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10 Famous Stories of Cryptids – Facts or Fiction?

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Who doesn’t love monster stories? Almost everyone has heard of such stories and the quest for truth is there. The stories of some bizarre creatures or animals are famous all around the world.  Such creatures are termed as “Cryptids”.

The stories of the existence of some creatures such as Gorilla, Okapi, giant Squid were famous at a time and now we all know that these creatures are no longer hearsay but exist on the Blue Planet.

Science is still searching for the possibility of some other cryptids such as Yeti (the Bigfoot), and many others. The study of creatures that are rumoured to exist is called Cryptozoology. 

Some universities offer the study of cryptids under their University courses on Cryptozoology. We are going to dive into the world of cryptids whether real or rumored, fasten your seat belts to go on a ride of a mysterious world.

Yeti (The Snowman)

Image Credit: Bernell (

Yeti is a monstrous creature according to Himalayan folklores. The first evidence of the existence of the Yeti is found by a mountaineer named Eric Shipton in 1951 when he first saw a giant footprint in the Himalayan region.

Eric was looking for an alternative route for up Mt. Everest when he spotted a shape in snow which appeared to similar as to footprint. He took a picture of that shape and the mystery of a cryptid cast a spell over the world.

This cryptid was given name “Yeti” which is a Sherpa word for the wild man. Many other men have also seen such footprints but the authentication of such claims is still a mystery.

The Big Foot

Image Credit: Photo © Glyn Baker (cc-by-sa/2.0)

There exist various stories or myths about the wild man all over the world and the Big Foot is one of these stories. It is also termed as Sasquatch.

Modern time stories of Big Foot are quite similar to a small news article published in the Humboldt Times in 1958. The evidence that launched the Big Foot craze was a footprint of about 16 inches long that was found in 1958.

Later in 2003, according to The New York Times, it was revealed as a prank by logger Ray L. Wallace by his children.


The stories of blood-sucking monster rooted in Latin America had been spread since 1995 all over the world.

Chupacabra means “Goat Sucker” in Spanish and this name was given due to its favorite prey.

The existence of this legendary monster came to be known in March 1995 when an attack on livestock led to the death of eight sheep in Puerto Rico. It is said that each sheep had three punctured wounds and the body was completely out of the blood.

In August 1995, a woman named Madelyne Tolentino reportedly eye-witnessed the cryptid creature.   

Loch Ness Monster

Image Credit: Ad Meskens

Also known as Nessie, Loch Ness Monster’s folklores are well known to every person in Scottish Highland.

A marine monster is believed to be inhabited in Loch Ness, Scotland. The legendary is there since ancient times but worldwide attention towards this cryptid creature had gone in 1933 when a bi-weekly newspaper “The Inverness Courier” published an article about a large water beast in Scotland. 

However, the shreds of evidence are discredited and most people believe that it is a myth. Scientists believe that it’s a phenomenon or misidentification of a mundane object.

Jersey Devil

Image Credit: Elrond

For over 250 years, the stories of Jersey devil also called “Thunder Bird” have been circulated. 

According to one tale, a place called Lead Point in New Jersey is the origin place of this devil. In 1735, a Quaker woman gave birth to a child on a stormy night during a thunderbolt. Several sayings are there about that child such as he was born with deformities or he was born normal but later developed odd characteristics such as a horse-like head, elongated body, a thick tail, and winged shoulders. 

The folklore of the Jersey devil will continue to spread until he himself appears in front of us.

Death Crawler

Image Credit: Katka Nemčoková

Are there killer centipede? Are they very big in size?  Well, as a matter of fact, yes. 

The folklore about the giant Centipede is in the rain forest of South America. Scolopendra Gigentia (Scientific name), widely known as Amazonian Centipede of Peruvian Centipede is 10-12 inches in size. But one giant species was reported in Venezuela of about 18 inches long. 

It feeds on rodents, lizards, frogs, and birds. Some people says that it catches birds by hanging on the roofs and walls of caves. Other believes that it is a swift runner and a fast climber. 

It has curved claws around its head which produce venom. Its bite causes fever and swelling and if not taken care of it may turn into fatalities.   

Monkey Man of Delhi

Image Credit: MrsBrown (

Popularly known as “Kaala Bandar”, the Monkey Man is a legendary creature that took the news world in 2001 in Delhi, India.

This imaginary monster is an example of the mass hysteria of India. Reports of Monkey like creature took over the spell in media in May 2001 in the capital city of India. 

According to so-called eye witnesses, the monkey man is about 4 feet in height wears a hairy jacket of black color and a metal helmet.  The monkey man has never been captured on a camera so there is no proof of this rumored creature.


The Missouri Monster is abbreviated as “Momo” which appears somewhat similar to the “Big Foot.

The first witness is reported by Joan Mills and Mary Ryan in 1971 in Louisiana Missouri. This cryptid is supposed to be inhabited in dense forests alongside the Mississippi River. 

This monster creature appears like a giant ape having 7-8 feet height, a broad pumpkin shape head, and a fury body that is covered by hairs from head to toe.

The origin of the momo story is unknown and these stories are still told to the children at night to frighten them and prevent them to go out.


Image Credit: Y-Rex

Ahool or Athol is a winged cryptid supposed to inhabit in deeper rain forest in Java, Indonesia.

It is believed to have wings of about 10 feet span looks like a giant bat. Some people believe that it’s a flying primate.

According to beliefs, Ahools have thick black or brown fur and long wings and claws like a bat. The claws are so big and strong that it can paunch and catch live prey.  

Ahool was first spotted by a naturalist Dr. Ernest Bartels in 1925 when he was exploring a waterfall near Salek Mountain. He again encountered this monstrous bat in 1927. 

Sea Serpents

Image Credit: A serpent. Woodcut after C. Gessner. Credit: Wellcome Collection. Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

Though there are numerous other Cryptid stories in the world, we have included the Sea Serpent, as the last member of our list of cryptids.

The United States and Europe witnessed an explosion in the interest in aquatic cryptids including Sea Serpents 19th century. The idea of the great American Sea Serpent emerged in the Atlantic.

The longest sea serpent can grow about 9 feet and this giant-size gave rise to the folklores about this aquatic monster creature. Three yellow-bellied sea snake was found dead on the seashore in California in 2015 and 2016 or normal length.

The research is still to be done in the direction of the existence of such sea monsters.


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