was the Greek philosopher and a ancient who is considered to be the last Greek philosopher who have recorded his ideas in verse. She is well known for his idea that everything on earth is made up of four elements: fire, earth, air and water. It is also heard that he studied the ways to perform reincarnation.

He is one of his surviving poems declared himself to have become a divine being known as “Daemon” and believed that he is no longer mortal. According to Diogenes Laërtius, he also tried to prove that he have become immortal god by jumping into the Mount Etna which is an active volcano in Italy and died. Well, these can be just ancient theories which cannot be proved with legal documents.

Source: Wikipedia

Qiu Shi Huang

Qiu Shi Huang was the first Emperor of China who is well known for his artifacts and treasures which includes Terracotta Army. Although the death of the Emperor in still mysterious and is facing numerous rumors but it is believed that he died of elixir poisoning by ingesting mercury pills, which was made by his alchemists and physicians believing that it would provide him immortality.

Source: History of China, Esquire

Alexander Bogdanov

Alexander Bogdanov was a Russian man born with many talents. He was Soviet physician, philosopher, writer and a revolutionary. We were well known for his work in blood transfusion and believe that he had found a way to maintain eternal youth or immortality through blood transfusion.

In 1924, he started performing blood transfusion experiments on himself and many other also volunteered to take part in his experiments. It is believed that he was reaching somewhere with his work because his body was showing positive symptoms after undergoing 11 blood transfusion. His fellow colleague Leonid Krasin wrote letter to his wife that “Bogdanov seems to have become 10 years younger after the operation”. But he died when during one transfusion he took blood of one student who was suffering from Malaria and Tuberculosis.

Well, mystery is he died but the student who was injected with his blood perfectly recovered from the disease.  

Source: Wikipedia, ScienceDirect

Jiajing Emperor 1567

Jiajing Emperor who was the 12th Emperor of the Ming Dynasty was another Chinese historic victim who died the same way as Qiu Shi Huang to become Immortal.

Well after reigning 45 years on the throne Jiajing Emperor died of the overdose of elixir poisoning or better called mercury poisoning.

In the historic Chinese era it was believed that if these valuable materials like mercury, arsenic and some other when mixed in appropriate proportion and taken by the human body could provide Immortality.

Source: Britannica

Henry II Mistress Diane de Poitiers

Diane de Poitiers was the most loved mistress of King of France Henry II. She was extremely beautiful and had a golden hair. It is believed that she used to consume gold to stay young and beautiful.

In older times females used gold in their makeup kits. It was believed that women with golden hairs and bright golden cheeks attract men during that period.

Henry II was so much influenced by the beauty of his mistress that Diane was given the custody of crown jewels, as well as Chateau de Chenonceau. Well, Diane was concerned to increase here wealth so that she could live healthy life.

It was believed that she was very energetic and beautiful even at the old age. She died at the age of 66.

In 2009, when researchers analyze the remains of Diane dead body especially her hair they found the fragments of gold in her hair.  This led researchers to conclude that she was taking the elixir of gold so that she could stay young.

Researchers also believe that she might have died because of chronic gold poisoning.

Source: The Telegraph, Ancient Origins

Sir Isaac Newton

Well everyone is aware of Sir Isaac Newton and his discoveries but very less knows that he was studying occult studies like alchemy. In many of his writing he has stated that he studies and performs alchemy.

Newton in his historic writing suggests that the main goal of his performing alchemy is to discover philosopher stone. According to some researchers Newton was studying Elixir of Life before his death.

Newton died in his sleep in 1727. After his death when researcher examined the remains of Newton hairs they found fragments of Mercury in his hair. This indicates that he might have been also taking some type of Mercury elixir to attain immunity.       

Source: Isaac The Alchemist


Kobo Daishi was a cult founder who followed Buddhism during the ninth century. After his death his followers of the same cult declared that he did not died instead he has entered in a deep stage of meditation and will return when a next Buddha will take birth. They called this process as sokushinbutsu.

Shojin who was follower of this same cult decided to repeat the experience of Kobo Daishi experience two centuries later. So for 1,000 days he has to only meditate and feed on trees. Trees means everything root, bark, leaves etc.

After completion of this step he will have to drink special kind of poisonous tea for more 1,000 days. When this mummification ended, Shojin was 71 years old and understood that his end was near so he told the monks to bury him alive to finish sokushinbutsu.

Well, when monks entered the tomb after some time to check on his body they found that his body already started decomposition. Later it was declared the process has failed.

Source: Living Buddha Book

Pope Innocent VIII

Giovanni Battista Cibo became the pope in 1484 and was always involved in different conspiracies. He was always criticized for corruption.

After eight years he started getting ill but does not want to die early, so he asked numerous physicians what he can do to become young and healthy again. He was prescribed with one solution blood transfusion.

Three boys agreed to give him blood for just one gold coin. The surgery started and blood was taken from the three boys and was transferred to the body of Innocent VIII. Unfortunately, the three boys and also the pope died during the process.

Source: Lapham’s Quarterly

Albertus Magnus

Albert Magnus was the Catholic saint and Bishop who is also known as Saint Albert the Great. In numerous writing it is well known that Albert was a alchemist and magician. He performed many experiments mixing different compounds in quest of making a Philosopher stone. He was the one who was credited with the discovery of element arsenic.

According to the legends, it is believed that Albert has discovered the Philosopher and before his death he handed it over to one of his pupil Thomas Aquinas. Albert in his writing never said that he has discovered the philosopher stone but once he stated of witnessing a gold creation by transmutation.

Source: Web Archive

Nicolos Flamel

Nicolas Flamel is the most famous amongst the person who are believed to have the philosopher stone and have attained immortality. He was the French scribe and a manuscript seller during the fourteenth century.

After 200 years of his death researchers found some texts ascribed to Flamel in which it is written that he had found some secrets of alchemy to make philosopher stone. It is also believed that he and his wife achieved immortality through the “Elixir of Life”.

Even Isaac Newton followed Flamel and have discussed about him in many of his journals.

From that time on there were numerous fictional stories that used Flamel as a person who have found the secret to make a philosopher stone. Some of the examples are Harry Potter, Fullmetal Alchemist, Assasin Creed: Unity and many more.


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