What is Maskne? How to prevent pimples under your mask?

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We are well aware of acne.  It is a condition of the skin in which, breakouts appear on the skin. But have you ever heard of Maskne? This situation arises due to wearing of masks for an extended period. Most skin is not accustomed to wearing a mask thus continuously wearing a face mask may result in the development of skin conditions as skin irritation, breakouts, bumps or rashes. On the one hand, we are battling with the stress of COVID-29 Pandemic and on the other hand, some people are facing the issue of mask acne or maskne. 

What is the root cause of maskne?

No matter you are wearing an N95 mask, cloth mask or surgical mask, but if you wear a mask for a long period, you stop fresh air to let in which we use to breathe. The moist air gets trapped into your mask and this causes sweat which results in skin oils to built up and clog the skin pores. Besides this, heat, humidity, rubbing and friction of mask, prolonged sweating is some of the main causes that create a ground for maskne to be breed and several other skin issues also. 

Other skin issues might include red rashes, painful acne-like bumps, blackheads, whiteheads and cysts. While the term maskne is new but these symptoms of skin issues are very familiar to dermatologists.     

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Who is most at risk of developing skin issues?

Anyone can start facing the issue of developing maskne if wearing a face mask continuously for more than an hour or so, but people who are prone to maskne might include:

  • People who have sensitive skin are prone to skin disease
  • People who are already experiencing acne
  • People who have oily or acne-prone skin
  • People who are going through hormonal changes (puberty, pregnancy or menopause)

Skincare routine and tips to prevent and treat maskne

The best way to cure any health issue is to prevent it as it is truly said, “Prevention is better than cure.” Here are some tips to follow to avoid skin issues while wearing a mask:

  • The first and foremost step is to know your skin type and choose the fabric of mask which suits the best to your skin type. The fabric must be soft and breathable. Cotton is considered the best fabric as it is breathable. Avoid using synthetic fabric masks. 
  • If you are using a reusable face mask, wash it after every use to remove makeup and bacteria clung into it and dry it properly.
  • After removing your mask, wash your face with mild soap or face wash to cleanse it.
  • Use oil-free moisturizer gel and avoid touching your face repeatedly. Don’t squeeze or break acne, it may cause infection.
  • Skip the makeup as it may clog the pores and lead to skin issues.  
  • Exfoliation is good for skin as it removes dead skin and dirt but overdoing it may cause skin irritation. Choose exfoliation substances in according to your skin types for example salicylic acid wash for oily skin and gentle non-soap cleanser for sensitive skin.
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A mask is a must

After reading the skin issues, are you thinking to ditch the mask? Stop! This is not the solution to the problem. In this critical phase of COVID-19 Pandemic, a mask is a must. Wearing a mask will not only protect you but also to your family and loved ones. Keep wearing your mask and appropriately but take necessary precautions to avoid skin issues. If you are already practicing all the necessary precautions and skincare routines but still facing skin allergies or breakouts and other skin issues, make sure to visit a board-certified dermatologist.


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