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Celebrities who became famous for Mullet Hairstyles

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A retro hairstyle called Mullet is getting popularity these days and the credit goes to celebrities like Billy Ray Cyrus, Hulk Hogan, etc. for bringing back this controversial hairstyle. Often termed as “Business at the front and party at the back”, Mullet hairstyle was famous in the 70s and 80s. But till the 90s, it became a taboo as people started thinking that people with mullets are dirty and poor. Now, the style can be seen everywhere but the first modern celebrity who took the mullet hairstyle is Miley Cyrus in 2019. 

Mullet hairstyle includes shorter hair in the front and sides of the face and longer in the back which starts from the ear. The style meant to have a lot of layers and textures on the top and around the face. Mullet can be termed as the cousin of Shag Haircut as it is somewhat similar to it. Earlier the mullet haircut was limited to males only but celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Maisie Williams has proved that the mullet hairstyle can be a super feminine one and strong and empowering at the same time. Men with mullet hairstyle are often termed as the ‘Mullet Heads’. 

Here is a list of celebrities who have made this retro look a new fashion trend in modern times.

1. Billy Ray Cyrus

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

A country music singer of America, Billy Ray Cyrus possibly had the most famous mullet of all time. His back of mullet reached to the middle of his back gave him a signature look that helped him skyrocket him to the top of the country musicians. He became the representative of the mullet in country music.

2. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus haircut Credit: Sally Hershberger/Instagram

An American singer, songwriter, actor and producer, Miley Ray Cyrus is well known for her versatile styles and experiments with her looks. She is the daughter of the most famous country music singer, Billy Ray Cyrus. She got popularity with her role as Hannah Montana (2006-2011). Just like her father, Miley has adopted mullet hairstyle in 2020. She got this retro look of the 80s in May this year for the launch of her album.

3. Mel Gibson

Image Credit: eonline

At the time when Lethal Weapon movies were in the limelight at the box office, Mel Gibson wore the mullet when playing a cop in the movies. It displayed him as the crazy yet tough cop that was loved by the movie lovers and Gibson’s fans. Though the mullet shows a carefree, party look, but his role as a cop swooned the ladies and his fans.

4. Maisie Williams

Image Credit: Popsugar

‘Game of Thrones’ star Maisie Williams is known to wear different looks whether it is her clothing or her hair. Earlier, she had rocked a variety of hairstyles that includes sleek bangs and short bobs. She had also dyed her hair in vibrant colors including purple and pink on various occasions. Maisie is embracing the retro look that is rising these days. Now, Maisie has been photographed with mullet hairstyle and blonde hair.     

5. Hulk Hogan

Image Credit: Denofgeek

You must have heard of Hulk Hogan, a famous wrestler and actor. During his wrestling career, he was very strong and during his acting career, he was very funny in his roles. One thing that cannot be forgotten is his mullet hairstyle. Hulk Hogan has already donned the style. He is famous for his Fu Manchu moustache and blonde mullet. His mullet hairstyle is somewhat controversial as he is balding on the top but the mullet hairstyle requires short hair on the top.

6. David Bowie

Image Credit: History Collection

David Bowie is considered by some people one of the originators of the mullet in the early 70s. The style became all the range in 1972 when David took the hairstyle for his fictional character Ziggy Stardust. If Ziggy was representing excess in life, so the bright orange cultured mullet was the perfect style he could wore to rock the Ziggy and so the Bowie. The mullet look took off for all glam lovers and mullet started to appear since then.            


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