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25 Most Disturbing Audiobooks According to Reddit

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Everyone loves the books with characters that never leaves your mind. Most of the time characters with great intelligence and charming looks impress people. But some character are so disturbing and disgusting that they will never leaves your thoughts even if you try.

Below is a list of most disturbing audiobooks which are dark, violent, creepy and totally disgusting, for the people who loves horror.

These audiobooks might be horrific but they are one of the most recommended and loved books by some great writers. Highly recommended by the readers on Reddit.

The Girl Next Door

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Author: Jack Ketchum

Narrator: Jack Ketchum

Best Edition: The Girl Next Door

Teenage Meg and her crippled sister were kept captives in the basement of a house by their distant savage aunt. As days are passing by aunt is rapidly descending into madness. This madness is just like contaminating disease which has also infected her three sons and then finally the entire neighborhood. Now, only thing that can save Meg and Susan from torturous death is a troubled little boy from the same neighborhood.

“The Girl Next Door is alive…it does not just promise terror but actually delivers it…. It’s a page-turner.” – Stephen King

“This book was hard to listen too. Scared me right out of bed and made me sick to finish it. I jumped from chapter 39 to 44 I couldn’t take the abusers details anymore.” – Reader Review

The Stranger Beside Me: The Shocking True Story of Serial Killer Ted Bundy

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Author: Ann Rule

Narrator: Lorelei King

Best Edition: The Stranger Beside Me

Ann Rule, who is considered one of the best writers in America never know that the man whom she considered as a close friend was America’s most brutal serial killer.

She was in constant contact with Bundy during his trail and always considered him as a bright, charming and handsome man.

So she was the perfect person to tell the story what actually really happened. In this book she has unfolded the greatest mysteries of Ted Bundy life.

“A very detailed account of Ted Bundy’s awful actions. Absolutely awful. I particularly liked the author’s perspective on everything. Thanks to the vast number of videos available online about Ted Bundy, I was able to add to my existing knowledge of his (once again) awful actions.” – Reader Review

An unforgettable and haunting work of research, journalism, and personal memories, The Stranger Beside Me is “as dramatic and chilling as a bedroom window shattering at midnight” – The New York Times

In Cold Blood

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Author: Truman Capote

Narrator: Scott Brick

Best Edition: In Cold Blood

Four members of the family were brutally killed by the shotgun that was fired directly to their face from a very short distance. There was no motive or clues were finding at the crime scene. This book is a story of investigation that led to capture, trails and executions of the killers.

This is the book that started the “true crime” novel genre, and it is still the best example. The writing is crisp and current. The insight into the minds of the killers, as well as the victims and the townfolk is nothing short of astonishing. Scott Brick was the perfect choice for narrating this work. The performance is understated, just like the prose. Listen twice, because you’ll miss stuff and because it’s worth it. – Reader Review

“The resulting chronicle is a masterpiece, agonizing, terrible, possessed, proof that the times, so surfeited with disasters, are still capable of tragedy.” – The New York Times Book Review

Child of God

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Author: Cormac McCarthy

Narrator: Tom Stechschulte

Best Edition: Child of God

A story of a young violent backwoodsman who after being released from the jail, haunts the hill country East Tennessee by preying on the population with his strange lust.

The book teaches different aspects of life with dignity and humor.

“I enjoyed it. Made me feel very uncomfortable in parts but thats why its good.” – Reader Review

“His prose, unfailingly beautiful and exact, carries us into a dreamworld of astonishing and violent revelation” – Tobias Wolff

Off Season

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Author: Jack Ketchum

Narrator: Richard Davidson

Best Edition: Off Season

During the off season a beautiful New York editors visits the lonely cabin on the hill in the quite Maine Town near Dead River. She is waiting for her sister and friends in that place without knowing that a carnivorous savage family who lived nearby is waiting in the woods until it becomes dark.

Where has this autho been all my life? I’d never heard of Jack Ketchum till recently, and took a chance on this book. I am partial to this type of story, and the genre in general, but I didn’t expect the book to be as good as it was. Very, very intense, graphic violence, but for a good reason. The antagonists (the family of cannibals) are truly froghtening, even the children. If you can deal with the violence, I highly recommend this book. One of the most frightening stories I’ve read in a long time. – Reader Review

“If you read Off Season on Thanksgiving, you probably won’t sleep until Christmas.” – Stephen King

The Hot Zone

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Author: Richard Preston

Narrator: Richard M. Davidson

Best Edition: The Hot Zone

A deadly virus from the African rain forest suddenly affected the Washington D.C. There is no cure and almost 90 percent of the population is already dead. The military and scientists are trying to stop the outbreak of this dangerous virus outbreak.

