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Free Keyword Research Tools Perfect for Finding Best SEO Keywords

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Looking for keywords that will derive traffic but don’t have enough money for paid tools?

If you have never found the answer to the above question, then I am here to help you out. In this article I have included the list of all possible free keyword research tools available in the market.

Earlier it was easy because Keyword Planner was absolutely free to find best keywords for your business but due to Google restricted some of its Keyword Planner features it has become difficult for people to find unique keywords.

There are always many paid tools like ahref and semrush but what if someone is a starter and does not have enough money to spend on these tools.

So for those who are just starter and are not earning much yet, here are free keyword research tools that might help you find keywords which will rank easily on Google.

Free Keyword Research Tools which will Never Ask for your Money


Not many people know but Google is the world’s best keyword research tool ever.

Whenever you type a single letter in the Google search bar it starts giving keyword ideas. If you type a word, its autocomplete feature will show you the LSI Keywords.

For example, if you type “seo” in the Google search bar the list of keywords with seo in the beginning will scroll down automatically like “seo services”, “seo company” and so on. These following bold keywords after the word “seo” are called LSI keywords.

But this is not the end, there is much more to the story.

There is one more feature known as “People also ask”. When you search anything on Google, it will show you the search results and after the first or second search result you can see a small snippet or section showing different questions.

For example if you search “seo” in the search results there will be the “People also ask section” with questions like “What is SEO and how it works?”, “How do I use Google SEO?” and so on.

If you click on one of the question it will show you the list of another questions asked by the users on Google. You can keep clicking on the question to get different ideas related to those questions.

One thing to keep in notice is that as you go deeper and deeper with the questions the keyword difficulty and amount of traffic on that keyword decreases.

Keyword difficulty score can be seen just below the Google search bar after searching any keyword if you install a simple chrome extension named SEOQuake.

So if you are a beginner then it is best for you to go for keywords with less keyword difficulty, so that you can rank on those keywords and respectively increase your domain score.

Google Trends

With the help of Google Trends you can check the popularity of the keyword from the start of its origin to any specified day or year.

For example if you search the keyword “father gifts” then in the below picture you can see that the most number of searches are in the month of June, every year.

This is because of the Father’s day which comes in the month of June.

So if you have a gift retailer shop or online business, you must stock up new gift items just before the month of June.

One more feature of Google Trends which are helping numerous big news companies is that it shows what keywords are trending each day and how much traffic it is gathering.

For example, on August 13, 2020 Cannon Hinnant, Fortnite and Rick and Morty were in trend and have approximately a million searches.

If you are thinking about two keywords and having difficulty selecting one then Google Trends can be helpful in that matter too.

For example if you have a tech website and you have two keywords in mind, which are microwave oven and air fryers.

If you look overall searches of these keywords then you can see that microwave oven has far more searches then air fryers. So, according to that you should be writing on microwave oven to gain more traffic.

But it doesn’t work like that because if you will see the interest of people on both the keywords for the past five years you will see that in 2020 air fryers have surpassed microwave oven by quite a margin.

So this year you should be focusing on air fryer instead of microwave oven.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a best tool to keep track of your website performance in both organic and social searches. This tool shows you the keywords for which your website is ranking in Google search results.

For example, below is an image of performance by my website in a month.

It shows you clicks, impressions, ranking and CTR for every keyword. You can also select a particular page and see what keywords and on what position you are raking for.

But the question is how it helps you find new keywords which will rank.

Here is a tip for that, sometimes you will notice that there are some keywords which you never tried to rank for but still you are ranking for them somewhere in Google.

If you are ranking for the main keyword, then it becomes easy to rank for other similar keywords for the same page. So, you can rewrite your content or increase content on the same page and keep in mind to include these keywords in content and title. They will surely rank within a month.

These keywords don’t derive as much traffic as the main keyword but they will surely increase the traffic on that page, which will help it to rank much higher than earlier.

You can see above we are ranking on first page of Google for the keyword “top games by player count”, earlier this page was on the second page for this keyword but after rewriting the content it has reached the 5th position.

So, just try it out and comment if it works.

Answer the Public

If you search any keyword on Answer the Public it will show you queries in the forms of questions, preposition, comparisons, alphabetical and related. These are most searched queries on the internet or if I be specific on Google.

The websites shows these queries in the form of visualization and data.

For example, if we search the keyword “Craigslist” in the search bar the results will be as follows.