This disturbing audiobook is a story of a infectious virus appearance in the society and its consequences.

Hot Zone is a frightening, disturbing and impossible to ignore.

This book was an excellent listen for a road trip. It kept me on the edge of my seat for the whole ride. I experienced a wide range of feelings, some of which included fear, disgust, repulsion, exhilaration, and relief. I felt that what was lost in the telling was the awful and unfair fate of the monkeys, who were happily swinging through trees, free in their mostly native habitats, and subsequently brought into this nightmare scenario.

If you are not an animal rights person now, this book may make you wonder why not. It sure did for me.The true tale certainly opened my eyes to what future scenarios could evolve, almost sci-fi in nature, and it left me wanting to search out more information on the subject.

Highly recommended! – Reader Review

Very interesting book! Can relate to it now with the Coronavirus everywhere in the matter of a week! – Reader Review

American Psycho

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Author: Bret Easton Ellis

Narrator: Pablo Schreiber

Best Edition: American Psycho

This audiobook is a story of a psychopath, Patrick Bateman. He is young, smart, charming and intelligent. He is also an investment banker at Wall Street. He spends his day at the Wall Street and nights by snorting cocaine, murdering and torturing people. His madness is horrific and not easy to digest.

I wonder if there is any other book that I could describe as “unreadable” and still mean it as a compliment. The writing is meticulously crafted to let us watch Patrick Bateman losing himself to his psychopath. That it is unreadable is only natural. – Reader Review

We Need to Talk About Kevin

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Author: Lionel Shriver

Narrator: Coleen Marlo

Best Edition: We Need to talk About Kevin

Eva is a mother of a boy who murdered seven of his school students, a cafeteria working and a teacher. He murdered these people just two days before his 16th birthday. After two years Eva is not able to decide what to do with his life or how to come to terms with her marriage, career, parenthood and her son Kevin’s horrific madness. She began to understand that disliking of her own son might be the main cause of her own uneasiness.

“This is heavy material, but Ms. Shriver tackles it with admirable panache, turning a sensational story into a troubling one.” – Wall Street Journal

“A compelling, absorbing, and resonant story while framing these horrifying tableaux of teenage carnage as metaphors for the larger tragedy—the tragedy of a country where everything works, nobody starves, and anything can be bought but a sense of purpose.” – Forbes

The Road

Photo Credit: Amazon

Author: Cormac McCarthy

Narrator: Tom Stechschulte

Best Edition: The Road

America has become a barren land with no life existence expect for some people who are still struggling to survive somehow. Among these people there is a son and a father who always walk towards that coast without knowing that the things will change once they arrive. It is their relationship which may be the only goodness is this cruel world.

This story remains seared in my mind. It was so disturbing, and yet so thought-provoking. I love all his work, but this one stands alone. – Reader Review

A book that is stark, bleak, colorless, haunting, and terrifying yet, i cried twice, once with relief and once with joy at the end. my favorite book. – Reader Review


Photo Credit: Amazon

Author: Caroline Kepnes

Narrator: Santino Fontana

Best Edition: You

When student Guinevere Beck enters the bookstore where Joe works, he is instantly entranced by her. She is everything he wants: beautiful, tough, clever and so sexy. Luckily, she pays for her purchase with her credit card, because Joe can do what every normal person would do in this situation: he googles her name. But that is not how it remains. 

Soon Joe is obsessed with Beck, she starts to stalk. He finds out more and more about her, hacks her Facebook and Twitter account, searches her apartment. He stages a series of macabre events that gradually destroy Beck’s world – and drive it straight into his open arms. Soon Beck can’t help but fall in love with the strange but somehow charismatic guy who seems to be made for her. One by one, Joe removes any obstacles between Beck and him.