Topmost on the page will be questions which are frequently asked on the Google. These will be in the form of both circular visualization and data form. Questions can start with any ten words that are what, why, how, who, which, will, are, when, can and where.

Next the prepositions in which keywords or public queries start with seven different words. These words are for, with, to, is, without, near and can.

Now in comparisons the keyword is compared with another keyword with using the words like vs, versus, or, and, like.

After the comparisons comes the alphabetical order which is nothing but the data from Google’s autocomplete feature. These are mainly LSI keywords in alphabetical order i.e. ‘a’ to ‘z’.

Last but not the least is related data which sometimes gives go unique keywords that no one ever has heard of. It is not known how Answer the Public collects data in the related section but these keywords are sometimes like gem to be found.

When I searched craigslist it provided some unique keywords like “craigslist kent”, “craigslist Dundee” and “craigslist Belfast” which have low keyword difficulty.

Note: You cannot search more than three keywords in one day on Answer the Public. Yes, you can come on the next day and search another three.

Adword & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator

Did you ever have problem mixing different keywords to form a sentence?

If this is the problem you face more occasionally then AdWord & SEO keyword Permutation Generator tool is a best choice for finding long tail keywords for your business.

Sometimes you have different keywords in mind but does not have any idea how people are searching these combined keyword on the internet.

For example, if I have keywords like “top”, “best”, ”video games”, “pc games”, “most played” etc and wants to form a perfect sentence with these or get an idea of what people are searching on the internet for these particular keywords.

For the above approach all you need to do is put these three keywords in three different boxes on this website and click on Generate Permutations.

The search result will be the list of long tail keywords including all of these keywords. The sentence or phrases which are generated are the queries which are frequently asked on Google.

You can choose from three types of searches which are Broad Match, Phrase Match and Exact Match. Try broad match for better results.

You can see in the above results that more keywords you put in the box you will get more results.

The drawback of this tool is that some of its keywords do not make much sense, so you will have to scroll down the list and search the best one for your business.

Keyword IN

If you are having problem combining many keywords together to form a long tail keyword or titles for your article then Keyword In is a free research tool to solve your problem.

It provides you with the long tail keywords which rank easily in the Google search results. If you have a new website then it is not easy to rank for small keywords that that have high search volume. But if you will try for the long tail keywords then you might get some success.

The website has four boxes/columns which you can fill with different keywords. There are three match types available which are Broad match, Phrase match and Exact match. There is also feature to increase or decrease number of columns.

Always use broad match and click on Generate button. It will show you hundreds of generated key phrases. Choose which ever you like.

This is best for those who are just starting their website and does not have much knowledge of SEO tools because this tool is very easy to use and gives good results.

Reddit Keyword Research Tool

Reddit Keyword Research Tool brings out keyword ideas from Reddit. Reddit has a large database so this tool gives to most frequently searched keyword related to your subreddit.

All you need to write the keyword and if it has a subreddit, it will show you about thirty most searched keywords related to your search along with its search volume in United States.

It is best free research tool for someone who has just started a blog and does not have much knowledge about the niche.

For example if you are starting a website with information on Olympics. You can start by searching “Olympics” in this tool and it will bring out keyword ideas from the subreddit page /r/olympics.

In the search results most people are interested in soccer, tennis and Olympic medals.

Rank Tracker

Do you want to know for what keywords your competitor is ranking and that too for free?

Yes, Rank Tracker is a free tool which gives out all information about your competitor website for free. It will tell you about the keywords and amount of traffic they are deriving to your competitor website.

It is a free keyword research tool for PC which not only helps you find high search volume keywords but it also provides information about your own website. It will tell you which pages are deriving more traffic on your website along with the keywords.

You can also compare your website with your competitor and work accordingly so that you can successfully pass your competitor in rankings.

All you need to do is put your competitor or any URL in the search box and it will give to the top ranking keywords for that domain.

According to me this is a best free keyword research tool available in the market because it gives you tremendous amount of information for free. It tells you the keywords, their ranks on SERP, number of searches in a month, organic traffic, competition, cost per click and keyword difficulty.

All the information above is just for one keyword, what else anyone need in free. It will show all the keywords that the domain is ranking for.

If the keyword list has gone too big for you then you can short it down by selecting from top 10, top 20, top 50 or top 100 rankings keywords.

I personally use this tool and will highly recommend for both starter and professional digital marketer.

You can download and install this tool from here, for free.


Is there anyone who have not tried Google autocomplete feature to search keywords?

I don’t think there is anyone who have not used Google autocomplete feature to find out what is trending in the market.

Yes many of you have Google autocomplete feature but not many have tried the same for Bing, YouTube, Yahoo and many other social media searching platforms.

Well, Soovle is best for those who think autocomplete feature is best for keyword research and have found success with it.

Soovle provide keywords from different platforms like Wikipedia, Bing, YouTube, Overstock, Yahoo, Amazon, ebay and many more.

All you need to do is type a keyword in the search bar and click on Soovle. By default it will show you the autocomplete feature of Google but you can change that by click on the different website logos.

For example, when I searched dollar tree it showed different keywords for different websites.

Keyword Surfer

Do you wonder how can you beat your competitor in rankings?

This tool also tells us what we should do to rank better than your competitor by showing the estimated website it is deriving, content on the page which is ranking and keywords used on the page.

Keyword Surfer is a chrome extension that shows you the monthly search volumes for every query you search in Google search bar.

By default it shows the search volume of United States but you can change the country from side keyword ideas box or snippet. It has all the country in the world so doesn’t worry that it will not work for any particular country.

One thing I love about this plugin is that it also shows the search volume of the keywords which appears in the Google autocomplete feature.

Besides showing search volume of the typed query it also gives hundreds keyword ideas with search volumes in the sidebar.

One new thing that they have added are correlation charts which is showed just below the keyword ideas. This chart gives us the information about which website are ranking on the searched keyword and how much monthly traffic they are deriving.

Since this tool tells you everything about the ranking page then if you can include something extra then what has already included by these articles which are already ranking you might a place in the top results.

So I consider this tool as a must use SEO chrome extension for keyword research.


Looking for the research tool which shows cpc for keywords?

If you are looking for a free keyword research tool that works in similar to way just like the keyword planner then this a perfect keyword finding tool for you.

This research tool only shows top 25 or 30 results for any query. So it will show only those keywords which derive tremendous traffic.

One best thing about Wordstream is that it also shows the cost per click asong with the search volume and completion of each keyword.

It will be helpful if you are going for Google Adwords.

The main drawback of this tool is that it only shows keywords with high completion which will be very hard to rank for starters.

Bulk Keyword Generator

Do you want to know what business keywords are trending in your city?

Bulk Keyword Generator is helpful in finding keywords for a particular city.

Searching keywords with this tool is three step processes.

In the first step it will ask you to select the Business Category from the list of different scroll down categories.

For example, I will select “painting” and “home painting”.

In the second step you will have to specify the city and here we will write Chicago. Now click on Generate Keywords.

It will give you the list of different keywords for the particular location.

But I was not satisfied with the results because if you are in Chicago you will never search for “Chicago home painters” buy instead you will search “home painters” and Google will automatically show you the results according to your location.

So you get the keywords from here and put them on any free keyword research tool above by selecting a particular location to get the perfect search volume for the keyword.

Keyword Tool

Last but not the least is Keyword Tool is which I thinks is fully free because it shows you all the most searched keywords for free.

The only thing which they include in the paid version is CPC, search volume, competition etc.

But this thing does not matter because we are already getting hundreds of keywords which actually bring traffic.

This tool is best for the starters which do not have enough money to afford such tools.

For example I searched for the keyword “best anime” and it gave me 372 unique keywords which derive traffic. I was really satisfied with the free version of this tool.

One more thing is that it does not only tells you keywords which are popular on Google but also provide keywords for other website like YouTube, Bing, Amazon, eBay, Play Store, Instagram and Twitter.

Anyone who will be using this tool will be fully satisfied.

Free Keyword Research Tools with Limited Features


Wordtracker is a keyword research tool which can provide you with the best related keywords according to your search. It provides you with the volume of searches and completion of the keyword that you have searched for.

Well this free keyword research tool is not fully free because you can only use limited feature in its free version but for the starter this is best for searching high search volume keywords for their business.

Whenever you will search any keyword it will give you the top seven to eight keywords which derive tremendous traffic.

You can see in the above images when I searched “French open 2020” it gave me most trending keywords which derive good traffic.

So Wordtracker is worth trying if you have no money but only for few days. They also have their chrome extension which tells you the search volume of any keyword along with related queries if you search anything on chrome.


Do you want to find the most asked questions on the internet?

If you wave a blogging website where you answers most searched questions on the internet, then Questiondb is perfect for you.