This novel is both romantic and disturbing at the same time. It is masterfully and uniquely written in the second person. If you enjoy watching television shows like “Snapped” and the “Investigation Discovery” channel, then this read is right up your alley! – Reader Review

Wow. This was fun to hear – the narrator was awesome and made Joe totally come to life! It’s scary when you can’t help but like the Psycho-Path… it’s even scary when the narrator reads him so well that you find yourself- dare I say it- turned on by him! Good story- different take with some steamy romps and chilling details. Would recommend for someone who likes a bit of edge and has a dark sense of humor. – Reader Review

Only Child

Photo Credit: Amazon

Author: Rhiannon Navin

Narrator: Kivlighan De Montebello

Best Edition: Only Child

Zach Taylor is a first grader who survived the massacre at his school, when a gunman entered the school and killed 19 students. Zach parents are pursuing for justice against the shooter’s parents, because they believe that they are responsible for their son’s action. But Zach hs entered into the world of books and found out the new secrets about human heart.

Now, his journey begins where he tries help the adults who are in their darkest hours by love and compassion.

“Only Child triumphs. Zach, at only 6 years old, understands more about the human heart than the broken adults around him. His hope and optimism as he sets out to execute his plan will have every reader cheering him on, and believing in happy endings even in the face of such tragedy. . . . Navin manages to make Zach’s voice heartbreakingly believable.” – Ann Hood, The Washington Post

“Perfect for fans of Room… a heartbreaking but important novel.” – Real Simple

The Troop

Photo Credit: Amazon

Author: Nick Cutter

Narrator: Corey Brill

Best Edition: The Troop

Troop of boys and a Scoutmaster are confronted by an unexpected intruder in the middle of the night. This intruder is shockingly thin, disturbingly pale and extremely hungry. One thing is more frightening that this man is a carrier of bio-engineered nightmare, which spreads faster than fear. Everyone becomes infected and their struggle from survival begins.

“The Troop scared the hell out of me, and I couldn’t put it down. This is old-school horror at its best.” – Stephen King

I really could have done without out the explicit details on the animal cruelty. There were parts in the book where insects were harmed and suggested bigger things were to come later. When the turtle scene occurred, I wasn’t prepared for what I was about to read because it caught me off guard from whom it came from. I felt dirty just reading about it. The kitten scene, I completely skipped right over. About 8 pages worth of it.

If you enjoy torture, then there’s some of that in this book for you.

Aside from that, it was an entertaining read and I found the whole scenario totally plausible since I’m somewhat a of a paranoid conspiracy theory nut. – Reader Review

The Deep

Photo Credit: Amazon

Author: River Solomon, Daveed Diggs, William Hutson, Jonathan Snipes

Narrator: Daveed Diggs

Best Edition: The Deep

This audiobook is a story of water breathing women Yetu who lived in the deep sea. She decides to leave the community and escapes to the land because of the painful memories of her African slave descendants. She remembers memories of every one of her descendants. These memories include pain, happiness and trauma. When she reaches to the land she discovers the world which her ancestors left behind.

The Deep was a brilliant, moving story about trauma, history, and what it means to be alive, to be an individual. It was also a story about love and adapting. I deeply enjoyed it. Daveed Diggs’s narration was perfect. Reader Review

Lovely and dark, haunting and visceral, challenging and ultimately transformative, THE DEEP resonates with the brutality of the trans-Atlantic slave trade and the endless loving embrace of the sea, interrogating how traumatic history is carried and how it changes us. With the same spare lyricism that made AN UNKINDNESS OF GHOSTS so magnificent, Rivers Solomon draws us into a world where identity, memory, and community collide in strange and gorgeous ways. They bring us into a richly imagined world and lift us up, tearing at at us with beauty and grief and hope. They heal us. – Reader Review

Wildlife – A Dark Thriller

Photo Credit: Amazon

Author: Jeff Menapace

Narrator: Jeff Hays

Best Edition: Wildlife – A Dark Thriller

A young writer, his girlfriend and her family goes to an isolated jungle for research on a new book. Unfortunately, they witness a brutal crime there and now they have survive from the wild and human predators who are hunting for them.

I’ve been in kind of a “book hole” lately but I have enjoyed titles in the past from this author so when I saw this book advertised on Facebook I grabbed it. Perfect freaky rainy afternoon read. There was one plot twist in particular that really made the story intriguing that I didn’t see coming. Sorry to be vague about that, but I don’t post spoilers!!! I was entertained by the macabre story telling of this author once again! – Reader Review

The Gulag Archipelago

Photo Credit: Amazon

Author: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Narrator: Jordan B. Peterson

Best Edition: The Gulag Archipelago

This audiobook is based on the testimony of 200 survivors who opposed the Stalin. This is the story of labors that lived at the mercy of Soviet Union. The author Aleksandr himself spend 11 years in labor camps and exile.