It brings out different questions related to your query. These questions are picked from the huge Reddit database.

Questions are sorted according to popularity in the free version. One thing to keep in mind that free version has limited features and only shows up to ten questions. But for starter this can be enough and if you getting success by using Questiondb that later you can update to pro version.

Let’s start by searching “air fryers” and now you can see all the related questions people are asking on Reddit.

You can also download all the keywords as CSV and use it later.


Do you like to spy on your competitor website?

Well if your answer is yes, then SpyFu is a perfect free keyword research tool for you.

This is a best tool if you want to research competitive keywords for Google Ads PPC campaigns and SEO. You can use this tool to spy on the keywords your competitor is using and use them in a more efficient way to beat him in rankings.

The best this is it is very easy to use. All you need to do is copy paste your competitor website URL in the search box and just watch the magic.

The tool will bring forward any possible information you need about your competitor.

For example, let’s search the website of top ranking website for waterproofing contractors in USA.

Above is the information that SpyFu will give you if you are starting the same business. If you will research a bit you can surely find out something to beat your competitor because trends always changes, just someone has to take an initiative.

Keyword Sheeter

Keyword Sheeter provides you with thousands of Google’s autocomplete suggestions. All you need to do is write down one or more seeds or keywords and click on Sheet Keywords.

It will give you hundreds and thousands of different keyword ideas from Google autocomplete feature for free. You can also export all these keywords in just one click to your phone or PC.

This tool only has one drawback that it does not show the search volume so it cannot keep up with the trending searches.

The results which it shows are all time searches and might have lost their trend in the coming month or year.

There is also one interesting thing to notice is “Negative Filter” and “Positive Filter” option.

To understand these filter let’s take an example. So if you write a word ”image” in the positive filter then it will show you the results which will include what in the search results.

For example I searched the keyword “black hole” with positive filter “image”. You can see the results above.

Next if you are searching for Apple Company then you don’t want fruit, cake or anything else other than the apple company.

 So now you have described like word cake, fruit, pie etc in the negative filter so that it will not bring out that results.


Ubersuggest is a keyword research tool that can help you find some high search volume keywords.

Using Ubersuggest you can see all the information on your competitor website. It will show you the highest ranking keywords on the Google along with the search volume, organic traffic and keyword difficulty.

Using the tool is pretty easy, all you need to do is put your competitor website in the search bar and this tool will show you all the ranking keywords.

The tool also shows the top pages which are ranking in the Google SERP along with the backlinks and social shares the particular websites have.

You can also export the list of the keywords as a CSV file.

Beside Keyword research, Ubersuggest is also helpful to do SEO audit of your website. It will tell you’re the things which are perfectly fine and other things which you should work on to increase your website authority.

So just like any other SEO checking tool it works fine as well.

Please note that it only has limited features in the free version.

Keyword Generator

Keyword Generator provides you with more than hundred keyword ideas for any seed you put in the search box.

For example if you search “iphone”, it will show you more different keyword ideas along with the search volume and the date when this search result was updated.

It has four options for search results which are Google, Bing, YouTube and Amazon. You can also change the country according to you but the default is always United States.

For the first ten keywords this tool also shows keyword difficulty which is in between 0 to 100. Higher the value, it will be more hard to rank that keyword.

This keyword research tool is not fully free and is available for a short period of time with limited features.


KWFinder is another tool with limited free features but can be helpful sometimes because this is a tool which shows highest quantity of information than any other tool around.

Yes, this might be helpful for a short period of time but sometimes that can be enough to get some huge profit for free.

For example when I searched for “black holes” in the search bar it showed me keywords with search volume, CPC, PPC and keyword difficulty.

It also displayed the performance of the keyword for every month; this means it tells you about the trend of the keyword.

You can also see which pages are ranking for the same keyword along with its da, pa, cf, tf, links, FB etc.

This means it is telling you what you have to achieve if you want to rank for the same keyword.

One thing I dint like about this keyword is that it asks for registration before searching anything. While there are many other tools which does not interrupt users by asking for registration.


In this article I have tried to include any possible free keyword research tools available in the market but for some reason if I have missed anything please do share in the comment box below.

I will also request you to try all of these tools for your own business and comment which one of them you find the most useful and why.

I am also eager to learn new things so if you have information related to this article please share. I would love to hear from you.


Hi , I am a computer engineering graduate and a professional Digital Marketing Expert.

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