Excellent foreword and post-book interview. Possibly the most powerful cure for the disease that is communism. If you’re one of the lefties who believes communism was never properly implemented, think again; the ideology is anti-western and evil. – Reader Review

Gripping. Heart wrenching and truly enlightening on the subject of the demons that exist in all of us. A valuable lesson in how a lack of individual responsibility to stand up to totalitarianism allows evil to flourish. Should be compulsory reading for all high school students. – Reader Review

Pet Sematary

Photo Credit: Amazon

Author: Stephen King

Narrator: Michael C. Hall

Best Edition: Pet Sematary

Dr. Louis takes the new job and shift to a new home with his family. The place seems safe but just few meters far there is an pet graveyard when children’s have buried their pets from ages. Dr. Lious started getting dreams of the graveyards, which indicated him not to visit there. There is one more graveyard near the pet’s graveyard where a blood chilling truth is hidden. That place is more terrifying than the death itself. Lious is about to discover something very horrific about this place.

“Most frightening novel Stephen King has ever written”. – Publishers Weekly

I don’t typically write reviews about books. I’ve read close to 20 SK books in the last year and a half and over more in my life…this is so unlike his normal character as a writer that it’s unnerving. I’ve read IT, the Stand, ‘Salem’s Lot, Carrie, Dark Tower series 1-7.5(?) – everything chronologically before this book and tons of newer stuff (I’m working back through his catalogue from start to finish). Nothing compares to this. Prepare for the darkest form of horror. I can’t with good conscience recommend anyone to read this book. It gave me nightmares every night that I read it. I woke up thinking about it, and couldn’t get it out of my head. I’m reading something else as fast as I can…can’t wait to get back to the basic SK. Nothing else holds a candle to this. – Reader Review

Blood Meridian

Photo Credit: Amazon

Author: Cormac McCarthy

Narrator: Richard Poe

Best Edition: Blood Meridian

Blood Meridian tells the tales of the brutal world of Texas-Mexico during the nineteenth century. A wounded teenage kid has to face the violence of some brutal gang to save the Indian from leaving this land.

“The authentic American apocalyptic novel…I venture that no other living American novelist, not even Pynchon, has given us a book as strong and memorable as Blood Meridian.” – Harold Bloom

“McCarthy is a writer to be read, to be admired, and quite honestly envied.” – Ralph Ellison

Dark Matter

Photo Credit: Amazon

Author: Blake Crouch

Narrator: Jon Lindstrom

Best Edition: Dark Matter

Jason is abducted by an unknown man and when he wake up he finds out he is living a new life where his wife is not his wife. His son is never been born and he is not a professor at college. In this life he is a famous genius who has achieved something very remarkable.

 Now, his struggle to reach back to his original life starts. He is not aware that his journey will be horrific and he has to confront his darkest truths along with defeating a terrifying foe.

“Brilliant. A book to remember. I think Blake Crouch just invented something new.” – Lee Child

“Exceptional. An exciting, ingeniously plotted adventure about love, regret, and quantum superposition. It’s been a long time since a novel sucked me in and kept me turning pages the way this one did.” – Andy Weir

The Hunger

Photo Credit: Amazon

Author: Alma Katsu

Narrator: Kirsten Potter

Best Edition: The Hunger

Members of group of 90 men, women and children started to disappear one by one in the mountains. The hunger and these incidents are bringing madness in the minds of these peoples. They started to wonder whether there is some hungry creature waiting for them in the mountains or this was their own doing all along.

“Deeply, deeply disturbing, hard to put down, not recommended reading after dark.” – Stephen King

“Supernatural suspense at its finest…. The best thing about The Hunger is that it will scare the pants off you.” – The New York Times Book Review


Photo Credit: Amazon

Author: Vladimir Nabokov

Narrator: Jeremy Irons

Best Edition: Lolita

Lolita is a story of old age Humbert’s obsession and dangerous passion for school girl Dolores Haze. Actually it is a story of love which turned into hallucination and madness.

This is perhaps my favorite novel! Despite the deeply disturbing and uncomfortable subject matter, the book is written so absolutely beautifully I continue re-reading it. It is the way that it is written that makes this book so fascinating – not just the lovely prose, but how they affect the reader’s perception of what is happening. Additionally, Jeremy Irons does a fantastic job reading! – Reader Review

The subject matter, disturbing. The events, disgusting. The story of a deluded pervert’s debauchery and a young blossom’s mutated bloom threatens to defile the readers themselves. However, if you can bear through this horrible topic to the end and give each character careful consideration, you’ll glimpse the tragic shame of humanity and history. – Reader Review


Photo Credit: Amazon

Author: Stephen King

Narrator: Steven Weber

Best Edition: It

Seven adults returned to their hometown because of the evil creature that they faced during their childhood have risen again. He started killing small children’s of the same town. Now it is up to them to end this monster that lurks in the sewers.

“Stephen King’s most mature work.” – St. Petersburg Times

“It will overwhelm you…to be read in a well-lit room only.” – Los Angeles Times


Photo Credit: Amazon

Author: Joe Hill

Narrator: Kate Mulgrew

Best Edition: NOS4A2

Charles Talent Manx likes to take childrens for a ride in his Rolls-Royce (vanity plate: NOS4A2) to the terrifying and unusual place he called it as Christmasland. This journey makes these kids terrified and curses them in their dreams.

Victoria McQueen was the only girl who escaped him in her childhood. But Manx has not stopped thinking about Victoria so he goes on the road again and picks up a new passenger: Victoria’s son.

‘A masterwork of horror.’ – Time”Quite simply the best horror writer of our generation, Joe Hill’s masterful storytelling is on full display in NOS4A2. It is by turns terrifying and hilarious, horrifying and full of heart, and relentlessly compelling.” – Michael Koryta

“Fascinating and utterly engaging, this novel is sure to leave readers wanting more. One thing is for certain, however. After reading this book, readers will never hear Christmas carols in quite the same way again.” – Library Journal

The Shining

Photo Credit: Amazon

Author: Stephen King

Narrator: Campbell Scott

Best Edition: The Shining

Jack get a new job as a offseason caretaker at the Overlook Hotel. He was happy because in extra time he can focus on his writing. But as the harsh weather arrives the hotel started to look more remote and terrifying. The first one to notice terrible and sinister forces was his uniquely gifted son Danny.

“Obviously a masterpiece, probably the best supernatural novel in a hundred years.” – Peter Straub

My first Stephen King read. And I don’t think I’ll be reading another one anytime soon. Because this book gave me the creeps.There have been so many books that left me disappointed despite being hyped and loved. And only very few that did live upto my expectations. Clearly, THE SHINING falls in the latter category. I had never read a horror-thriller book. I was always curious about how a book had the capability of evoking creepy disturbing thoughts in your head and leave you scared. THE SHINING made me experience all that. And that’s why I loved it so much. – Reader Review

The Stolen Life

Photo Credit: Amazon

Author: Jaycee Dugard

Narrator: Jaycee Dugard

Best Edition: A Stole Life – A Memoir

This audiobook is a story of Jaycee Dugard who was abducted when she was kid. For eighteen years she was abused, tortured and beaten. During the same period she also became a mother. But she survived these eighteen years and came back alive.

She tells her own tale in her own words.

Jaycee is an incredibly strong and inspiring person. This is a powerful, raw and authentic read. It felt so personable listening to Jaycee narrate this. At the same time, I cannot imagine how hard that must have been and she does a wonderful job. – Reader Review

Her sweetness and self insight is amazing! After listening to her story, in her own words, I feel like I know her. A remarkable person! – Reader Review

Bird Box

Photo Credit: Amazon

Author: Josh Malerman

Narrator: Cassandra Campbell

Best Edition: Bird Box

There is something out there which should not be seen. If anyone just get a little glimpse they are driven mad and turned into a savage. There are only few survivors among whom is Malorie and her two children. They wanted to escape to some place which might be safe but with closed eyes. Their journey begins but they are being followed by something terrified.

“A book that demands to be read in a single sitting, and through the cracks between one’s fingers. There has never been a horror story quite like this. Josh Malerman truly delivers.” – Hugh Howey, authorThis book is AH-MAZ-ING. I loved it from start to finish and omg the finish. The whole concept of not being able to look is absolutely terrifying, and the back and forth between when it started and the present day had me racing through the book at breakneck speed. The convergence of the timelines when we discover everything that happened is enthralling enough but then, for the story to continue, as our main character leaves to find a place she’s never seen, without being able TO see…I was sat reading at 3am, heart pounding out my chest, sprinting to the finish to find out what happens. Haven’t read a more compelling read in a long time, if ever. If I could give this book 10 stars I would. – Reader Review


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